Katara at the Jang Hui River shore
Destination: Fire Nation
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Kyoshi Revolts





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Vaznock and Waterkai

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"Destination: Fire Nation" is the second chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


Late at night, Mina comes across the village of Jang Hui, which means she is setting foot on Fire Nation territory. The villagers at first do not expect she is from the Earth Kingdom, and they tell her of a girl who freed their village from its long struggle, and that they have the utter most respect more people from other nations. One treacherous villager, however, wanting to collect a ransom, finds out Mina is not Fire Nation, and turns her over to General Mung.


Mina stares out of the ship's window in horror as she sees a Fire Nation flag wave before her. As she prepares to leave the fish, she hears the ship's crew coming down to take the fish to the town. Mina hides in the fish, and the crew unknowingly carries her all the way to the village. The fish is taken to a local market, and the Ship Captain is paid 105 silver pieces. The ship's captain, however, demands more, but the shop owner refuses, and the two start to yell at each other. Mina sees her opportunity, and sneaks out of the fish, trying to escape attention. She is soon spotted by a guard, however, and the guard told her that she must take her outfit off immediately, as people will know her identity. Grateful he did not expose her, Mina thanks him and runs over to the shop with the small amount of money she brought.

Mina is later shown exiting the store in a dark red dress with a Fire Nation emblem on the front. One of the citizens sees Mina, and they stare in awe at her appearance. Mina asks if something is wrong, and the man tells her that thirty years ago, a Waterbending woman dressed as the Painted Lady, healed his mother, brought the town food and medicine, defeated the dreaded General Mung, and brought the real Painted Lady back. Mina immediately thought that the woman must of been the mighty Katara of the Water Tribe. Mina then asks the man if the fact that the woman was a Waterbender changed anything, and the man said it changed nothing at all, as General Mung was Fire Nation. Mina started to bring a fact under consideration that not all people from Fire Nation are bad.

Jang Hui villagers

The old man relives the times before the river was cleansed.

At night, Mina walks across the beach by the river, looking right through the river's clear waters. Mina was amazed at how the clean the river was. She then heard an old man whisper behind her that, "It used to be filthy". Mina, surprised that such a beautiful river could have ever been mucked up, asked the man how it happened. The old man told her about General Mung's factory, and how it was dangerously polluting the river, and it struck the village into total poverty. Mina asks the man if General Mung is still alive, and the man told her he is, and he is still an active General, and speaking bad of him is treacherous. Mina told the man she was from the Earth Kingdom, and that she has already committed enough treachery. The man laughed, got up, and told her to watch out for herself.

Meanwhile, a cruel man named Gian overheard Mina talking bad about Mung to the old man. Wanting to get an easy shot at money, the man demanded an audience with General Mung. Mung angrily told the man that this little piece of information must be at least big enough to let him live for disrupting him (Mung). The man told Mung of Mina's "intolerable talk", and that an old man was also with her. Mung disregarded the old man, but was more than happy to order his men to hunt down Mina. Mung then left the room, but Gian demanded he get his money. Mung simply laughed him off, pat him on the head, and left to pursue the girl.

As Mina sat by the village's river, she heard the sound of Jet Ski's smashing against water, and before she knew it, Mung was in hot pursuit of her. Mina got up and ran as fast as she could, avoiding the soldier's fire blasts. Mina, thinking that Mung knew she was Earth Kingdom, jumped into the water and tried to swim over to the river's mouth. Mung, however, had a net deployed from his jet ski, and it successfully trapped Mina under water. Mung then reeled the net in, only to find Mina had cut through it with a sharp object. His patience now lost, Mung drove over to the village, grabbed a little girl, and told Mina to get out of the water and turn herself in, or Mung would kill the girl.

Horrified Mung would do such a thing, Mina walked out of the water and turned herself in, crying that she would be arrested just a few days after she escaped. Much to Mina's joy, however, Mung did not know she was from the Earth Kingdom, and instead told her that her disrespect for the Fire Nation will cost her her freedom. Mina gulped, realizing she was is likely going to prison anyway. Mung, however, told her prison was too overrated and that the worst kind of rebel-children get the worst kind of punishment. Mina rebelliously told him she's not afraid of anything. Amused, Mung smiled evilly, showing his ugly black and yellow teeth to Mina. He then said to her, "You're going to a denotational facility, and if they deem you too young, your going to school". Mina was afraid.

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