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Air Nomads

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Wende Air Temple, Ak


Wende Air Temple




September 15th

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133 lbs

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Dark Brown

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Omolara (sister)


The Dimani Empire

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Air Nomads



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Desta is a character in the fanon Legacy. She's also the older sister of Avatar Omolara. Both girls are from the Wende Air Temples, an African-inspired culture of Air Nomads.


The first child of Amaka and Matata, both her and Omolara's parents, she was sent to learn at the Wende Air Temples at the age of five and was a gifted student. By the time she was eleven, Omolara was sent to learn along with her and they've never separated since then. When it became the time for her to receive her own tattoos, Omolara proved herself to be the Avatar by grabbing a bucket of water and a handful of rocks to show the 'neat trick' she did to her sister and her friends. Desta, while she was still a bit young, was highly aware of the fate of the last two Avatars under the Empire and did not want her younger sister to die, as well.

Frightened, she took Omolara to their teachers and their parents, who, after meeting with the Order of the White Lotus, decided that it would best to start Omolara's training on her fourteenth birthday. Until then, Desta was supposed to protect her sister and watch her like some sort of mother hen until then.


Stubborn, and highly opinionated, Desta not one to make too many friends. To be honest, most of her personality stems from her need to be strong for herself and her sister. Even if they do fight, which is a lot, she is highly protective of her and would do anything for her. And in a way, Omolara is of her, as well. She's a bit sarcastic and mouthy and is not afraid to tell someone that they're being stupid.

A semi-typical teenager, in that while she does like to be around boys and talk about some frivolous matters, she gets easily bored on conversations that only talk about those things. She prefers to think about a future where she and her sister can be safe and not at the mercy of an Empire that only wants to destroy.


Desta has dark brown skin, like her sister and most Ak natives, and thick hair. Her hair is worn in braids that are decorated with colorful beads and (sometimes) shells. Like her sister, Omolara, she usually wears a kanga, which is a dress similar to a sari in various colors. If she and her sister are meant to blend in somewhere, they will wear civilian clothes, but other than that, she's perfectly fine in her Wende robes and wears them with pride. Like all Air Nomads in their teen and adult years, she has tattoos located on her forearms, back, calves, thighs, and forehead.


  • Desta's design was originally the design of Omolara, and vice versa.
  • Ayao, Desta's nickname, is also based upon another Santerian goddess of the same name.
  • Desta has wanted to drive a car/Satomobile.
  • Lady Brown by Nujabes ft. Cise Starr is Desta's theme song.

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