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Desna and Eska
Desna and Eska
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe


19 (Book Five: Memory)


155 AG

Physical description

Male (Desna) and Female (Eska)

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



Korra, Ziyou (Cousins), Unalaq (Father), Tonraq (Uncle)

Chronological and political information

Water Tribe Chiefs

Desna and Eska are the twin rulers of the Northern Water Tribe, residing as chieftains since their father's passing. They're also the cousins to Avatar Korra and her twin sister, Ziyou.

Book Five: Memory

North Pole

Desna and Eska continued to live their reign back in the Northern Water Tribe, practically bored out of their minds due to the lack of action as the leaders of the Water Tribe. One day though, the Qishi suddenly invaded their kingdom; Desna and Eska were unable to drive them away and called on their cousin for help (as much as an embarrassment as it was for them).

Desna and Eska were lounging in the throne room when Team Avatar had arrived, not bothering too much with the Qishi anymore. They explained the situation to them and they walked over. They both noticed Ziyou was also there, but didn't exactly react too much upon seeing her, remaining emotionless as Korra tried to introduce Ziyou to them. When that didn't work, Desna and Eska originally were supposed to stay together with Ziyou, but Eska insisted on going with Bolin, whom she practically dragged off by the collar, calling him her "snow flower". While Eska stayed with Bolin, Desna went with Ziyou, telling her a bit about how they used to try to kill Korra, acting like it was no big deal. The two returned unsuccessful, and eventually, upon request by Korra, went off to show them the phone so they could call Tenzin and catch him up. However, the Qishi ended up in their palace, and the two helped fight them off until Naga drove them away.

Soon afterwards, Desna and Eska came to see the group off. When Ziyou told them she was happy to see them again, they remained emotionless, but showed a hint of a smile, indicating they were glad too. When they were told of the problem in the Fire Nation, however, Desna and Eska practically invited themselves into the group, and went with them onto the airship, saying that being the chiefs was boring and the trip could help.

Fire Nation

While on the trip, Desna and Eska were playing Pai Sho together, discussing Ziyou and her reactions upon reuniting with them, when Ziyou came in to see them. Ziyou told them to behave a bit better, and she was willing to help them out, starting off with messing up their hair to give them a makeover with Ikki's help. When the group arrived in Jang Hui, Desna and Eska were told to smile, though they ended up just gritting their teeth, making things more difficult.

Soon after arriving at Fire Fountain City, both assisted in the patrol, but overall didn't do very much throughout the incident.

Soon after Korra woke up and found out about Fire Fountain the next day, Desna was the one who explained to Korra that although she was the Avatar, she couldn't fix every single problem she promised to, and to focus on the main problem instead of the little ones, otherwise she'd "never evolve into something new", which was enough to convince Korra to focus (though he gripped her neck the whole time to keep her quiet). While a bit rough, he was mainly helping her out, following Ziyou's advice. When they arrived in the next town, Desna revealed that he and Eska took a vacation at the Phoenix Inn there while Korra was missing, calling it "interesting". Desna and Eska both arrived at the inn along with the others, and got themselves comfortable. While working things out, Desna noticed Mako having mental troubles with Asami and Korra again, and helped him out, saying he should be glad Korra and Asami were still his friends and he shouldn't be worried about them. They went with the group while working out what to do with El Niño, recapping his behavior. When Korra decided to go in the Spirit World, Eska had her doubts over it, but allowed her to do it. When they found out about their airship flying off, Desna and Eska rode Naga, alongside Asami, and leaped off of her once they were close enough to get inside. They fought off the Qishi attacking them until Kai's plan was put into action.

Soon after the crash of their airship, Desna and Eska got up from the wreckage, finding the arguing Korra and Ziyou. Eska intervened and got their minds straight, before the group went off inland, into Sekitan. Both of them went along with the group during the whole time, until they reached the Capitol. When they did, Desna and Eska decided to keep guard outside with Hotaru and Ikki as the others went into the Spirit World. While they kept guard, El Niño was found by them, and they had to protect the others from him. When El Niño tried to reason, Eska decided to scare him into submission, going along with his idea of humans as godly creatures. They continued on with the plan until Eska pinned El Niño down, and sacrificed herself in order to stop him, leaving Desna alone.

Afterward, Desna decided to go back to Republic City in order to regain himself.

Book Six: Shadow

While Desna was still recovering from the loss of Eska, Desna went on a cruise ship in order to relax. However, he ended up confronted by Xevadr, who proceeded to sink the ship. Desna did manage to save a few passengers during the attack, but was put adrift until he was brought to the Earth Kingdom. Desna tried to think on what to do until he found Xevadr attacking the same place again. He was brutally tossed into the water by the walrus, feeling too weak to surrender until he sees his sister, Eska, while being knocked out. Eska tells Desna, despite his own doubts, that he could and would be able to finish off Xevadr, giving him enough motivation. Desna awoke and soon confronted Xevadr, managing to kill it by trapping it in a whirlpool and spearing it with its own tusk.


Overall for both, they seemed mostly emotionless, and overly specific with situations, often taking a moment and over-analysing it. For Eska, she can be a bit grippy when it came to a boy she liked, but that's most likely the only difference between Desna and Eska.

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