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Desna is a character made for the Avatar rpg::Feng-Shui where she co-exists with many of the sites Northern Water Tribe citizens. If you are looking for the character in The Legend of Korra, see Desna and Eska.

Desna Makoktok
Biographical information
Birth place

Shai City


The ice shelf



Physical description



Five foot



Hair color

Burnt Seinna

Eye color

Aqua Blue

Personal information


Current Role-Play history

Picking up the Pieces ~~ Desna meets up with Aden, a Northern Warrior adjusting to life back in Shai city after his long tour of duty fighting the Firenation, the boy finds that he is unable to bend and can not help his father with reconstruction of the city. As a result he and Desna meet in the market after she trips spilling pieces of her broken sled all over the ground. Together they fix the sled and assist in some shopping before parting ways, humorously not even knowing one another's name.

""You're welcome," he called back before she was out of speaking distance. "It was nice meeting you...." he paused, suddenly realizing a very important detail, "Wait! I never got your name!"

With an impish smile tugging at her lips she glanced over her shoulder at the boy, only the slightest look with a small bit of amusement at the mystery speckled in her eyes. "That's because I didn't say it" Then she was gone int the crowd. Pikatti at her side with a long way to go."


Out on a Limb ~ Desna's involvement in this thread is not yet completed ~

Possible disorders

The Death of Desna's grandmother left her with a severe case of self enclosure, she doesn't let her feelings out as she should, instead she locks them all up in attempt to keep things from changing, to keep people from worrying about her. Even though she lived miles away from the city on the shelf she chooses to not move from her grandmother's residence because of all the memories it holds for her.

Desna refuses to use or touch her grandmothers room preserving it and turning it into a sort of shrine and constant reminder of her memory. All of the grief she'd taken onto herself not wanting people to worry about her. She can't trust people very well and doesn't want to be that close to anyone again so she can' get hurt


Desna's hair is a shaggy untrimmed Umber hanging three inches below her shoulders, over her ears hangs hair that was lopped off because some sap got struck in it so instead of saving the hair she cut it doing the same to the opposite side making the slightly mishappen clumps frame her face. Two front sections of her hair are separated on the side of her head kept in small neat buns tied with prussian colored twine.

Her skin is a milk chocolate shade a touch darker than some northerners. Her face is box shaped with somewhat low cheek bones offset by a thin button like nose and wide mouth with thin rose tinted mocha lips. Often her lips are pulled into an ecstatic fox like grin just as often they calmly form a line of thought. Desna's eyebrows are a bit shaggy like the rest of her appearance mostly covered by hair parted in two on her flat for brow. Her almond shaped eyes sport dark chocolate colored lashes framing her eyelids with soft turquoise irises.

A thin neck connects her head from the rest of her body, when she pulled her breath in you can see the bones in her shoulder blades and a cavity traveling down her esophagus. Her shoulders are some what large for her thin frame with her skin taught and tight against her shoulder blades which protrude visibly from the rest of her body. Her arms sport minimal muscle tone, instead they are thin with long fingers at the ends, her knuckles visible. Unlike some girls Desna's nails aren't trimmed but rather short from nervous habits of biting at them.

Desna's chest is modest at best, enough that needs to be bound for comfort and ease of movement but nothing that is visible from under her thick winter clothing. Her stomach is flat with ribs plain as day when she inhales to her amusement. Her hip bones also protrude somewhat with a very slender hour glass figure leading to her legs which account for nearly half of her height. They unlike the rest of her bony body have wiry muscles that are more than enough to carry her through snow drifts and icy tundras. Her calves and knees are defined and thin with medium-sized feet that most girls would accuse of being too large. To Desna they get the job done so they are good as they come.


A white strapless under shirt is her lowest layer, make from thick woven threads the material is soft and warm covering her chest bindings and stomach to keep her core warm. The top is double hemmed to keep itself up, on the center of the hem over her chest is a stitched blue and ivory Water Tribe insignia. Over top of this she wears a light blue long sleeved shirt The collar is high and hemmed with white fur, down the front of the shirt clasps keep the clothing together and in place. The ends of the sleeves on her shirt are bound with navy blue wrist bands bunching the loose fabric together and giving her full range of movement without any annoying cloth over her hands.

On her lower body standard leggings steely blue in color travel to her ankles. Set on top is a pair of navy pants, they're slightly bagg and reach to the ground, completely able to encase her leg should she leave them out over her boots. Her light blue shirt is tucked into her pants with a white beaded belt keeping the two articles of clothing together. Her feet often sport a furred pair of socks with fitted knee high boots over top, Once a deep brown now worn to a lighter color, the one lustrous leather now taking on a softer hue and texture.

The last layer of her clothing is a worn hand me down poncho. The material is cut into two Vs at the front and back hanging nearly to her knees, the highest point coming to her elbows to allow her arms to move easily. The neck is a large drop, tapered to a point where the fur lining of the clothing spills out forming a hood, three long pieces of fur hand from the point of the neck line almost matching the clothing in length. The faded dark blue cloth has two seems set on either side of the fabric running down to the fur lining along the bottom, matching seems are on the back making the poncho look like it was made from four pieces of cloth.

When the days are colder or she imagines she'll be walking home after hours when the sun sets Desna leaves the house with a few extra additions. The first of which is a down filled over coat in place of her loose poncho. Along the bottom hem of the thick coat stitched light cyan waves ripple on the deep navy fabric. The length of the coat nearly touches her knees while the arms, annoyingly, fall to her knuckles, the cuffs of which are two inch thick white strips. All down the front beaded clasps keep the front of the coat together, the neck being thick usually encircles her neck, white furr peeking out from inside the fabric. The bead like buttons were stamped with similar waves to the embroidery on the bottom of the coat. This article of clothing has no hood.

Along with the thicker coat Desna has a hat which her grandmother made for her not too long ago, in an oblique cone shape the navy hat seta atop her head falling over her ears and hair keeping her forehead exposed because of its inverted V shaped opening, a seem runs up from the Tip of the V to the top of the hat, from underneath soft ivory fur can be seen lining the entirety of the hat to keep the heat in. On the right side of said hat a strip of fur hands down past Desna's shoulder. It could possibly be the tail of whatever the lining was made from. The back brim of the hat wings out slightly giving the appearance to short white hair though when wearing it Desna usually keeps her hair in a messy low ponytail.

To keep her mouth and face warm she has a stole like wrap around made from similar white fur. The thick material can cover up to the bridge of her nose just below her eyes, or it can be pushed down like a scarf, it fastens at the right side and has two tendrils hanging off of it, these are the tails of some arctic foxes


Desna thinks and acts on her own behalf, to her there is nothing stopping her from doing what she wants to do and being who she wants to be. She can sometimes come off as spastic and crazy but it's simply because she refuses to let the little things get to her. Her actions are somewhat erratic and often spur of the moment, dropping in on people, hugging people or sneaking up on them just to see the reactions.

More often than not she has a smile on her face thinking that if people see her as happy they'll see her as strong, she doesn't want to worry people or seem unreliable. It also helps her keep her distance from people, being silly and showing them a smiling face where tears could be, she's almost scared of being serious, taking things seriously means commitment, she doesn't want anything to change. Change is bad, if things change people can die and be hurt, emotionally as well.

In reality she's more sensitive then she'd let people believe, when she's alone with just herself and Pikatti she's rather calm and grounded, in a way she doesn't want people to worry about her, she always caused her grandmother to worry, she doesn't want to feel peoples pity or be judged as a little girl who can't handle reality. Ironically she refuses to move into the city and out of her grandmothers old house.

She's lived there for practically her entire life. If she left the plants her grandmother cared for would die, the house she grew up in would be forgotten under a snow drift, the bed she slept in would never be used again, it'd break her heart. Her only true friend who she tells everything to is Pikatti, he is her constant companion and someone she can rely on for anything. He's more than a pet to her, he's family. Often when he isn't around she's fidgety and worried about him. She'd prone to being late for appointments or forgetful but with a laugh and some lame smooth talking she'd managed to get herself through alright so far.

She doesn't think twice about standing up to someone ready to give her a challenge, it gets her into a lot of trouble, she has a pension for starting trouble, getting into trouble and hurting herself. To an outsider it'd seem that she's a clumsy tom boy who can't take no for an answer and honestly that's pretty much right. She's bright and doesn't enjoy being taken for a fool though she'll play it to get something she wants. It's her nature to view the small things in life as important parts of the world a snow flake is more impressive than a thousand gold pieces, the view of the city from the cliff is more picturesque than the best painters work.

Almost cynically she views death as a part of life, never crying over it. One of the few things she hates is when people cry also when her father tries to get in touch with her, it's the one grudge she'll never let go until the day she dies, as much as she knows that he wants to be a part of her life, vague memories from her past come up and she can't stand him. He still leans towards violence and drinking, she's no machovist. If something or someone is hurting her she'll cut it out. Her father is dangerous and she doesn't need that in her life, she'd better on her own in her own opinion.


Born to Nigaq and Ataneq Makoktok Desna was a lanky under weight baby, her parents were proud of her non-the less. It was the young couples first child of hopefully many. Their plans were de-railed as Nigaq started showing symptoms of postpartum depression, she'd forget to feed her baby or drink herself to sleep.Ataneq was perplexed as to his wife's behavior and began to blame Desna for it. Resenting her and wanting to get rid of her though he couldn't bring himself to do it. Nigaq once nearly dropped Desna into the fireplace in their home because she was tried of the baby always 'judging' her.

For three years of the little girls life she grew up like this, learning to be silent and stay out of her parents way. Ataneq thinking that another child would alliveate the problem got Nigaq pregnant again, the baby was stillborn. Heart broken and enraged she beat Desna for hexing her unborn brother. After this Ataneq's mother stepped in taking the Desna away from the abusive parents. A month later Migaq committed suicide, throwing herself into the ocean.

Thin and stunted from her parents Desna was a quiet child, she almost always hung on her grandmothers skirt tails scared of strangers and other people. Aput who had recently lost her husband to illness did her best to raise her granddaughter. Her home was three miles from Shai city near the outskirts of the tundra's. There in the hut her husband built for her when the both of them were much younger Desna lived. Aput in her younger years traveled back and forth between the Earth Kingdom collecting plants that could withstand the cold.

Since Desna was too young to attend school the days were filled with learning how to care for the plants. In a special room behind the hut was the green house, carefully constructed with thick walls and a whole in the ceiling to allow sunlight in but the wind to go past. An whale oil burning fireplace and heated water kept the temperamental plants alive. Too much heat and they would die, too little and they would freeze, unable to produce anything. Like a sponge the little girl soaked in it, amused with the green that she'd never seen before in her life.

By the time Desna was five the traumatic expreiances of her early child were all but forgotten, she took to running around the frozen fields for hours on end until her cheeks were bright red and her little nose was running like a waterfall and looked something akin to a cherry. After that Aput would bring her little tired body inside for spiced wine and a meal before reading the energetic girl asleep. For schooling and lessons Desna and her grandmother trekked the mile to Shai in order for her to learn reading and writing as well as Water Tribe history. This gave the now 62 year old Aput time to visit friends, peddle her herbs and shop while her granddaughter played and learned what she could. This continued on for five years until Desna was ten and could walk herself to Shai, her schooling now had added chores of shopping and carrying anything her grandmother needed back to the hut.

When the sun was out she'd be in Shai, when the sun went down she's be back home helping her grandmother with the house and chores, after a few months of this she felt like life was rather boring. Walking home from Shai one day a class mate flagged her down to show her the litter of cubs her polar tiger had a week before.

Well needless to say Desna smuggled one home hiding it in a bag on her sled, she kept it in the green house for three days before teeth marks on the delicate plants gave her and the polar tiger cub away. Tearfully Desna pleaded with her Grandmother to allow the cub to stay, Aput grudgingly allowed the animal to stay but showed the young girl the damage that the creature did to the plants. She felt awful when one of the plants died despite her best efforts to revive it. Aput softened and told Desna it was alright, things die, it's the way of the world.

The polar tiger was named Pikatti after Aput's late husband and the pair made trouble as often as they could. Even out when out of teenage angst Desna ran away from home and hid in a cave for a whole day Pikatti was with her. The next morning both came home frostbitten and repentive. The pair was inseparable and the small family found a third member.

When Desna was sixteen the siege came to the north and Aput began feeling her age, coupled with sickness, the herbs did little to help and three months of heartbreaking clinging to life later, Aput passed on. Desna was inconsolable for a week, turning away friends and their parents who came to check on her. They all knew at some point she'd need to move into the city with someone, there were offers everywhere for her to live with families but she turned them all down. How could she leave the house she grew up in and let her grandmothers plants die. After a week of wallowing in self-pity Desna and Pikatti resumed their usual daily activities, Desna acting as if nothing had happened at all.

She believed she could take care of herself just fine. At first it was hard and tiering, figuring out how to fish, do all the house hold chores on her own and console herself but in time it became second nature. Turning seventeen she was almost an adult in the tribe, the concerned friends who wanted her to move in with them began to silence and life got back to normal. With the second siege Desna kept herself at home with her polar tiger stubbornly ignoring the warnings that the firenation was coming. Still as she waits in her hut with Pikatti she worries about her friends constantly, hoping everyone will make it through alright.

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