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Deshi Qiu Hong
Biographical information

Fire Nation


15 at the end of the War.

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Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Broadsword, nunchuku

Fighting style(s)



Shu, Jinu, Nakia, Toph, Jojo, Jeong Jeong, Aang, Katara, Sokka


Yan Jie, Yeh-Lu, Zhao, Rough Rhinos, TBA

Chronological and political information

Traveling rebel, Earth Kingdom official


1 of the leaders of Ba Sing Se Rebellion, Earth Kingdom Head of Reconstruction


Fire Nation Rebellion, Order of the White Lotus

First appearance

The Life and Times of a Wanderer

"At least water can kill you instantly. Fire is a slow, torturous death. I'd rather not force you to endure it."

Deshi Qiu Hong is the Earth Kingdom Head of Reconstruction following the end of The War. At the age of 16, he is the youngest official to be appointed by any Earth King. The Head of Reconstruction is charged with several tasks: the rebuilding of major structures damaged in The War, the improvement of communications within the kingdom, the improvement of roads, bridges and other routes of travel. Raised in the Earth Kingdom, Deshi is actually a Firebender whose gift was realized during an attack on his village and after the death of his father. Deshi's travels parallel those of the Avatar in the Earth Kingdom, although notable relations between the two were not present until the end of The War.


Deshi was found on the doorstep of Shu and Jade Qiu Hong, a recently married couple and professors of Ba Sing Se University, during the summer of 85 AG. He was named after Jade's grandfather, a colonel who fought and died during the Battle of Garsai. Jade was killed five months later by a mugger in an alleyway outside her home, so Deshi never knew her well. Depressed by the loss of his wife, Professor Shu Hong retired from his position as Head of Environmental Science at the University, but continued teaching an advanced Creatures of the Earth Kingdom course. By the age of three, Deshi started taking an interest in the class, and asked his father for notes after every one. By the age of five, Deshi could read and write relatively well and had begun writing his own notes while listening to Shu speak.

Living in the city, Shu thought that his eight-year old son should learn to fight, and convinced his brother Symin (sie-meen) to help pay for Deshi to train under Master Quansheng: a man noted as the finest hand-to-hand martial arts sifu in the Middle Ring. The child finished his afforded training in six months, earning his fifth Kyu. After the final test, Quansheng told his pupil "I would teach you for many more months if I could. You are a joy to train. Much more so than Sibak Jie." As a graduation gift, Deshi was also awarded a bronze-handled dragon dagger.

Sometime before, much to Deshi's dismay, Shu planned to move from Ba Sing Se and into the countryside. After a few weeks, his son agreed to pack. The day after the fifth Kyu graduation, the apartment was sold to a landlord, and the father and son rode to Full Moon Bay to start the journey south.


Deshi has been, since he was a little boy, very curious about just about everything. From plants and animals, to science, to people and culture, Deshi loves learning new things; especially information that he can use. Though he is generally shy, he will happily engage in conversation if it means getting something done, or learning something new. Since leaving Ba Sing Se, he has taken a liking to writing - about his travels, about his feelings, anything. Writing is an outlet for Deshi, and although he originally saw diaries as a "girl thing," he diligently writes his experiences down to remember special things and to get weights off of his chest. Once out into the country, his true ability to endure stress and his belief in hard work allowed Deshi to pull through the toughest scenarios.

Si Wong Desert

Deshi as a young boy, traveling through the Si Wong Desert.

The War

"There's no problem a good miracle can't solve."

In only the first few weeks of travel with his father, Deshi was exposed to the ravages of war. Shu's fantastical stories about the beauty of the Earth Kingdom countryside are drowned out by the constant threat of the Fire Nation armies. Deshi has come to hate the militaristic Fire Nation and all that it stands for, and despite being a Firebender himself, prefers to side with as many righteous rebellion groups as he can. Though, he has seen the softer side of some of the soldiers, and will frequently feel remorse for any death to The War. He hopes to one day be at the head of the Earth Kingdom, and to help lead the strong country to victory.


Shu: his father, whom he loves very much. Although over their travels together there are many roadbumps between their trust, Deshi always sides with his dad and follows him wherever he goes.

Jinu: The closest thing that Deshi had had to a mother. Even though they only knew each other for a few days, Jinu helped Deshi understand his father and himself, as well as why they must stick together on their journey. Deshi plans to visit her again as soon as he can.

Yeh-Lu: The mysterious man that is hunting his target until the job is done. Deshi doesn't know much about this assassin until later.

P'eng: Another young boy that Deshi meets in Titian, who eventually becomes his best friend during The Desert Death March. They like many of the same things, and both have a rebellious streak that gets them in trouble while they're together.

Nakia: One of the sandbenders who rescues the prisoners of The Desert Death March. She makes a quick alliance with Deshi, who helped drive off the leading Lieutenant of the march. She sticks with the group of refugees until Shu decides to break away from them with his son.

Toph Bei Fong: A young girl who watches Earth Rumble Two with Deshi. Upon learning that she is blind, Deshi takes some pity on her, but regrets it when her true individuality is exposed. Inspired by the girl's strength, he encourages Toph to try to compete in one of the minor events at the arena, and is pleasantly surprised to see her win.


You can follow Deshi's incredible story at The Life and Times of a Wanderer

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