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Bolin realizes
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Demon Clan
General information


Notable members
  • Unnamed benders, spirits and undead humans
  • Fracture
  • Tanin (Temporary)

Nahash's father


Spirit World (spirits of the group), Republic City (living members of the group)

  • Replace Team Avatar
  • Remove humanity

The Demon Clan is pretty much a dark version of the original Team Avatar, led by Nahash, soon after he entered the real world. Much like the known Team Avatar, this team is made up of various benders, and all come together for the same goal: to make the world better. However, the way they picture as better is to remove the problem permanently, and the main problem they see is humanity itself. Thus giving them the goal to wipe them out.


The Demon Clan had a rather ironic start. The only reason they came to exist at all was from Korra opening the portals so spirits and humans can live together again. As a result of this though, any dark spirited nature also was free to travel between, this included Nahash himself. As a result, this triggered the start of the Demon Clan.



Dark aye-aye spirit

Example of a demon spirit in Team Avatar Dark.

The members are mostly made up of demonic spirits, evilized due to Nahash's nature and behaviour. Unlike usual dark spirits, whom can change back once someone's thinking more clearly and more positive, those who become evilized due to Nahash become more prone to negativity or become evil entirely. They can't be changed back simply from a change of thought. Usually the demons look like mutated humans in appearance, and have the same muscle as lion turtles, maybe even more so. However, the weakness to these demons is that they can't stay in the light for too long, purely nocturnal spirits in overall nature.


Although the demons are mainly in charge in the clan, these undead are the main workers. Mostly the undead are a result of the many kills the demons had done from centuries ago, during the time of the Spirit Wilds. Most of the kills were actually made from the spirit wild massacre, during the time of Avatar Wan, when Vaatu evilized the forest spirits into killing the local villagers. (1). The souls were removed from these bodies and turned them into mindless, soulless slaves and zombies, who follow commands without hesitation. The thing that is different is that they don't show completely decaying like usual zombies do overtime, their skin and meat preserved in a soulless husk so they can't be killed so easily.


When it comes to actual benders of the clan, there are hardly any in it. This is due to the fact that benders are made up of humans and it are humans that this group goes against. There are very few exceptions though, and for those few exceptions are given a high role close to the leader of the clan. The main demon clan benders are Team Vaatu, which is basically an evil version of Team Avatar.

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