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By Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: Wanted continuity.

Demon Bird
Biographical information
  • Earth Kingdom (Formerly)
  • Air Nomads

74 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Taloned hands and feet

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Tengu's personal tormentor


Tengu (Loosely)

First appearance

The Northern Air Temple, Part 2: Rebirth (My Own Savior)

Wanted One Shot: Unleashing and Taming the Demon Bird (Wanted)


The Demon Bird was conceived while Tengu was imprisoned as a child. The inner demon's conception began after Tengu killed his first inmate. It was nourished extensively with the pent up anger and frustration Tengu had. It was further nourished when Tengu came into the tutelage of Kyung Ji where it along with Tengu learned how to become a perfect monster. Tengu's personal monster was born when Tengu himself was given the alias "The Demon Bird". It fashioned it's appearance after a tattoo that Tengu had gotten on his leg.

Encounter with the Avatar


Battle With Tengu



As a part of Tengu, the Demon Bird is just as skilled as Tengu in every respect, ranging from airbending to hand-to-hand fighting. It uses its taloned feet to inflict multiple laceration wounds with its attacks. The wings on the creatures back enhance its airbending abilities and allow it to fly indefinitely.

In addition to its fighting abilities, the Demon Bird also has an ability to change its face to anyone who Tengu had met in the past.


  • The Demon Bird is genderless, taking on the sex of whoever's face it is wearing at the time

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