By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Weed, Arriety

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First - Arriety

Delath is a young teenage dog, same age as Weed. He was found in the same place where Weed woke up to and kind of startled the blue pup, since he was thinking no one lived here. He kindly introduces himself when Weed finds him in the next room. When he was asked where they were, he wasn't sure exactly himself, but he adds in that it's not a bad place thanks to the Barrowers. He wasn't surprised when Weed asked what a Barrower is, since they are small and rough to find in a home. He then asks what happened to his leg, but that only caused Weed to try to go after his friends. They continued talking for a while and he was asked about Weed's friends. But he hadn't seen any of them, though he does give an indication that he met Robin, though that doesn't help Weed since he never met him before.

Lost Arc

As Weed was trying to leave again, Delath pleads him not to, not being in the right condition. But after Weed denied him again, he finally accepts his departure, but suggests to at least tell Arriety first. After that taken care of and after they see the Starlight Fighting Championship flier, Delath becomes very excited and explains what it is to Weed. He also adds in some information on the administrator Krokhotep.

S.F.C Arc

Delath shows up with Weed and Arriety to the championship later on. He shows up first, getting hit by Mel along the way. He tells him he's lucky Arriety wasn't on him or got hurt, otherwise he would get very mad. But if it wasn't for Mel hitting him, Weed would never had found his old friends.

Delath appears later on when he went to get Toph and Terra so they can reunite with Aang and Starfire.

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