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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Dehumanized is a fanon combining 3 different franchises, 1 of which is of course, Avatar. The other 2 will be left unknown for you to figure them out.


During archaic times, an immortal force of nature abused his power for personal gain. When he achieved his goal, he returned whence he came in order to let his agonized body rest and reside somewhere remote.

In a time past, his world intertwined with another through an upheaval mages and scholars call, the conjunction of the orbs. This juncture ensued into his world the nefarious force known as Magic. Yet humans did not banish it. Instead, they studied the vile arcane for their own power and wealth. Magic included with itself unholy entities that slipped into their domain. These entities soon understood how to manipulate humans as their hosts, some making them turn into monsters and others torment the human with the purported notion of being chosen by the Gods. These creatures will be referred to as Hyms.

When the time came, he'd grown daunted and finally decided to defy his gift with severing his head at the venue of his loved one's death. By this, he'd forced his fundamental human boundaries to collide with his gift thus creating a gap in the space time continuum. Ultimately, human boundaries prevailed during that cataclysm and caused Magic to be used with different ways of manipulation.

After the eventful precipice, folk awoke into a mundane world. The reformed forces of Magic were diluted by that event but they never perished. After four fortnights, reports of peculiar nature transpired predominantly in the West. The reports contained sightings of nimble and volatile creatures committing onslaughts on pedestrians during nights. Most village elders thought it to be the work of crafty robbers, but one Elder from one of the more desolate villages believed it to be the force that was thought to have left their world. At one full moon, that Elder tread around the periphery of his village and saw some sort of corporeal creature devour the viscera of another human. In spite of the astonishment and inquisitive nature of the Elder, he readily called the guards in order to apprehend the perpetrator. After assiduous and tiring examinations of the humanoid, the Elder arrived at the conclusion that the creature was once an ordinary person. He deduced that people, whatever the reason may be, are becoming monsters and it is now clear that Magic still lives and is even ravenous, preparing to gnaw at first sight.

However, there is hope. One eccentric and reclusive mage has figured out how to grant a suitable host a Hym. After performing taboo Alchemy methods, the mage found out how to produce submissive Hyms that will make it available for humans to use them as a means of defence. He soon after learnt that the criteria for which ritual is dreadfully meticulous, and that he must be extremely conscientious.

For only one man or woman is able to intertwine with the Hym and become Humanity's Strongest.


Chapter 1 - Awakening

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