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Defending the Capital City (Part 2)
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The Third War


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September 7, 2012

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An Urgent Meeting

Yakel, Akemi, Manirak, Mazaru, and Razami were all sitting in the Throne Room for the war meeting. They were talking as they knew tonight was the invasion of the Water Tribe. Fire Lord Akaze and Prince Sekez walked in side by side as they took a seat.

Fire Lord Akaze opened, "Hello War Minister Yakel, princess Akemi, Manirak, Mazaru and Razami. Sekez and I apologize for being late."

Akemi answered, "It is just fine, now, abotu the invasion, what defenses and plans have you set up Yakel?"

Yakel stood up and answered, "Alright, we have 4 groups: the Imperial Firebenders, the Fire Nation Infantry, The Fire Nation Navy and our Elite Dragon Riders for defense. Let's start out with the Navy. The Navy will be put into 4 groups: A Primary Blockade, a Secondary blockade, a blockade surrounding the entrance to the Royal Plaza, and patrols going around out interior waters. The patrols would be in groups of 4's. Next the Elite Dragon Riders. They will be in 2 groups. The primary is a bunch of patrols in groups of 8 dragons, and the secondary group will be the other riders defending out land. The Fire Nation army has been deployed at all cities, from the smallest village to a bunch of them defending the Royal Plaza. The Imperial Firebenders will be mostly in the Capital City, the others will be patrolling the nearby lands assuring no Water Tribe members sneak in."

Manirak inquired, "What about offense?"

Akaze stood up and answered, "We Have plans if we defend our lands successfully, to throw together a strike group. At the moment there are no singled out strike groups at the moment."

Yakel said, "If nobody has and question or suggestions, we are getting ready to defend, and getting all of our defense groups ready."

The group filed out, as Talunk in the Water Tribe was getting ready for their warning strike.

Talunk said to Narik, "This is it my son. We will use the Avatar State to blow through their defenses. We are ready for this. Tell my brother to get ready for our departure."

That night, about 2 hours before sunset, Talunk departed, on about 80 ships in a first, second, third, fourth and fifth group for attack. On a ship with Talunk, Narik, Kannuk, Arrluk, Cikuq and Mangok with two other strengthened escort ships for the sixth group.

After the attack had launched, Talunk effortlessly annihilated the primary blockade with almost all of the first group surviving. Akaze was in his throne room as a messenger ran in, panting.

The messenger stated quickly, "Fire Lord, the primary blockade has been annihilated, and the Water Tribe has a very strong navy of 80 ships, in 6 groups. The only advantage we have is the Imperial Firebenders, an elite team of benders and our air support, which they have none of. Also it seems Talunk is cutting right to the Capital."

Akaze said, "This can't be happening...... Alright, thank you for your report, you will have to go notify the other captains of the groups so they can help us slow them down. The air support needs to attack, and half of them should report back here for defense."

Akaze ran outside to tell Sekez, Akemi and Yakel about the urgent news. Back on Talunk's ship he was watching his groups destroy the navy, and has they sailed right for the Capital. After 1 hour of peace, land was in sight, and a bunch of firebenders on dragons started annihilating the Water Tribe fleet, taking out the first wave and almost destroying the second wave before waterbenders harnessed the power of the full moon and took them out. After about 1 more hour, they hit another blockade.

Talunk smiled, "Another puny blockade. Wreck it."

As the blockade was wrecked, 4 patrols intercepted the sixth wave from behind, taking out the 2 escort ships and some of the fifth wave.

Talunk laughed as the blockade was sunk by his ships. Then he saw the mass of infantry filling up the Royal Plaza, and as about 30 dragons took off.

Talunk gasped and said, "Oh no..."

The remaining second group was annihilated by the dragon riders, yet half of the dragon riders were taken out because of the full moon, then ten more were taken out as they retreated. As the ships landed, masses of waterbenders poured out of the ships and withdrew water from their pouches and started taking out the nonbender infantry, as the few dragon riders and firebenders took out some of the waterbenders. The Waterbenders harnessed the power of the moon, and the waterbenders from the third group almost fully took out the firebenders, as the fourth group poured out, they took the tower, and the town behind it, as they climbed the side of the volcano. The fifth wave escorted Talunk up the volcano as he and his forces reached the peak, he noticed everyone was stopped. He peered over the edge and saw an amazing sight. The whole Capital City looked red, and then he noticed that every inch of the street were being guarded by imperial firebenders. At this point many of them were staring at Talunk and then some more Dragon Riders attacked them, when they took them out, Talunk told his forces to charge.

Water Tribe warriors rushed in, while they fearlessly attacked the Imperial firebenders. There was a large battle, but eventually a group of waterbenders rushed inwards, though they were no match for the second group of Firebenders. Talunk rushed in and took out these waterbenders, then he glanced over and saw his son getting thrown on the ground, as a firebender charged a attack and then Narik's eyes glowed as he shot out a wave of air, launching almost all of the imperial firebenders against the walls of the volcano, then the third group of firebenders rushed in on while Narik single handedly took them out, but then Narik dropped on the ground as a line of 15 Imperial Firebenders with Fire Lord AKaze, Prince Sekez, Princess Akemi, Manirak, Shigiz, Razami and Mazaru looked at about 25 waterbenders, with Talunk, a Narik on the ground, Arrluk, Kannuk, Cikuq and Mangok looked at the other group. Both leaders stepped forward.

Akaze said, "Well, Talunk, I see your warriors and mine are evenly matched, however it would not have to come down to this if you hadn't used the Avatar. I just want to know...why....why did you launch this attack. It was violence that was not needed. Many lives were given just because of your poor decision."

Talunk smirked and stated, "As Kannuk told you, I had a vision. And I know that the Water Tribe is supreme. So, since you want to avoid more bloodshed, how about you and I have a battle. Just the two of us."

Akaze reacted quickly, "It would be a privilege to fight you, I'll meet you here in 1 hour."

The two met there in an hour, and no words were said. Akaze started by shooting 3 weak fire punches at him, as Talunk dodged them then froze Akaze in ice. He walked away and cackled, as Akaze exploded the ice and shot a fire kick he had been charging. The sun just started rising, which was his que to shoot this at him. At this point Akaze launched a flamethrower attack at Talunk, putting him on the ground. Talunk's allies attacked Akaze and he escaped them, then they grabbed Talunk and ran away.

Sekez was amazed, "Father, you are a genius. That was amazing. Should we track them down?"

Yakel walked in, "No, we need to rebuild and recuperate our defenses for another attack. And by the way, good job Milord. I sent a messenger to the captain of each part of the Fire Nation, of what happened. Talunk is weakened too. Tomorrow I suggest that you call an important meeting with the other leaders of nations to let them know."

Razami said, "We won this battle, but we haven't even gotten close to what Talunk is capable of. We felt victory, and that's what is important."

Manirak continued, "We need to get ready, and rebuild. Sleep well and think of those who gave their lives for the Fire Nation."

The group walked off in different directions, and worked on what they would do next.

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