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Defending the Capital City (Part 2)
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The Third War


Book 1: Fire



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September 7, 2012

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Defending the Capital City (Part 2)

Fire Lord Akaze, War Minister Yakel and Manirak were all waiting in the Fire Lord's Throne Room for prince Sekez and princess Akemi. The Prince and Princess walked in with their friends for the urgent war meeting.

Fire Lord Akaze was the first to speak, "Hello son, princess Akemi, and Shigiz, Razami and Mazaru. Anyways, you are wondering why I have called this urgent war meeting. The reason I got back from the Water Tribe 2 days late is that Talunk, the new leader imprisoned me. After 1 night Manirak here, freed me and we escaped."

Razami burst out, "Manirak? It's been so long!"

Manirak replied "Razami, is that you?"

The two hugged and then apologized for interrupting as Akaze went back to his story.

Akaze said, "As I was saying, I escaped and while I was there, I learned that at the next full moon Talunk is attacking the Capital City while I was not there, and Manirak, being Talunk's waterbending student, told me that he would most likely go on with the plan anyways, that he was not the type to abandon a plan."

Manirak replied "Yes, it is true, he is ambitious and he will not wait another 4 weeks for a full moon to attack."

War Minister Yakel interrupted, "But the full moon is in 2 nights, we will need to prepare swiftly."

Akaze responded, "Now, War Minister Yakel will share his plans with us on what to do, and we will choose."

Yakel said, "Alright, plan number one is that we attack Talunk before he attacks us, the pros are that we have the element of surprise on our side, and we could assemble a raiding group withing the hour. The cons are that we could start the war and it is possible that it would be us against the other 3 nations, in which we would surely lose."

He continued, "Plan 2 is that we assemble a blockade, and start sending out air sentries and ground defense, as well as half of the army defending the bay, the remaining navy not on the blockade or patrols guarding the near waters, and the Imperial Firebenders guarding the City. The only problem is that we might not get assembled in time, and we would get caught dead in our tracks. Either we attack and risk starting another war with one versus three, or we get massive defenses ready, and after we drive them off we send a messenger to the other nations to tell them."

Akaze said, "Okay, well all in favor of defending the city."

Everyone raised their hand.

Akaze responded, "Alright, we will commence Defending the Capital City. I will notify the generals and and admirals to get ready for the defense. Meet here first thing at dawn in 2 days."

That night and the next day, the prince and princess, Shigiz and Mazaru, and Razami and Manirak spent almost the last peaceful day of the war together. Prince Sekez and Princess Akemi took a Royal Dragon and went to the northern Fire Nation.

Akemi said, "This is our last day together, when the nations are not engaged in war. The days before battle make you thankful for all you have, in case you lose it."

Sekez responded, "Yes, and during the Second War you lost your parents during the skirmish in the city. Your sister, Shigiz is the only family you have left."

Akemi replied in a softer, sadder voice, "It hurts me whenever I think of it. I will protect Shigiz with my life, my only family left. Besides you."

The two kissed and continued with their last day before war, as Shigiz and Mazaru went to the Black Cliffs Island together and spent their last day together.

Shigiz said, "I wonder if Razami and Manirak are together right now as well. They seemed thrilled to be together. I remember how closely they bonded when the Fire Nation and the Water Tribe were in an alliance against the Earth Kingdom, and their tyrannical leader, the Air Nomads managed to stay neutral because of the altitude of the Air Temples."

Mazaru responded, "I think they are. Though it was brutal in the last war when your parents and the other Imperial Firebenders were ambushed by that squad of elite earthbenders. You were so sad, you and your sister, so me and Prince Sekez went up and hung out with you, now the Prince is married to you sister, and me and you started hanging out a lot when they got together, you needed someone to hang out with, and I was the caring person always there for you."

The two hugged and started training their firebending for the upcoming battles. Meanwhile Razami and Manirak were so happy of their reunion, that they went straight to Razami's home, and started talking as they sat next to each other.

Manirak started, "I was thinking about you when I came back with Fire Lord Akaze. I was thrilled to see you, yet when I heard you name, I couldn't be happier."

Razami replied, "I knew your master was Talunk, and I heard about him from you in the Second War, and once I heard he was the leader I hoped you made the right choice. Your made the right choice, Manirak...did anyone else make the right choice to not stand by Talunk?"

Manirak said, "I heard from my friend that about 10 people are going to make it look like they were killed on a hunting trip, while they take the boats to the South Pole and establish the Southern Water Tribe. Wouldn't that be amazing?"

Razami said, "I agree, would you like me to walk around the city with you and show you around?"

Manirak replied, "Of course, my dear."

The two got up and hugged, and walked out into the city, when they got out the path surrounding the palace, they saw Fire Lord Akaze and War Minister Yakel, and Manirak went up to them with an important thought.

Fire Lord Akaze asked Manirak, "What's wrong Manirak? Did you think of something regarding out plan to defend?"

Manirak replied, "Yes Fire Lord, sir, Talunk's son is the Avatar, remember? What if he uses him to invade us?"

Akaze responded, "That is a chance we'll have to take, Manirak, in fact, me and Yakel were just talking about that. We will have an elite group of Firebenders to take care of Narik."

The rest of the day they enjoyed themselves as the next morning they met in the Fire Lord's throne room for a meeting.

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