By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory continuity.

A deerhound is a chimeric animal found in the forested areas of the Earth Kingdom. They were shown while Ikki was traveling, nearly catching her up in a tree.


Deerhounds are considered an aggressive pack predator of the Earth Kingdom, having the senses of both the deer and wolf, in order to help it track down prey. Often the animal is found in hunting parties of about 5 or so strong, being able to take down animals 5 times bigger than they are.


The deerhound only appeared once; when Ikki gets up in a tree after her Hummingbird Spirit, a pack of deerhounds showed up, searching for food. The deerhound eventually found her when she accidentally knocked a pine cone to the ground, the creatures barking up the tree to get her. However, eventually, they were scared off by a large Spotted Hippo Wolf.


As the name implies, they possess both physical traits of the deer and the dog. They obtain the body structure and hooves from the deer, while retaining the head and patterns from a husky-like dog.

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