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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 28, 2013

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The Haunting Past

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Truth Be Revealed

Sixth Chapter...:)


Yue was now confused as ever as she remembers more from her past. Aang received a letter from Toph. Yue decided to tell the truth.


Nameless Bay

Yue felt like she was torn by two choices. She wondered if her recent actions made her less of a person. She was confused and scared at the same time. She was confused on the fact on how Tui still needs her, considering the passage of time, when Yue gave enough energy to Tui as Tui gave enough for Yue. She can't understand why Tui still needs her. But she remembered Aang's words on how their bond was so strong that if they're worlds apart, the bond may tear and cause the destruction of the world.

Yue decided to go out from the apartment for fresh air. She found benches along the coastline so she sat there. Her thoughts move freely as the natural wind blew from her face. She was free at last, free from the hardships she had to went through to save her people, the Water Tribe. But being here made her question her existence.

Do I have a purpose?

Another wind blew and this time, it made her smile. Its gentle touch made her feel like she's a normal person, not some spirit. She then stared at the bay, so magnificent it was it captivated the late-princess's heart. The light from the Sun made beautiful reflections. She stared at it. No. She observed it.

Look at the light. It moves so freely, it has no restraints. But my people, my Tribe, they are all restrained by laws. Oh how can they not see the beauty of freedom. Why...Why can't we choose our own love? Why do we have to be betrothed to someone we care less for. Marriage is supposed to be for love, not for power.

As she was in deep thought, something spectacular is happening.

"What the-? A fish saving its young?"

She looked at waters of the bay. She saw in it a mother chicken-fish protecting her young. The mother led them to hide in a seaweed. After that, the chicken-fish faced the spider-shark alone that was bothering them. The poor mother didn't look scared, it was determined to face the horror before it. Without hesitation, the spider-shark ate the poor mother chicken-fish. The chicken-fish made the ultimate sacrifice. A sacrifice needed to protect the more important ones. Yue realized she was crying. Tears dropped as she saw the blood flowing out of the fish. She sacrificed herself for her babies.

Then she remembered...


The moon went red, followed by everything else. All the waterbenders that were fighting suddenly lose their ability.

"Are you okay?" Sokka said.

Yue was light-headed as she said, "I feel faint."

"I feel it, too. The Moon Spirit is in trouble." Aang said.

Yue was feeling nauseous. She felt so dizzy she could throw up. The moon was part of her since she was an infant that's why she feels what Tui feels. They were connected.

"I owe the Moon Spirit my life."

"What do you mean?" Sokka asked.

Yue, though weak, tried hard to explain her origin.

"When I was born I was very sick and very weak. Most babies cry when they're born, but I was born as if I was asleep, my eyes closed. Our healers did everything they could. They told my mother and father I was going to die. My father pleaded with the spirits to save me That night, beneath the full moon, he brought me to the oasis and placed me in the pond. My dark hair turned white. I opened my eyes and began to cry, and they knew I would live That's why my mother named me Yue. For the moon.

Appa was now flying fast. The arctic wind was cold and deathly, but Yue felt different. For her, it was blazing hot, her sweat pouring out of her pores profusely. She was weak. Really weak. Next thing she knew, they arrived at the Oasis.

"Don't bother." Zhao said as he lifts the sack up threatening to kill Tui.

Aang screamed, "Zhao, don't!" Zhao's insanity was revealed as he said, "It's my destiny, to destroy the moon and the Water Tribe," he said this without a single flinch. Aang was now half-scared. He said, "Destroying the moon won't hurt just the Water Tribe. It will hurt everyone, including you. Without the moon, everything would fall out of balance. You have no idea what kind of chaos that would unleash on the world."

Iroh, being the neutral man he was, supported the Avatar's words. "He is right Zhao," he said.

Zhao then calmly replied to him. "General Iroh, why am I not surprised to discover your treachery?"

"I'm no traitor, Zhao, the Fire Nation needs the moon, too; we all depend on the balance. Whatever you do to that spirit I'll unleash on you ten-fold. Let it go, now!"

Zhao releases the koi fish into the oasis. He was planning something for his face lines were showing up. Without time to pass, he killed Tui. Then the red moon, its existence was no more.

Yue felt more weak than ever.

"There's no hope now, it's over."

Flashback End

Yue cried as she remembered the memories that made her who she was today. What do I have to do? Do I have to learn something here? DO I HAVE TO MOVE ON? That was the problem, the root problem of all. She did not move on.

Strong winds came, the sky darkened, the lights were no more. It was about to rain. Minutes passed, the first raindrop finally poured down then came the second and then another and so on and so forth. Several people outside ran inside their apartments, but Yue just sat still. She didn't mind the rain. In fact, she loved it. It cooled her face. Her eyes slowly drifted to a place across the city, Princess Yue was now facing at Air Temple Island, planning to do something.

"I have to tell them. I have to tell him." Sokka

A Letter from Toph

"Sokka, help me here!" Aang said as he called to the strategist. "The sky bison need to get inside their shelters. I can't do it alone."

"Alright, I'm coming!" Sokka shouted for his voice wasn't audible enough because of the rain. He ran from the grounds to the Bison Shelters. Both presented food for the bison to make them go inside the shelters. It was hard work but they finished it.

"You know, if Toph was here, it would have been easier." Sokka said.

Aang then said, "Too bad she's at Ba Sing Se. Hey now that you've mentioned her, I gotta tell you something. This morning I received a letter from her."

"Well what did it say?"

"Dear Twinkle Toes,

How's life there at 'Polluted City'?

Y'know I really missed training Earthbending with you,

with all your Air Philosophy smuch.

So, I'm currently here at Ba Sing Se University.

Teaching a class for metalbending.

It's pretty stressful in here that I'd rather be there.

You ask why?

Because I'm handling these group of teenagers,

who always slack off! (As if I don't do that also.)

Anyways, I would be glad if you replied back.

P.S. If you're wondering how I wrote this, well I didn't.

I asked someone duffos!"

"I'm glad she's okay, despite the stress." Aang said.

Sokka then said. "Yeah. Hey what's that?" A small patch was glued to the letter.

"I never saw that before." Aang said as he took off the patch. Inside it was a rock. A different kind of rock. He earthbent it and it floated. "I wonder what's it for."

"Aang look, there's something written beneath the part where the patch was glued."

"It says:

P.S.P.S. Even though you defeated Fire Lord Ozai, you still need more earthbending practice Twinkle Toes. And by the way, that rock was found by my students here. The group of teens I was referring to you about.

"Haha, looks like you're still a student of Miss Rocky despite your status!"

"Hey, hey Sokka. Someone's approaching by the pier. Is that Patience? Patience is that you?!"

By the Gondola

Yue ferried a ride towards Air Temple Island. It still was raining hard. She was breathing heavily for her heart was heavy. This is it. I'm ready. It took several minutes for the gondola to reach the island.

As they were nearing the small pier, someone shouted. She couldn't see the speaker though as the rain clouded much of her vision.

"Hey, hey Sokka. Someone's approaching by the pier. Is that Patience? Patience is that you?!"

Yue recognized the voice as Aang's. The gondola has stopped. She thanked the man rowing it and went on her way to the island.

Surprise Visitor

"Aang! Aang!" Yue called. "Aang! I think it's time-"

"Hey hey, calm down Yue. I'm sure we can-"

"Wait, what-what did you call her?" Sokka said, now confused.

Silence was adrift. The rain now pounding hard to the ground. Then the doors of the temple opened. It was Katara and Suki.

"Aang, Sokka what's taking so long?" They were now approaching the three stunned people. Soon, the two joined. Yue, Aang, Sokka, Katara and Suki were now all at the Bison Shelters, but it seemed Yue was at another place.

The truth was about to be revealed.

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