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Decisions is the tenth chapter of Rise of an Avatar by the user Carloso.

Chapter 10 - Decisions

Shinn looked at the man opposite him, Xu Ki, the man whom had ruined his life. Rage began to flow through his body, he had every intent to end Xu's life. Xu looked on, he was still in awe of Shinn's power. What was once an easy opponent had turned into an unstoppable one.

Despite all this, a familiar look returned to Xu's face, one of confidence and power. He smiled and began to laugh. Shinn was confused by this as Xu had been frozen in fear mere seconds ago.

"Don't think you can beat me just by powering up," said Xu.

"Believe me, this is a power that only few get to witness," replied Shinn.

"You are still blissfully unaware aren't you Shinn?" asked Xu, "You have no idea what's going on."

"I am aware that you're still alive, I'll deal with the rest later."

"Very well, how about we begin."

"Gladly," declared Shinn.

Shinn's aura intensified as he took his stance, his eyes fixed on Xu. Shinn made the first move: he shot forward at Xu before jumping over him and, in mid-air, unleashing a fire tornado that engulfed him. Shinn landed and turned, the fire was still burning. Shinn felt a slight wind in his hair and turned. To his shock, Xu was there. Xu punched a surprised Shinn in the face, however the young Avatar retaliated instantly as he delivered a kick to the gut.

Xu recoiled as Shinn quickly resumed his attack, Xu struggled to block each attack. Shinn eventually caught him off guard and unleashed a jet of flame at Xu sending him flying back. Shinn ran toward him but Xu quickly grabbed Shinn's neck and punched him repeatedly in the chest.

Xu flung Shinn into a nearby wall and, using his lightning claw, generated small discs of lightning that kept the Avatar pinned against the wall. Xu walked slowly towards Shinn and punched him.

"You over-estimate your power boy!" shouted Xu as he unleashed yet more punches.

"!!!!!!" screamed Shinn.


'Xu creates a tornado of fire'

Shinn ripped the earth from the wall and smashed it into Xu, and Firebended a ball of flames as a follow-up attack. Xu crashed into the floor as a result of Shinn, still hardly wounded, looked on. Xu stood back up laughing, jumped onto a balcony behind him. He reached towards his destroyed sword which, strangely, was now repaired. Xu rubbed his hand along the blade as a jet of fire began to generate around the blade.

Xu pointed the tip of the blade towards Shinn as a tornado of fire appeared beneath him. Shinn screamed in pain as Xu admired his mighty attack. To Xu's shock the tornado disappeared, and Shinn had his aura again.

"I told you, you can't beat me Xu!" declared Shinn.

Xu, enraged, shot towards Shinn. Both warriors were deadlocked, there was no difference in their powers. Shinn pushed Xu back, he Earthbended two columns of earth and shot them at Xu, burying him.

Shinn jumped in the air and launched blast after blast at Xu, who was powerless to do anything. The rubble glowed white as it crumbled, Xu stepped out. He had an aura of white, which closely resembled Shinn's.

"I told you Shinn, I must kill you," he said.

"But why! You have never told me why!" shouted Shinn.

"Humph, it is my duty to the world," declared Xu.

"What kind of crap is that?!"

"Foolish child, you have no idea what is going on! I'm not the villain here."

"I know a few people that would disagree!"

"I know hundred with the same goal."

"Why are you coming out with this crap Xu? Did you hit your head hard?"

Xu's expression turned to one of rage as he arms glew white, he shot two blasts at Shinn that at first had no effect.

"Is that all?" joked Shinn.

"You have lost," replied Xu.

"As I-" Shinn was cut off by a sharp pain.

Shinn fell to floor in pain as his aura faded, and his eyes returned to normal. Shinn had left the Avatar State, the power that had made him invincible was gone. Shinn couldn't believe it, how could Xu have done that.

Xu walked towards a weakened Shinn, he regained his sword as he prepared to finish the job as The Hooded Woman turned towards Fuma and nodded.

"It's time to finish this!" declared Xu raising his sword.

Xu was stopped as Fuma threw a dagger that struck him in the back, taking advantage of the situation, Shinn grabbed Xu's sword and slashed at him. Xu's armour offered little protection as he fell to the ground in pain.

Shinn held the sword tightly as the moment had come, Xu was ready to be put down. Yet Shinn still had a crisis of conscience. His head told him to finish him and avenge his parents, but his heart was echoing Fuma's words.

Shinn put down the sword and turned. Fuma and the hooded woman were shocked by the move.

"You aren't going to kill me?" asked Xu.

"To kill you would to sink as low as you, and I don't think you deserve the sweet embrace of death," said Shinn. "You should stay and feel the effects of actions, not let others do it for you."

"True," replied Xu, "but you still have much to learn Avatar."

Fuma cursed as he the hooded woman disappeared. For some reason, even though Fuma had warned Shinn not to kill Xu, he was angered by this outcome.

Unknown Location...a few moments later

The hooded woman emerged from the darkness as a man atop a throne greeted her.

"What was the result?" he asked.


"Unfortunately Xu survived..." said the hooded woman in a fearful voice.

"How matter he isn't strong enough to stand against him."

"However, Shinn can."

"I fear we may have made him too powerful."

"I warned you, Kor, you had made a miscalculation..."

"Seems you have made one also!" he replied in a much darker voice.

The man stood up and pointed at the woman. A dark beam appeared and shot towards her. She fell back dead, the man smiled as he spoke.

"Avatar, you have no idea what the real battle is about..."

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