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Death of the Avatar
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Avatar: The Legend of Teru



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Rassilon of Old

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25 December, 2010

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Chapter one: An Earthly Child

Death of the Avatar is the prequel of the fanon series Avatar: The Legend of Teru, written by Rassilon of Old. It acts as a 'teaser' chapter to be read whilst the first serial of the series is being completed. The prequel was released on Christmas Day 2010.

Author's note

Hello readers. Just letting you know that this prequel was intended to be a little longer than it is, but due to work on the first serial "Foundations of Stone" and Christmas celebrations, I was forced to cut back on the length of the chapter. If needed in the future, it will be expanded on. Happy reading, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Rassilon of Old


Fire, air, water, earth. The four elements which balance our world and the other. The Spirit World and the Physical World precariously balance on one another. But when the temperatures of the Physical World begin to rise rapidly, and Avatar Kumi attempts to investigate, something tries to turn his path away from the mystery.


"Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The four elements, which balance this world and the other. The Spirit World, home of the great spirits once of this world. Each spirit possessed great power, in both worlds, some more than others," Avatar Kumi of the Northern Water Tribe addressed the council, most sitting slumped in their chairs, paying little to no attention.
"The Spirit World and the Physical World balance precariously on one another. Changing one world would have repercussions in the other, for the better, or for the worse. The spirits gave us this world in the hopes that we would treasure it, and look after it. I believe we are doing this, but we must be doing something wrong. Everyday, sections of the ice cliffs of the Northern Water Tribe fall off, and crash into the sea below, and it isn't Waterbenders. Everyday across the Earth Kingdom, great cracks are appearing across the dry ground, but it isn't the Earthbenders. In the mountainous Air Temples, the air is becoming dry and harsh, but it is not the Airbenders. And in the Fire Nation, heat levels have broken records of extreme humidity, but this has nothing to do with the Firebenders," Avatar Kumi said, confidently. The head of the council, Master Yung Wi sat forward in his chair, his grey wispy beard shining of sea salt from the South Pole, and his grey hair tied back in a messy ponytail.

"What are you getting at?" he asked.

"I believe," Avatar Kumi paused. "I believe something is coming, in the darkness. Something is peering out of the Spirit World into ours, and I don't think it is friendly."

"You think a spirit is causing the drought?" Master Yongu asked, the blue arrow on his bald head shining in the sunlight streaming in through the palace windows.

"I believe so, yes." Avatar Kumi responded, nodding.

"But why?" Master Hanguri sat up. "What have we done to the Spirit World?"

"I am not sure, but I know that the only explanation for the source of the heatwaves and drought is in fact from the Spirit World," Kumi said whilst staring down the twelve council members.

"Well what can we do?" King Taron of the Earth Kingdom responded. Avatar Kumi was dreading this question, as he knew the answer would upset the council.

"I request permission to go there," Kumi replied. The entire council broke out into argument, yelling so loud Kumi could not make out a single word of any of the council. The only councilmen not yelling in protest was Monk Garyou, head of the Council of Elders. Quietly he stood, and stayed still until the council realised his standing and ceased the argument.

"Agreed," the monk said calmly and quietly. Once again the council burst into argument. The Earth King, who was a large and sturdy man stood up with Monk Garyou.

"I protest," he said, his booming voice echoing across the palace. The spirits have remained undisturbed for hundreds of years, and they will remain so for hundreds more."

"If the spirits are angered, then we should leave them be!" Master Wong, a General of the Earth Kingdom announced. The rest of the council cheered in agreement, whilst Kumi sighed silently.

"I was merely being polite when I requested permission," Kumi's response to the argument shocked the council silent. "But I intend to enter the Spirit World with or without the council's permission." The councilmen were too surprised to speak. "Good evening," and Kumi bowed and left the chamber. Only one man followed Kumi, and as the Avatar stopped walking at the top of the great palace stairs, the man approached him. Kumi looked at his long time friend.

"You did not speak during the meeting, Huang-Fu," Kumi said with a serious look on his face.

"How could I get a word in" Huang-Fu replied. Then both men burst into laughter and shook each other's hands.

"So what is it the Earth King has you doing these days?" Kumi asked.

"I am the King's advisor," Huang-Fu said proudly.

"Then perhaps you can advise me. What do you think friend?" Kumi asked. "Should I enter the Spirit World, or remain here, and await our judgment?" Huang-Fu stood in thought for a moment.

"Who says there will be a day of judgment? For now, I believe the affairs of the great spirits should remain private," Huang-Fu advised his friend.

"But how can I stand by whilst our world burns?" Kumi said frustratingly, turning to look out at the setting sun. "I was trained to protect our world, but how can I do that when the World Council has me on a chain?"

"Perhaps it is for the better. If the Spirits wanted to retake this world, they could have done it whilst we were having that meeting." Huang-Fu said, stroking his smooth jet black beard. Kumi looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Who said anything about the Spirits retaking this world?"

"What I meant was, you need to act for yourself. No meeting is going to change anything, only action. But change is not always for the better." Huang-Fu pulled Kumi's head close to his. "I am asking you not as the King's advisor, but as a friend. Do not dig into this." And with that, Huang-Fu took off down the palace stairs, leaving a stunned Kumi looking at the councilmen leaving the chamber. Amongst the other Air Nomads, he could see Monk Garyou. The Monk approached Kumi, whose brown hair blew in the dusk breeze.

"Avatar Kumi, your predictions are very interesting." Kumi bowed in respect. "And they are correct."

"What do you mean?" Kumi asked curiously.

"I have had visions of the Spirit World, something is coming." Monk Garyou said softly so that no one but Kumi could hear. "And you have to stop it, whether the Council wishes or not. Meet me outside of your residence tonight, tell no one." Monk Garyou bowed and left down the stairs.

Kumi later returned to the house he was staying in whilst he was in the Ba Sing Se, away from home. He waited until night had completely fallen, and he quietly left his home and waited outside for Monk Garyou to arrive. After patiently meditating in the silence of the night for what seemed like hours, Kumi heard a bang from the alleyway two houses away from his own.

Kumi jumped to his feet and slowly walked down to the dark alleyway, where he found a wooden sandal. He had seen this sandal before, whilst training at the Southern Air Temple. It belonged to Garyou.

"I told you not to go digging," the voice came from behind, as a wall or earth hit Kumi in the back and threw him halfway down the alley. Grunting, Kumi stood up. Another wall of earth flew up out of the darkness, but Kumi was ready. He pulled the water from his four water skins, froze it and cracked the wall in two.

"Who is out there?" Kumi yelled into the night. "Where is Garyou?" Then Kumi heard the crunch of earth, and he could see something falling out of the darkness towards him. Kumi span around and threw his arms out towards the object, pushing a cone of air into the alleyway, hitting the object against the floor with a thud. It was not earth as Kumi had assumed, and as he walked closer to it, he realised it was the lifeless body of Monk Garyou.

"Who is there?" Avatar Kumi once again yelled out into the night, with no answer. "I am Avatar Kumi of the Northern Water Tribe and I demand you answer me!"

"You always liked people to know who you were," the unknown attacker walked out of the shadows and towards Kumi, revealing himself to be Huang-Fu. "Didn't you, old friend."

"No, it can't be," Kumi cried out in horror.

"I'm afraid so," Huang-Fu replied calmly.

"You killed Monk Garyou?" Kumi asked.

"I had to," Huang-Fu said, standing with his hands behind his back. "I couldn't risk you and your friend discovering what was happening here."

"And what is happening here?" Kumi asked.

"You will know in due time. But first, you must die."

"No, you will surrender," Kumi ordered. "I have mastered the four elements, you have mastered one."

"I'm afraid, I won't be the one killing you," Huang-Fu said calmly. "In fact, your executioner is not of our world."

"What are you talking about?" Kumi responded, in a fighting stance. Then he started to feel his body twitch, and his mind blurred.

"You are being killed by a Spirit," Huang-Fu said as Kumi collapsed to the ground. "The spirit is draining the chi from your body, in hopes of restoring its own." Kumi cried out in pain as he twitched on the floor.

"I'm sorry it had to come to this, but the Spirit needs to awaken once more, for it to begin," Huang-Fu said standing motionless.

"For what to begin?" Kumi said, speaking in between the unbearable pain.

"Don't you know?" Huang-Fu said. "Can't you feel it? The fire, oh the inferno. The raging flames. It is burning, at the end of the world it is burning, oh how it shines. So bright Kumi, so very bright."

"What is it?" Kumi said, uttering his final words.

"The fires of creation," Huang-Fu said, as Kumi yelled out loud enough for the entire upper ring to hear, before falling silent once, and for all.


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