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Death of the Avatar
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Chapter 1- Death of the Avatar:

The sight was frightening and sick. One flash of light and the Avatar's body lay cradled in a sad, crumpled heap. From the moment she caught him, Katara knew he was gone. Just seconds earlier her heart filled with hope at the sight of Aang going into the Avatar State, only to be shot down. There was only one person in the cavern who could create such a blast, a lightning blast. Azula. She struck Aang directly in his spine, shutting down his nervous system and killing him. Katara held his lifeless body close and the tears came freely. In a half-hearted attempt to revive Aang, she drew the small flask of water she received at the Spirit Oasis. As she looked up she knew, she always knew. All around her she saw astonished faces, but only one stood out. The only horrified face, the only one wearing an expression of guilt, the only face Katara could see. Zuko's face. Zuko's perfect, scar-free, healed face. The face that cost Aang's life.

He met her gaze only briefly, for Zuko had realized what had come of his selfishness. Though he had made his decision about his destiny, the Prince felt the weight of Katara's grief and regret being dumped on his shoulders. The feeling was suffocating, but familiar. Zuko had felt this way before, when he learned what had become of his mother because of him. Just as that time, Azula held a strong look of satisfaction on her face. Now that she had brought down the Avatar herself her father would surely be even prouder. She removed the last obstacle in Ozai's way, clearing the path for world domination. Azula breathed in the power and laughed, breaking the eerie silence that had taken the battlefield.

"What an absolute pity. The Avatar has fallen and now I, Princess Azula, will be regarded as a hero throughout the entire Fire Nation!" She wore a smirk as she continued, "See Zu Zu? I told you your honor could be restored by joining me, and after Father knows about your face you too will bask in the glory." At that moment Iroh blasted through the wall, only to discover he was too late. Too his eyes ventured into Katara's, and just as his nephew's, strayed away. The Dai Li began to move in on him, but his attacks were futile. He was quickly captured, but in the small margin of time it took, the master Waterbender was able to escape to the surface.

She laid Aang on his stomach, leaving his wound fully exposed. Carefully she began piecing tissue back together with her healing abilities, but there was nothing she could do to bring the body back to life. Not with regular water. Katara collapsed from exhaustion and shock, leaving Sokka and Toph to find her laying motionless with a damaged corpse. As soon as Toph's feet touched the ground they told her only one of the bodies lived. Sokka launched himself from Appa's head and hurried over to Katara. He could feel her slow breath and dull heartbeat, just barely signifying life. "Katara! Katara! Wake up!" he yelled in despair.

Her eyes fluttered open and she whispered, "Sokka, he's..gone.." With that she quickly slipped back into unconsciousness.

Toph stood by Aang's body, a steady flow of tears brimming over her eyes. She could sense no heart beat, no slight movement that came with breathing. "T-Twinkletoes?" she called to him. "There's no way, you're the Avatar. You were supposed to save us, the whole world! Where's the peace and balance now, huh?!" Sokka cut her off there, embracing her. Her sadness had turned into aggression and anger.

"I know, Toph, I know," He told her. Sokka held her tighter as he realized that Aang had evidently found peace and balance eternally in death. Sadly the young warrior also realized only happiness could be found in life. As he looked upon his friend's motionless body, he too shed tears.


Fire Lord Ozai was quickly informed of the circumstances in Ba Sing Se, including his children's feats. Azula and Zuko were requested to be seen by their father, and as Fire Nation soldiers moved in on the Earth Kingdom, they moved out. To finally come back home after three long years was such an eye opening experience for the Prince. After living the way he had with his uncle for so long, Zuko was certain he would be able to fully appreciate the royal treatment. He felt it was due time someone else served the tea.

Next chapter: In the Presence of My Father

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