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Old Spirit, New Face

Korra hugged the wall with her back. Over a decade had passed since her battle with Kuvira. She tied her hair in a pony tail and stood in a strong fighting stance. "Korra," a voice spoke into her ear, "take these guys out, and the Triple Threats should be finished!"

Korra placed her fingers on her metal earpiece. "Got that, Chief Beifong."

Lin's voice crackled through the receiver, "Good luck, kid."

Korra looked around, many of the great sky scrapers were run down and dilapidated. "It's amazing how quickly this place went to hell. All the triads rose up at once. Once again, the Avatar needs to fix it. Well, balance and order - that's what I do."

Korra forced the window open, peeling off flakes of paint. The window jammed halfway. Korra flicked her wrist in the direction of the window. "Alright, 'sami, let's do this!" The two lunged through the window and rolled into position.

Asami placed her hands on Korra's face. She pulled her in and kissed her on the lips. "Good luck!"

"You too," Korra said.

The two ran off in opposite directions.

Asami rushed behind a door standing ajar. She peered around the corner. "Hmmm. Three triads. They seem distracted. Presumably playing a game," Asami thought to herself. Asami leapt through the door, ambushing the men. Zaaapp. The first man collapsed at the hands of her glove. She then punched another man, only to be blocked and shifted away. She flipped the man over and pressed her glove on his back, shocking him. A man jumped at her and kicked her in the face. Asami fell to the floor, and the triad stomped her head. Asami reached up and grabbed his leg, shocking it. The man lurched in pain before collapsing.

Korra crept through the hallway. She stared down the doorway, 'Three triads, this won't be a problem. Time for a stealthy attack, just like the old days.' Korra formed a flame in her fist. She took a large step forward, cracking her knee before throwing a large ball of fire. The triads were alerted by the sound of Korra's leg cracking. With a simple sidestep, they avoided the ball. A man span around, pulling water from a large jug and throwing a shower of icicles at Korra. Korra drew her arms to her face, covering her chest. She punched as many shards of ice as possible, shattering them. Korra melted the shards into a large pool of water and slapped a triad with it. Airbending, she threw that member into a filing cabinet, distorting the metal case, which collapsed on him.

Asami rushed down the hallway, having heard screams and fighting. A great impact threw her to the ground. Ice formed over her and crushed her in place. Asami closed her eyes, trying to stave off hypothermia. A triad stood over her. "Looks like you're not as strong as when you were younger, Ms Sato." Asami gritted her teeth and wriggled through, cracking the ice around her hand. She grabbed his leg, which he stupidly put close to her and shocked him.

Men flooded into the room, joining their comrades in the fight against Korra. Her eyes glowed blue as she unleashed a flurry of fire and air based attacks. The triads crouched behind chairs, the bar and upturned tables, taking cover from her onslaught. The men would occasionally pop out and throw attacks of fire, air and earth. A stray rock disk struck Korra in the shin, cracking the bone. "Ouch!" she screamed in pain, the bone piercing through her skin and blood seeping out. Korra tried to limp away, but her leg failed, and the bone penetrated further. Men continued to attack Korra, slicing off her left arm with a spinning wheel of ice.

Asami rushed to Korra's side. She placed her hand on Korra's pale face and shed a tear. Running her hand over her frigid face, she closed Korra's eyes. Asami remained silent and slung Korra over her shoulder. She staggered out the window and slung Korra's body into her Satomobile. Asami fixed her goggles over her head and started the engine. "Oh, you should have been more careful, Korra."

Eventually, Asami returned to the police station. She knocked on Lin's door. "Come in," Lin beckoned.

Asami staggered in and left Korra's corps on the floor.

"What are you doing with a corpse?" Lin stood up. Her jaw dropped upon realisation. "That's Korra! What on earth happened here?"

Asami placed her face in her hand and wept silently.

Lin's face softened. She placed her hand on Asami's shoulder and whispered, "Don't worry, kid, I'll handle this. Now get some water."

Asami nodded and left the room. Lin turned to Korra's corpse. She stroked her face and sighed. "Good bye, Twinkle Toes." Lin finally broke character and cried.

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