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True Love

Chapter 4: Death

My death all started out like this. Sokka and I were walking on the bridge one day just casually talking. I turned away in guilt.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"This doesn't feel right. I'm engaged," I said sadly.

"You don't like him do you?" Sokka asked. I didn't answer but he was right. I didn't like Hahn. He decided to cheer me up.

Sokka led me to the stables to show the sky bison Appa. At the sight of Sokka, he jumped on him and licked him. I giggled. Once we were settled, I got into the saddle with Sokka and Appa took off. I was fascinated. The ride was exhilarating and thrilling.

"Is it always this cold up here?" I asked.

"Not unless you're with someone," he replied. I moved closely to him and he blushed. We moved in closer, but we realized what we were doing and then we moved away. All of a sudden, black snow began falling. At the sight of this, Appa landed.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's soot with snow. I saw this before my village was attacked. It means the Fire Nation is coming," he said. I looked out in the distance and saw a huge fleet of Fire Navy ships with a course for the Northern Water Tribe! What would happen next would be the Siege of the North.

To help, I led Katara and Aang to the Spirit Oasis, where Aang could meditate. I then left to see what was going on. However, when I came back with Sokka, Aang was gone and Katara was crying to herself. We had to go out into the blizzard above to look for Aang. We finally found him with Zuko chasing him. We not only took Aang, we also took Prince Zuko with us. While flying, the sky suddenly turned blood red. I got a splitting headache all of a sudden.

"I feel... faint," I groaned. Aang also felt it. I revealed my story and we arrived just in time to see Admiral Zhao with the Moon Spirit. We warned him not to touch it but he killed it. The moon disappeared. It was over.

All of a sudden, Aang entered the Avatar State. He teamed up with the Ocean Spirit and left. General Iroh noticed me and told me that I could give my life back.

"Yue, you can't do this," Sokka said pleadingly.

"I'm afraid I have to," I said. I put my hands on Tui and I exhaled my last breath as I fell in Sokka's arms. He held me sadly when my body disappeared. I emerged from the pond. I wore a beautiful white dress and I was free from my betrothal necklace. The shackle that held me back from freedom was gone. I smiled at Sokka and place my hands on his face tenderly.

"Goodbye Sokka, I'll always be with you," I said. We closed our eyes and kissed. This was a sweeter kiss. When I pulled away, I disappeared. I will always miss Sokka, and I hope that he'll find another girl and move on, but I hope that he will never forget me.

Author's Note

Hope you all liked it!

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