Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Deadman in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Action, Mystery, Romance


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Wonderfully weird


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Deadman is a fanon written by Wonderfully weird that takes place in Ba Sing Se four years after the war. This particular story revolves around Toph, Iroh, Aang, Poppy, and the mysterious Detective Khan.

Plot Summary

When a series of mysterious, unexplainable murders occur, it is up to young Detective Khan to investigate, doing so with the help of his assistant Sung Jie and Ari, a Dai Li Nouveau Agent. As Khan is investigating, Toph and Aang decide to find a few clues of their own, only to discover that the killings are more bizarre than what they seem.

Racing against both time and death, Toph, Aang, and Khan must solve the mysteries surrounding the victims' deaths or risk becoming dead themselves.


Main Characters

  • Toph: Despite trying to act strong, Toph, now sixteen, is trying to balance her work and her relationships with others with no avail.
  • Khan: Tough yet vulnerable, Khan, twenty-eight, prefers to keep his personal life and troubled past very secret.
  • Aang: The Avatar, seventeen, still has some of his youthful charm, but his new role as a father has replaced most of these quirks with a strong maturity.
  • Iroh: Wise as he ever is, the old man proudly runs his tea shop while helping Toph with some of her qualms.
  • Poppy Bei Fong: Protective and anxious as always, Poppy only wants to ensure Toph's happiness, like any mother.

Other Characters

  • Hao Yun: A elderly and kind woman, she is the landlady of the small apartment complex where Khan lives. She is the fourth victim of murder.
  • Guiren: An opponent of Khan's during the Siege of Ba Sing Se, his major ambition is to "finish what he'd started" ten years prior. He is the third victim of the mysterious murders.
  • Sung Jie: Though not particularly bright, he can be very useful when need be.
  • Hye: She is Ba Sing Se's head homicide detective and the first murder victim.
  • Ari: An agent of the newly formed Dai Li Nouveau, she's inquisitive and very good with riddles.
  • Haruko: She is a young student of Toph's who lives in the Middle Ring. She is the second murder victim.
  • Jin: A tenant living at the same Apartment complex as Khan.
  • The Death Spirit: Angered by how the Avatar and Khan had cheated him, he decides to lure them into a trap so he can take back their souls.


Author's Notes

Though not my first fanon work, this is the only one that I have completed. It is by no means perfect; no story is. Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading this story as much (or more so) as I had the pleasure to write it.

This particular fanon was originally posted on deviantART and can be found here

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