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Dead and Alive
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Dead and Alive is a fanon leading up to the events of the Air Nomad Genocide. In this fanon, you will be taken into two different perspectives. You will be in the life of Ken, a young airbender and Chan, a Fire Nation citizen. Witness their journeys and their life that will eventually lead up to the horrific event of the Air Nomad Genocide.


Air Nation

  • Ken – One of the main characters in the Airbending side. Resided in Eastern Air Temple.
  • Monk Chen – One of the High Monks in the Eastern Air Temple. Father of Ken and Husband of Yin.
  • Yin – Mother of Ken, one of the airbending instructors in the Eastern Air Temple.
  • Washi – The airbending teacher for Ken. Hand-picked by Ken's parents, he is wise, friendly and has childish moments while teaching.
  • Aang – Airbending prodigy who resides in the Southern Air Temple. One of Ken's best friends. Has a goofy personality.
  • Monk Gyatso – An airbending master and monk from the Southern Air Temple.

Fire Nation

  • Chan – One of the main characters along the Firebending side. Born a Fire Nation citizen, later becoming a soldier for Sozin's army.
  • Ikem – Chan's Uncle. Master Swordsman and Chan's only remaining family member.
  • Fire Lord Sozin – Fire Lord of the Fire Nation. Evil plans to start the war in the remaining three nations.
  • Admiral Azulon – The son of Fire Lord Sozin. Promoted to Admiral Azulon and is in charge of the armies invading force.


  1. The Yangchen Festival
  2. Fire Heart

Author's Notes

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