Day the Sixth: Field Trip
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At the Sea-Side



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8th January, 2014

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"Come on, Toph. You said you wanted a field trip."

The blind girl in question, who was currently not pouting (no matter how far her bottom lip stuck out), crossed her arms over her chest, resolutely ignoring the glass of champagne offered to her before grabbing it and taking a huge gulp.

"I said I wanted one with Zuko," she pointed out, ignoring Sokka's gasp. "Five years ago."

"You'd rather Fire Lord Grumpy was here? I'm hurt, Toph. I'm really cut," he whimpered, the only genuine one escaping his throat when she punched him in the chest.

"Shut up."

Sokka obliged, but not without planting a lingering kiss on her lips, and then poking her in the stomach. Toph's sigh of contentment turned into a growl, and she pulled back her fist to try and land another blow, bent on punishing him for his impudence. She almost fell flat on her face as he stepped lightly out of the way and managed to completely avoid her. A few people who were milling about turned to look at the two, but Sokka just waved them off.

"This is stupid, Toph," he reasoned once she had regained her balance (pushing away his helping hand at the same time). "You can't see a thing – you're gonna hurt yourself."

There was another growl, before Toph huffed at him. "It's Katara's fault. Why did she have to get married in this godforsaken place. There are plenty of others that work fine, too, but at least then I would be able to see, and not freeze to death!"

Regarding Toph closely, Sokka noticed for the first time the slight tremble in her frame before his eyes trailed downwards and he realised that she had once again forsaken shoes.

Without giving her any warning, he scooped her up and began marching back towards his tent, stopping just long enough to grab one of the unlit spare candles and a holder for it. The reception could stand to miss him for a few hours, and truth be told, he wasn't sure a completely blind, drunk Toph in the South Pole was a particularly good combination.

He had expected the slight shriek she would emit, however as he walked through the door and out into the cold wind, he was surprised at the lack of pain he was in. When he glanced down at his blind friend, Sokka had his answer.

Toph's eyes were open wide, her head pressed into his chest as she shivered violently. Even Sokka couldn't help the goosebumps that formed beneath his thick anorak; he couldn't possibly imagine how her poor feet must be faring. Sokka quickened his pace, thankful that his own little igloo (created earlier that day as a temporary home during the festivities) wasn't far from the reception. He was glad he had the forethought not too build it too far away, although the reason was that he had hoped to be ridiculously drunk. Watching Toph struggle convinced him to remain sober.

"Come on," he huffed quietly, ducking into the entrance. Even just beyond the arch was significantly warmer, and Toph tumbled from his arms as she scurried even further into the warmth. With a small chuckle, Sokka packed snow into the entrance to keep out the wind, before crawling into the domed centre. Pulling out the candle, Sokka set it down in the middle of the floor, and pulled out a set of spark rocks. They were old, and didn't always start the fire straight away, but they had been a gift from his father. It was ingrained in every Water Tribesman the value of having a fire source. One could die within hours in the cold, and from the chattering he could hear coming from Toph, they both needed to warm up soon.

"W-w-where are y-you?" Toph hissed through her teeth. Her blind hands reached out for him, and Sokka felt his heart swell at how absolutely adorable she was (not that he would ever tell her that).

"I'm right here," he said quietly, moving closer. Toph gave a slight nod as he dragged some blankets with him, wrapping them around her. She sucked in a heave breath, gripping the blankets tightly in an effort to keep the warmth in.

She wasn't succeeding.

"U-ugh, S-Sokka...." she whined. "S-still c-c-cold...."

With a roll of his eyes, Sokka gave Toph yet another excused to punch him as he unwound the blankets from around her. She did – rather painfully.

"Ow, hey! I'm just trying..." With a single move, he lifted Toph up and placed her on his lap, chest to chest. The blankets were replaced around her, holding them together. Sokka had a feeling she would have complained a lot more had the warmth not already started to seep into her skin. " warm you up," he finished with a smile.

Toph frowned, the only expression left to her after a smitten smile or a blush (which was not happening). In her futile attempts to cross her arms, she only succeeded in trapping them between their bodies and, too lazy to try and move them again, she just left it at that. Instead, Toph lay her head on Sokka's shoulder, although it wasn't long before she turned it to start nipping at his throat.

"So, what else can we do to stay warm?" she asked, her voice low and husky. It sent chills down Sokka's spine that he couldn't attribute entirely to the weather. "And don't say you play Pai Sho."

Grinning, he moved his lips down to hers, the hands that were on her back sliding down torturously to grip her thighs.

"Oh," he murmured, "I can think of a few things..."

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