Day the Fifth: Old Age
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At the Sea-Side



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7th January, 2014

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It was to Toph's never-ending glee that Sokka was older than her. It came with drawbacks, naturally, such as the height issue and the fact that he was actually rather good at holding a drink, however she refused to dwell on such matters. She would rather focus on the fact that it meant he was slightly more mature than the boys her age, and how he was almost as sarcastic and witty as she (although not quite being up to her level wasn't surprising, despite the fact that he'd had longer to get better at it. She was an Earth Rumbler, after all).

And it meant that her puppy love crush on him could be brushed off as a type of sisterly admiration and respect.

Sokka, on the other hand, hated that he was older than Toph. Of course, there were good things, like her having to practically beg him to buy her cactus juice, and that he was taller, but that was pretty much where it stopped. The fact that he had actual responsibilities that came only because he was old enough to actually have them, or that it was uncouth for him to be spending so much time around a younger, unwed, rich heir to a very prominent aristocratic family.

It was wrong, therefore, for him to feel something greater than a brotherly love for her.

Both dealt with such issues in their own way. While Toph put every thought and effort in maintaining the fact that she did not have a crush on him (despite the fact she so obviously did), Sokka tried desperately to break down the age gap that by all accounts should keep them separated, and show her that he was just a viable candidate for her hand in marriage (that one was quite a bit trickier. He would do that later, he decided).

It was only because of Katara, who, sick of the back and forth between the two that had been going on for years, locked them in a dome of ice and demanded that they "pull themselves together", that anything actually happened. The two had a nice conversation about their feelings, let Katara know, and lived happily ever after.

Well, that wasn't what actually happened. The part about her locking them in ice was true, yes, however the two spent a good hour just bickering about how they would get out. Katara would just repair any damages Sokka did to the cage, and unfortunately for Toph, the gaang had been on Ember Island, and Katara had made sure to trap plenty of water in with the grainy sand. Eventually, the duo just gave up and decided to wait until whatever bad mood had possessed Katara to lock them away had passed.

In that time, Sokka couldn't help but notice Toph. He hadn't been able to stop for several years, if he thought about it, but with the crystal light of the midday (good Hei Bai, had they been stuck in there all morning?) sun cracked across her face, he couldn't deny just how pretty she looked.

So, he didn't.

Scooting closer, Sokka bit his lip as he wondered how Toph would react before shrugging it off. If she didn't, no harm done. He would have to deal, and they would go back to being friends.

Toph, on the other hand, was essentially blind; when Sokka's lips pressed against hers for a fraction of a second before being pulled sharply way, she was slightly surprised, to say the least.

And then she was angry.

Toph had wasted five years convincing herself it was hopeless, all the while falling further and further in love with the older warrior, and then he just kisses her out of nowhere? There was only one logical move she could make. Toph turned, and lunged.

Now it was Sokka's turn to be surprised as he noticed Toph's rather supple body (oh, and how he noticed) on top of his as she placed urgent, open-mouthed kisses on his throat. Screw pretending – he started this. It was all Sokka could do to return the affections.

His hands were beyond his control as he ran them up and down Toph's smooth skin. He didn't even notice when she ripped off her shirt, leaving her only in her bindings, although he certainly felt it when she removed his, pushing him down onto the wet sand with a predatory grin.

She couldn't stop the groan as he flipped their positions, running his hand over her chest as he crashed their lips together.

It was the perfect opportunity for Katara, who hadn't heard any arguing for some time, to open the side of the dome and cry out as she shielded her eyes. They had waited five years, feelings growing stronger as each day passed; nothing could stop them now, except for an especially irate waterbender.

Not that said waterbender was especially inclined when she saw the gorgeous blush on Toph's face and how she held Sokka's cheeks, him gently nipping at her throat. Neither noticed Katara standing there, and she left long before they ever would.

Not even age-old societal rules could get in the way of love, she would later muse as she watched her friends, happier than either had been in so long. She could overlook it for them.

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