Rainy Days
Or: Live from Air Temple Island, welcome to Aang and Katara's Trivia Challenge!
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A Week of Air and Water



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21 July 2014

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Day Two: Comfort

Rainy Days is the first chapter of A Week of Air and Water.


Aang and Katara must find a way to keep Bumi and Kya entertained on a rainy day on Air Temple Island.


Rainy Days

Drip drop, drip drop.

Splash, splash, splash.

That was not the sound any one of that family enjoyed hearing.

It was the signal of rain, and with the clouds darkened and the sky's water pouring down, it showed no signs of letting up any time soon.

Aang and Katara sat on the couch in the living room, the latter cradling baby Tenzin as they looked to the windows and saw the stormy day rage on. They sadly knew what this meant - no outside time today, no training, no playing, none of that. With two children aged just eleven and seven, that would mean quite a bit of complaining and boredom - a parent's worst fear.

It wasn't long until...

"Mommy! I'm bored!" The seven-year-old Kya cried out, her blue dress smooth and her hair just brushed.

Eleven-year-old Bumi, his hair all fuzzed up and his clothing somewhat messy, rushed down the stairs behind her. "Oh, how can you be bored? It's raining! You waterbenders love that!"

Kya glared at her brother. "I don't think raining counts as something to love, Bumi! Just because I'm a waterbender, I won't go running out in that!"

The young boy shook his head and folded his arms. "It's the perfect training setup! Think, the ocean, the rain -"

"No one is training in that mess today," Katara cut her oldest son off. "You would both catch your death out there. Inside it is."

"But I'm bored!" Kya again shouted. "There's nothing to do!"

"What about Hide and Seek?" Aang suggested.

"We've played that a million times!" The feisty young girl protested. "Give us something original!"

"How about a story then?" The Avatar wondered. "Would you like -"

"Oh come on, Dad," Bumi spoke up. "What haven't we heard about all your old adventures?"

He was briefly frustrated upon hearing these words, but a split-second later, Aang came to a realization surrounding what Bumi just said. The airbender turned to his wife, a smile on his face. "Hey, wait a minute! Katara, come with me to the kitchen, I have an idea! Bumi, Kya, you two just wait here."

The two rose from the couch and made their way into their humble kitchen, taking a seat at the table. "Sweetie, did you hear what Bumi said just now to my suggestion?"

Katara shook her head. "You mean the part where he said he and Kya have heard all our stories to this point? Loud and clear. What are we going to do?"

"Just hear me out," Aang said with a smile, stroking his beard slightly. "They said they have heard everything about all our journies...why don't we see what they know?"

"What are you saying?" The waterbender asked with a smirk.

"I'm saying, let's quiz our children. See what they actually know about our journeys! They've heard them all, well, let's see just how much they were paying attention," Aang said.

"Don't they get enough of that during their lessons?" Katara replied with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but I don't think they quite get this reward at the end," the Avatar continued. "You know that big fruit pie we're making for desert?"

Katara nodded. "I do."

"Well, how about this," he began. "Whoever answers the most questions correctly will get an extra slice of it after dinner! Dependent upon, of course, if they do well enough with the meal," he added with a wink.

"Ooh, I like the way you think, Sweetie," she said with a look of approval. "Get the kids in a competition."

"What they will have to do," the Avatar further explained, "is to hit the floor with their hand when they know the answer. Whoever hits it first will get to answer. We give them enough questions for one of them to reach five correct answers first. If they're wrong, the other gets a chance to answer. Again, first to five wins."

"I just hope Bumi doesn't hit his hand too hard," the matriarch suggested with another laugh. "You know how he is..."

"We'll warn them about that and not to fight," Aang said. "If they both fight," he crossed his arms, "neither of them will get the extra slice."

"Sounds good to me," Katara approved. "Now let's think up some questions."

A few moments later, Kya and Bumi continued to sit on the floor and look toward the kitchen, wondering what their parents could be up to. The children wanted to do something, anything, it would all be better than just lounging around the house on that rainy day. Soon, the parents emerged, taking a seat back on the couch and looking at them with smiles.

"Okay kids," Katara said. "Are you two ready for a quiz?"

"What, really!?" Bumi protested. "We just had one in class yesterday! Come on!"

"Bet the teacher did not let you have an extra slice of fruit pie as a reward for a job well-done," Aang replied.

Kya and Bumi looked at each other, their faces now sternly focused, each one thinking how they would get that extra slice of the pie their parents were making.

"I see. It's mine!" Kya quickly declared.

"Get over yourself sis," Bumi told her, grinning somewhat mischievously. "I'm the smarter one, I took after Uncle Sokka after all!"

"Too bad Sokka was also too silly for his own good sometimes!" Kya yelled back.

"Okay you two," Aang said to stop the trash talk. "Here's how it works. Bumi, you said you've heard everything there is to know about all our adventures throughout the years? Prove it. Both of you."

"Each of us will take turns asking questions," Katara continued. "When you think you know, hit the floor with your hand. Whoever hits first gets the chance to answer. If you're right, you get a point...but if you're wrong, your sibling will have a chance. First to five points wins and gets that bonus slice."

"Remember," the Avatar wanted them to know, "it's all in fun. Try not to hurt your hand while hitting the floor." Getting a more stern tone, he continued, "I want no fighting between you two. If there is, neither of you will win. Agreed?"

The siblings looked at each other again quickly before turning back to their parents. "Fine," Kya answered. "Bumi just has to realize that I will win!"

"No, more like you need to know that I will be doing the winning," her brother shot back. "I'm older and have more knowledge!"

The young waterbender crossed her arms and blew a raspberry before saying, "Whatever."

"Okay," Aang said. "Raise your hands." After they did, he asked the first question. "Bumi? Kya? Do you remember who the Air Acolytes were at first?"

The two quickly slammed their hands down, but it was Kya whose hand made contact first.


"They were girls who were your fan club, Daddy!"

Aang nodded. "You're right, sweetheart! You take a one-to-nothing lead."

"Haha!" Kya gleefully said to her brother.

"I'll get you next time," Bumi said with frustration.

Katara took over. "Here is the second question. Kids, who did we help Zuko find a couple years after the war?"

Once again, Kya's hand barely hit the floor first. Noticing this, Bumi screamed out with a "COME ON!"

"Take it easy Bumi, your sister may not know," Katara assured him. "Besides, there's still plenty of time left." She turned back to her daughter. "Kya?"

"His own mommy!"

"Right!" the mother declared. "Kya two, Bumi zero."

"Come on, I knew both of those!" Bumi protested.

"You snooze you lose," Kya taunted, raising her hand while sticking her tongue out at him.

Bumi glared. "Stick your tongue out again, I dare you!"

Hearing this, Aang had to reiterate his warning. "Bumi! No threats against your sister, lest we have to disqualify you. Stay calm." Seeing his oldest son sigh but ease up nonetheless, it was on to question number three. "Who did your mother fight against during Sozin's Comet?"

Their hands fell to the ground, but this time, it was Bumi crossing the proverbial finish line first. "Well, here's your chance, bud," Aang told him.

"The crazy princess!" The nonbender declared with enthusiasm.

The Avatar chuckled, but said, "You're right she was crazy, but what was her name?"

Without a second of thought, Bumi said, "Azula!"

Aang nodded. "Yes, Princess Azula. Bumi, you are now within two to one. Katara, next question," he added with a gesture to his wife.

Katara followed with said question. "Bumi, Kya, when your dad, Uncle Sokka, and I first went to the Southern Air Temple, which animal did we find?"

Their hands flew to the ground, a very close call. Katara hesitated, knowing not only would she upset one kid with the word, but also having to think who came in first. She blinked and saw her daughter get to the ground with her hand a split-second closer. "Kya?"

"I was first!" Bumi tried to protest.

"Mom said I was!" Kya pointed out.

Katara shook her head slightly. "Okay, let's let your father decide."

Oh gee, thanks honey, Aang thought in slight annoyance, not really sure himself. But from his point of view, he remembered hearing his daughter's hand make noise first. "Your mother is correct, kids. Kya hit first."

"UGH!" was heard from Bumi.

"Yes!" Kya shouted with glee. "You guys found Momo!"

Sitting on a chair in the corner, the lemur poked up with a face as if to say, "What about me?"

"You are right," Katara said. "Kya, you now lead three to one. Two more and you will win that extra slice of pie."

Kya smirked at her brother. "I told you I knew more!"

Bumi crossed his arms and glared. "Oh, shut up, you're not smarter, you're just luckier! I've known all the answers so far!"

"But who has the three points?" The waterbender said with a sing-songy tone. "Give it up, the slice is mine!"

"Now now," Aang advised. "No one give up or say they've won. It's a race to five, after all! Let's go on to the next question." With their hands raised, he asked his children, "can you tell me how Toph ended up joining us?"

Hands quickly on the ground, this time Bumi was the first home. Upon his dad's signal, he said, "her dad let her go!"

"Oh," Aang said nervously. "Bumi, that is not the correct answer. Kya will have a chance."

Bumi looked at his father as if he had a third eye like Combustion Man. "What?! That's - "

"What you forgot, Stupid-Head," Kya began, "was that Aunt Toph actually snuck out of her house, only telling them she got permission to leave. So there!"

"Kya," Aang told her sternly. "Don't make fun of your brother. Regardless, you are right, and now lead four to one."

"Fine, sorry," Kya apologized. "Doesn't matter once I get that slice of fruit pie!"

"It isn't over," Bumi reminded her. "You still need five to win."

Katara nodded to that. "Your brother's right, Kya. Don't count your chickens before they have hatched! You will need to still answer this first in order to win. Here we go..."

The siblings listened intently for what could be the final question.

"Who was the general who tried to force your father into the Avatar State while we were at this fortress?"

Without any further thought, Bumi slammed his hand to the ground, causing him to wince in pain at the force. Nonetheless, he had the first response. "Fong! Fong!" He quickly cried out.

"I told you not to go so rough!" his mother remarked as he tried to shake off the pain. "Still, you are correct."

"Ha!" Bumi said to his sister, the pain going away as he gave his slight taunt. "So there!"

"You still need three more," Kya reminded him with a smile. "This game's all mine. Daddy, ask what will be the last question," she said with a voice that was sweet but still somewhat sinister, ready to jump in and take the prize.

"Maybe we should let your brother's hand heal up first," Aang suggested. "Be fair, Kya."

Kya pouted. "It's his fault he hurt it! He's the one slamming it like a rock into a wall!"

"Well what else am I supposed to do, please enlighten me!" Bumi shot back in frustration. "You keep getting your hand down so fast!" He continued to shake his hand before the pain slowly exited. "Okay, let's do this."

"As you wish," Aang replied. "Here is your question." He took a slight pause to build up some faux drama with a deep breath. "Kids, what was the name of the refinery we found on former grounds sacred to the Air Nomads?"

Once again, Bumi dashed his hand to the floor, beating out Kya clearly. "The Earthen Fire Refinery!"

Kya snarled at her brother's sudden success with the questions. Now, as Aang announced, "Bumi, you are right. Kya's lead is down to four to three. If Bumi gets the next question right, we go to sudden death."

"I will end this right now!" the young girl exclaimed. "Play time is over!"

"We'll see," the boy challenged. "Like Mom said, don't count your chickens before they have hatched. I'm on fire right now like Sozin's Comet!"

"It's all about keeping it up," Katara said. "You still have to get this and the next one right, Bumi."

"Bring it on!" both siblings demanded.

With a light laugh, the waterbender began the question. "All right. What was the name of your father and I's waterbending teacher at the Northern Water Tribe?"

The two quickly knew and each dashed their hand toward the carpet below them. But unfortunately for one, they wound up beaten...

"Kya got in first," Katara declared.

"YEAH!!!" she said and jumped up. "I win the slice because the answer is PAKKU! Take that, Bumi! Girl power!"

"I think it goes without saying that Kya is correct and has won," the family matriarch said with a smile. "You have indeed gotten a second slice of fruit pie before dinner."

"I knew I would!" Kya said with a laugh, pointing her finger in her brother's face. "Now who's the smart one, Stupid-Head?! Ha!" She continued to laugh.

Bumi got up and yelled, "you better stop calling me that before I get the boomerang Uncle Sokka made for me and -"

"That will be enough of that," Katara told, preparing a small water whip from her water skin. "Break it apart. Now Kya, don't forget, you still have to make sure you finish your supper tonight, and I also don't want any shenanigans between you two, or else you could each lose your dessert."

"I promise, Mommy!" Kya said, bowing to her mother. She quickly tried to dash off to her room to avoid getting sucked into a fight by her brother as Bumi also went upstairs.

"At least I get one slice," Bumi lamented.

After the parents watched their eldest children head upstairs, they looked at each other with a smile.

"Well, it may have been a rainy day, but it looks like we still found a good way to keep our kids occupied," Aang said to Katara, remarking on their success in entertaining them.

"That's true," Katara answered, "But next time, we might have to keep them in separate corners of the room or something lest they bite each other's necks off." She chuckled again.

Aang asked her jokingly, "is this how you and Sokka were when you were growing up?"

"Ha, sometimes," Katara remarked. "Sokka always believed as the older brother, he could best me in many things: races, little contests Dad, Mom, or Gran-Gran could make, anything like that, yet I won so many times. He also made the same boomerang threat at least once."

"The ways of siblings," Aang just said while pulling Katara close, now knowing they would not have to entertain bored, shut-in children for now. "Who knows what it will be like when this little one gets old enough." He patted Tenzin's head softly with his own hand.

"Let's try not to think about that," his wife said with a faux sense of dread.

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