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A Week of Air and Water



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25 July 2014

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Day Four: Storm

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Day Six: Nightmare

Midnight is the fifth chapter of A Week of Air and Water and the fifth theme of Kataang Week 2014.


Aang and Katara visit an Earth Kingdom town that cares very little for them...


Same as before


The darkest hour.

The changing of the day.

The time of rest.

So is midnight.

Did we mention...the darkest hour?

It was so for this couple, who had found themselves on the run while taking a trip to devastated lands in the Earth Kingdom, trying to work on a rebuilding effort. Only a year had passed since the Hundred Year War ended, and there was a ton of business needing doing. They were taking a little break from the decolonization effort, working to help the people get back on their feet.

At this village though, they found a cold reception.

They found themselves under a brutal Fire Nation occupation for almost forty years, having to make weapons for the people in charge. Most of them were given just enough of their basic needs to survive, left barely hanging on, suffering through until war's end. They were forced to turn over taxes to the occupants, their best supplies, and had to quarter the soldiers.

They blamed, however, not the Fire Lords, nor the generals, nor the soldiers in their town.

They blamed Aang for disappearing.

They blamed him for ditching the world and allowing it to fall into this disarray.

When they were alerted of him and Katara coming, they had messages from both their mayor and the Earth King to respect the Avatar and work with him to repair their village.

No such luck.

As soon as the couple entered the city that evening, they found themselves shouted at, particularly Aang of course. He was told that he ruined the world and their village, he was called a coward by a large majority of them, and as both he and his girlfriend tried to speak, they got nothing but a negative response. After several minutes of trying, the village mayor angrily called off the speech and took them right to their place of stay for a dinner meeting. He had the village's police force guard their home heavily to avoid further demonstration from the townspeople.

But little did any of them know what midnight would bring.

As they tried to sleep the challenging day away, they both heard footsteps right outside the home, prompting the both of them to rise from their beds and look out the window...what they saw shocked them, their eyes shooting open and prompting a gasp.

The guards were gone.

Turned out, there was a reason they were there at all.

They wanted quite the opposite of protecting the Avatar.

Something they found out upon a shout:

"Avatar! Get out, lest we take you by force! You and the Water Tribe girl!"

They looked toward the front door of the house, and there they saw.

There were the guards along with several townspeople standing at the door, threatening to break it down. They kicked at its metal frame and banged against it again and again.

Neither of them were particularly sure of what to do. Katara knew there was a good chance they would have to take a stand, but neither wanted to harm these people, that's not what they were there for - just quite the contrary.

But they couldn't just stand idle.

Slowly but surely, Aang opened the door, hoping to get a chance just to speak with them.

It was in that moment that they found themselves swarmed by the people...

And no one else in the dark night saw...

No one could find them in the pitch black of the zero hour.

No one to help them as the torches, sticks, and rocks fell upon them.

What could they do?

Author's notes

  • How did I get the idea, at least ending-wise? Hint: same person who helped me in chapter three. ;)
  • Shorter, more drabble-ish this time. You'll find out why in the day six story.

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