Day 1. A Day Started the Wrong Way
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Days of a Wild Card Battler

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October 22, 2014

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Day 2. A Day of Escalation

Our protagonists enter the city and lay done the ground work to help the people around them. So far it seems that may not be a problem, so far anyway. Though the man that hide in the secrets may already be planning their destruction.

Day 1. A Day Started The Wrong Way

Starting the little adventure

He watched as the doors finally opened and without waiting jumped down from the ship letting himself touch the earth that he had been separated from for a while.

"Land, Sweet Beautiful Land!" He was five seconds way from kissing the ground. He hated traveling by ships, he never liked the ocean but to get to where they were needed a boat was a necessity, that didn't mean he would have to like it.

He was five seconds away from kissing it but decided that would be a bit much and simply laid there for a few moments. The ramp of the boat came down and the first one down the steps was very disappointed in him. She had him travel all this way for him not lounge around at the first instance.

"Get off the ground Kiryu!" he mumbled something as he laid there not even moving a muscle. She nudged him lightly causing an annoyed groan.

"Just give me a few Yuria." He laid there for a few moments before jumping to his feet, her expression was lathered in annoyance and Kiryu decided to take a stab in the dark.

"I'm gonna guess you're embarrassed of me." She merely shook her head.

"I'm gonna go with no," she huffed as she started to walk away faster.

"We have to meet Sanzang and we can't have you wasting time trying to be sassy." He merely shrugged and followed suit.

As they moved along they looked at the building ahead. The Dayan Ta Building was supposed to hold an office on the first floor and apartment for four on the top, what they had seen in picture was a great place, what they see now was a dump.

"Really?" Yuria looked at the place enraged would not even be enough to describe how she felt. This attention was not going to last long as the words of a scared couple announced themselves.

"Looks like we got ourselves the first customer." They walked closer to the danger as a few thugs cornered a man and his wife. To complete the cliché they were being threatened for not paying up.

"Well alright, let's get this party started right." Kiryu cracked his knuckles as he went down the alley.

"Hey you guys!" The thugs turned to the man with a smug grin on his face then a large slab of stone rose from the earth. For a second they were confused at what was happening until Kiryu slammed his hand to the slab launching out a large stone palm that collided with one of the thugs sticking him to a wall.

"That's one."

The next one ran forward trying to attack with a pipe in hand but was met with swift quick to the jaw knocking him in the air. The third decided to cut his losses and run and Kiryu decided that was not going to happen.

"That's two."

He hunched over studying the distance before making a rock go to his hand. With one last look and nod of the head he pulled his arm back and with a strong toss and it arced over hitting the last thug clear on the head as the second thug landed to the ground.

"And that is three, what did I win?" He turned to the couple that was being intimidating staring incredulously at the stranger.

"Are you insane? What if they come back?" He merely shrugged.

"Then I beat them down again." They started at him, their thoughts of his insanity not changing.

"Don't worry, that is where we come in." Yuria walked next to Kiryu.

"We want to offer our help, come down to The Dayan Ta Building in a week and Kiryu here can protect you." They looked over Kiryu who once again shrugged. Yuria was quick to wave them away letting them follow. Kiryu just wanted what she got him into.

Secrets of The Underground

"This was supposed to be simple snatch and grab so I may ask what happened?" One of the thugs looked on in fear as his boss sat watching him grovel and beg.

"Please Kumicho, I tried to stop him but this earth bender decided to play vigilante." He was forced to kneel as he barely looked at the hooded man on The Jade Throne. His fingers tapped the chair four times over and over as he mulled over what to do.

"I want you to report back to Tripitaka and tell her to keep an eye on this vigilante." The man quickly rose to his feet and quickly walked away.

Still tapping his fingers to the throne another man walked to his side.

"We should eliminate him." The tapping stopped.

"He is nothing; he will serve as meager entertainment and nothing more." He stood up and walked down the hood hiding his face.

"After all we need to have something to prepare us for gaining The Crown of The Jade Emperor."

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