Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Dawn of a New Age in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Dawn of a New Age
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Chapter 1: Sarz


A dying art of bending, times are changing, new forms of bending are coming into existence. A new Spirit is born into the real world...a new Era is coming...


  • Lion Turtles: Masters of the Energybending Art. These massive creatures can travel both on land and in the water. They are much faster in the water though they are known to have short bursts of speed on land. Their species are slowly dwindling as the world falls deeper into chaos as the humans they once entrusted with the Art of Energybending have abused it. This has lead to the hunting of their species and this story follows their attempts to preserve their dying art as new forms of bending emerge. At the same time they attempt to put an end to the chaos.
  • Sarz: An Energybender who learned directly from the Lion Turtles unlike others who have learned from other humans. She recently took up quite an interest with the Dragons who watch over her village of Sun Warriors. She understands they learned how to control fire from the Sun, their namesake....she wonders if she too can somehow manipulate the element
  • Po: A quiet woman from the North Pole. She and her fellow Tribesmen have braved the harsh weather of the North for centuries and yet have thrived. In secret, she and a small group of others come out at night to observe the way that the moon and ocean work together in an endless dance of the tides..
  • Dashi: An energetic young man from a nomadic people who prefer wide open spaces and the tranquility of the mountains across the world. He has always watched the Wild Bison fly through the clouds and wishes one day he could join them...but he has to tame them first...
  • Oma: A gentle woman with a fierce (and short) temper who hails from a mountainous region. Her village has been at constant war with a neighboring village in a territorial dispute. She cares not for the war since a young man from the enemy village is also her lover. For a year they have met in secret but it is getting tough..
  • Shu: He also hails from a mountainous region that is very dry and has very little vegetation outside what the farmers grow. Over the last year he has secretly been meeting with Oma from the enemy village. They can't keep up this facade much longer as the two villages are preparing for one final strike.
  • Krag: A wanderer who does not call any land home. Has an odd connection with the world. While he cannot Energybend he did observe the art being taught to humans a few years ago before everything spun out of control. He senses the chaos in the world is at a boiling point and something of epic proportions is about to occur.


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