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By Yamichidori1 Part of the Tale of Kenji continuity.
Datte Nara
Datte Nara
Biographical information

Acid Rain


United Republic, Yu Dao

Birth place

Yu Dao


Northern Water Tribe




184 AG

Physical description





134 lbs.

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Acid and water

Bending style(s)

Waterbending (Northern)


Acid Waterbending/Acidbending


Kuun, Kenji, Bakki, Izumi


Kuun, Kenji, Bakki, Izumi, Azumi, Koko Jr., Mika, Zoro, Tahno and Red Monsson Triad


Ikki, Isra, Agni Kai Triad and Akari

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Tale of Kenji

Datte is a teenage waterbender residing in the Northern Water Tribe. He is a waterbender with a great potential yet low maxium power. He is yet to have mastered waterbending. He was born in United Republic and when he was still an infant he moved back to the North Pole with his aunt, Izumi, where he then later learned waterbending. He has had a rough childhood with his parents being arrested when he was young. He and his brother are massively powerful and skilled waterbenders.

He wanted to take his skills to the next level, so he plans to move to the United Republic and join the waterbending triads; the Red Monsoons with Kenji. His brother moved back to the Northern Water Tribe to protect him brother from the comet that will pass this summer. He is now learning the master skills from Korra who is now in Republic City in honor of her past.


In 184 AG, his parents were arrested as waterbender triad members. His brother was then sent to the Northern Water Tribe to live with his aunt, also a waterbender, yet only a healer, Izumi. She taught him the basics of healing and he learned waterbending from masters. In 184 AG, before he moved, Datte, was born. He resides in the Northern Water Tribe with Izumi being protected by his caring elder brother, Kenji Nara.


Datte is a combination of that comic relief character and that really bad ass character. He likes to be right and has massive power in his waterbending but he has trouble controlling it. He always has fun with the brutal waves that he controls while waterebending.



Datte Pre-Timeskip

Datte is brothers with Kenji, close friends with Roronoa, Mika, and Azumi, and his deceased parents are Red Monsoons Baki and Kuun.


Datte acidbending

Datte acidbending

He has a unique technique of creating hurricanes, yet with little control. He eventually invented the deadly art of acidbending.

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