By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
"Rainbow Dash"
Biographical information

Jump City




Unnamed father

Physical description


Hair color

Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red

Skin color


Eye color

Yellow and blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Color Needle

Chronological and political information



Head Scientist


Rainbow Factory

First appearance

Try Again

Dash is a teenaged scientist that owns her own factory and is a co-worker for the S.C.P. Although she's new to the S.C.P, she is still considered not a part, and is often found in her own factory instead with the S.C.P members, at least during work time.

Dash did have a rough past, major for normal people but minor compared to the S.C.P members. Her life started off normal like many other humans do, but that was until she was invited into her father's factory. after a crazy accident, Dash became Rainbow Dash and also lost her mind. While she's around, she usually carries a large needle just in case if she stumbles upon a color she wants to take (no matter if alive or not).

Avatar: New Universe 2

She first appears when Smile Dog and Ghost go and find Toph and Toube. She was the only one who refuses to run away after Smile Dog's warning and stays to watch the show. After that, she decides to go for Smile Dog, and then Ghost when Ghost tries to save his demonic friend. In the end though, she was given an offer to take Toube's colors, whom was assumed that she accepts.

Arc 1

She doesn't show up again until she decides to go and visit Grizz, to see what he's up to. She kept on going along with Grizz until suddenly Smile dog and Ghost appear again. It wasn't until now that she shows them that she too is apart of the S.C.P.

Arc 2

Dash comes back with Slenderman and Feral when they go to make a deal with Slade. She was rather edgy when Slade's starts to compliment her for some reason. She threatens him to stop as the deal goes on.

Arc 3

Dash shows up back at the S.C.P Foundation and went to check up on Twist, mainly to see if she is done with her work. She and Twist chat a bit more, and she added in about Xerneas's fate. When she was told of SCP-682, she didn't want anything to deal with it since it nearly ripped out her hair last time she went. After, Dash went off on her way.

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