By Falconfly Part of the Fire Lord Shen continuity.
Biographical information

Valley of Peace, China

Physical description


Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Darkbending, Satanbending, Godbending


Oogway, God


Lord Shen, Zuko, Korra, all good and innocent people

Chronological and political information

Sith Lord


Oogway's second in command


Heaven, Hell

First appearance

"The Book of Metal"

Voiced by

Dustin Hoffman

Darth Shifu is a major antagonist in the series Fire Lord Shen, making his debut appearance in The Book of Metal. He is Oogway's highest servant, a Sith lord hellbent in spreading misery and evil in God's name.


Darth Shifu is summoned by Oogway to murder Lord Shen and the Avatar. He teleports himself using evil magic and murders Teo. He fights Lord Shen and Zuko, but is killed.


Darth Shifu uses the sacred attire of the Sith lords: a green kimono, pink high heels, brown lipstick, purple eyeliner and pig tails. He's also a red panda, like in the Kung Fu Panda 2 movies, albeit a highly mutated one that does not resemble the real animal.


Darth Shifu is the most evil being after Oogway and God. He is extremely sadistic and bigoted, taking any chance he has to murder his victims in the most slow and agonizing ways in Heaven's name. He is also very flamboyant, believing that the usage of kimonos, high heels, eyeliner, lipstick and pigtails is the apex of masculinity.


Darth Shifu uses primarily typical Sith powers, such as Darkbending, summoning whips of pink darkness. However, he also has Satanbending and Godbending, which he likes to combine to teleport across the multiverse.


Darth Shifu is the only Sith lord seen so far.

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