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Sokin is having a nice day in his room reading the paper. A Vongol Flame messenger hurriedly knocks and brings a very important letter to Sokin.

"Master, terrible news," the messenger said.

Sokin reads the letter and was shocked that the Order of the White Lotus team sent to kill the Dark Navy were captured.

"I want a staff meeting now!" Sokin shouted to the messenger. "Yes, sir!" replied the messenger.

"I never thought the powerful benders from the Order of the White Lotus were defeated. This is no ordinary Dark Navy fleet. This must be the work of the Dark Lotus," Sokin said to himself.

Staff meeting

Sokin approaches a huge door, 10 Earthbenders open the door. Sokin said to the guards "Seal us". The guards then barricaded the door with pillars and created numerous rock doors guarding it. Inside the room is Roy and Jack along with the top ranking Vongol Flame members.

"Members of the Vongol Flame, we are in crisis mode. By now, the Dark Navy has taken control of half this region. We must formulate a plan to wipe them out," Sokin said.

"I knew the Dark Navy would have more territory," Roy interrupted.

"Silence! This is very important," Jack shouted. "Thank you, Jack," replied Sokin.

"What is very important right now is that the inevitable has happened" Sokin said.

"What happened?" Sasu, a master Earthbender asked.

"The Dark Lotus is moving," Sokin said. The whole atmosphere is shocked from the news.

"What shall we do?" Jack asked. "Shall we take them on?"

"No, it's too risky. Right now we are low in numbers. In a week we will gather more members and retake this region!" Sokin said.

The doors suddenly opened and everyone took a fighting stance.

"Don't kill me. I just received terrible news," the man said.

"Oh, it's you, Master Raiku, relay the information," Sokin said in a polite manner.

"Scouts confirmed a huge Dark army and navy fleet land in the beach," Raiku said in a worried manner.

Sokin not knowing what to do is worried about the future. "I believe we are done for," Sokin giving up.

"No! We must not waste our time here. We have the advantages of having underground tunnels all over the region. We can launch a defensive surprise attack on them," Roy shouted.

"He's right you know, I didn't think you had it you" Jack laughingly said.

"We strike at dawn! Everyone go tell your squadrons," Sokin ordered Everyone.


In a Dark Navy camp where the White Lotus members are held. A member of the Dark Lotus asked the White Lotus politely, "Are you connected with the Vongol Flame?"

"The White Lotus is connected with everything," replied the White Lotus member. The Dark Lotus member became angry and punched him in the stomach and was sent flying through the room.

The Dark Lotus member then generated lightning but was interrupted by another Dark Lotus member. "Stop, I already gathered the information. We will strike the Vongol Flame headquarters in three days," the other member said. Still generating lightning the Dark Lotus killed the White Lotus member piercing his chest and destroying the wall. With a laugh the member said, "No, We strike tonight".

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