By Agent Slash Part of the The Adventures of Team Avatar continuity.

Darkbending is an ancient and evil bending art that very few people have ever learned and even fewer have knowledge of.

History of Darkbending

Darkbending was declared a forbidden art of bending ever since Avatar Xian used it to murder thousands out of the millions of people he killed in the first years of the Avatar Cycle.

Centuries later, Team Avatar encountered Xian's spirit in the Fire Nation capital and after a fight between the two opposing forces, Xian demonstrated the ability to Darkbend by doing so to Avatar Aang, depleting almost all of his life energy. After being interrupted by Katara, Xian was not able to complete the transfer of energy and was unsuccessful in killing Aang. This was the first time in over a millennia that Darkbending had been seen.

Darkbending Moves

  • Life Drain: This is the most deadly form of Darkbending and is a master-level technique. The person using this move glows dark purple and black. Then, the user grabs hold of their opponent and sucks the life energy out of them. Once the transfer of energy is complete, the user will become more powerful having absorbed his opponents energy and whoever had their life energy drained will be dead.

Notable Darkbenders

  • Xian
  • Blademaster|Seth}} (though he called it shadowbending)
  • Paladin Bagguk
  • Paladin Massak
  • Paladin Cannaq
  • Paladin Hallaq
  • Paladin Urrana
  • Paladin Hoddo
  • Gohonn
  • Orjanti

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