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"My name is often associated with Hell. I am not your damnation, John Rider, but neither am I your salvation."
— Dante to John.
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The Gunfighter, Book 2, Chapter 1

Dante was a mysterious figure that appeared to John Rider at the beginning Book Two in the Avatar fanon The Gunfighter. He is one of the first known Matterbenders, and the first not to be associated with a side in The Gunslinger Civil War.


Originating in the Seventh Universe, Dante was a young matterbender that had a dream of becoming a great master. However, others in his world began to experiment with the bending style, pushing it and themselves to the limits. This set off what Dante describes as a "chain reaction".  As the masters began to attempt pulling the very fabric of existence apart, the world reacted rather violently. A series of nuclear explosions sprang up all over the world, killing millions and poisoning the planet.

Dante, however, managed to perfect the technique and escaped into the Sprit World before absorbing to much radiation.  Now in the Spirit World, he found himself without the ability to bend and was now effectively trapped. He spent the next several years attempting to find a way out, eventually locating a natrual way of doing so.

In the extrime short amount of time that the Avatar Spirit occupied no body between Aang's death and Korra's birth, Dante managed to piggyback ride a way out of the Spirit World with the Avatar Spirit. He made a slight error, however, and found himself trapped again, this time in a sort of limbo that existed between everything.

Dante's mistake was that he didn't understand the importance of a powerful emotion needed in the process in order for his crossing to be complete. For seventeen years, he existed between worlds, watching and learning from existence itself.

Finally, he was freed again when Korra felt the first major emotional shift in her life: falling in love with John Rider. With this, Dante was freed from his imprisonment and chose a side after having watched the events in Republic City play out.


Dante is shown to be a detached person, acting like an observer to the various troubles of the world. Because of this, John has speculated that he may have been some sort of spirit.

Skills and Abilities

Being a Matterbender, it can be assumed that Dante has some amount of physical strength as the bending style is based upon the user's physical condition.

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