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旦羇昉 晨霞
Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá Family
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The Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá family was a wealthy Fire Nation noble family seated in the town of Shu Jing. However the family was extremely well-connected to the Fire Nation Capital, their true loyal ties were not to the Fire Lord indeed.

Piandao's castle

Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá family mansion in Shu Jing.

Their home was a Castle perched high on a cliff overlooking the town. Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá Family's castle is huge; it boasts sixteen bedrooms, one rock sculptures garden, two gardens, a sword-making foundry, and stables.

All known family members included the father, Yínzhūsuì Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá, his wife Yúnzhějù Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá, their older son Gǔlánjiǒng Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá, their older daughter Lǜbǎoyàn Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá, and the twin siblings, a boy named Báihuǒ Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá, and a girl, Hēihuǒ Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá.

The crest symbol of the Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá family is a Dragon hawk and a Raven eagle fighting each other with their wings intertwined.

Shu Jing environment

The Waterfalls of Shu Jing, the Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá family color-firebending training location.

The Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá family lived in Shu Jing, Situated on a cliff above a river and waterfalls, and surrounded by beautiful mountains, this is one of the many small, peaceful villages that are tucked away throughout the Fire Nation islands. Yínzhūsuì and Yúnzhějù are the Lord and Lady of the Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá clan, they control the region of the outskirts of the Fire Nation archipelago. Their four children have been born and grown inside their Castle grounds.

All Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá clan is bending-pure, it means all its members are firebenders. Their firebending practices are taken place on the Waterfalls area, to empower their heat and intensity fire forces. Due to their lineage pureness the family's fires are from a total different level than the other firebenders'.

Though, the leaders of the family activities against the Fire Lord Monarchy Government in the Fire Nation Capital are indeed their old couple of children: Gǔlánjiǒng and Lǜbǎoyàn, both full-trained color-firebenders, just like their parents. Báihuǒ and Hēihuǒ, the couple of twin siblings, are not so fond of their family political beliefs. Due to that, they went rogue on the road by themselves on a travel up to the Fire Nation Capital, without finishing their color-firebending training.

Capital Fire Temple

The Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá family's goal is to revenge their ancestors by destroying the Fire Sages Capital Temple.

Dragonbone Catacombs

Gǔlánjiǒng and Lǜbǎoyàn's mission on the Capital is to find the Fire Nation Royal Family's lineage power secret; they suspect that the Dragonbone Catacombs hide something.

While the twins break away, their older brother and sister were already in Caldera City taking care of the family business. Suspicions were told that somewhere into the Capital Fire Temple, deep down the Dragonbone Catacombs, lies a seven-key secret to the lineage of the Royal Family's firebending power. Gǔlánjiǒng and Lǜbǎoyàn have not discovered yet what it is or exactly which catacomb hides it.

Ember Island port

The Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá conspiracy reunions take place on the Ember Island.

Yínzhūsuì, however in despair of the whereabouts of his younger son and daughter, cannot delay the execution of their revolution strategies, and sets off to Ember Island right away. Leaving Yúnzhějù on command of the Shu Jing area, so that she may keep an eye on the Fire Sages movements through Dragon hawk messages.

Fire Temple at sunset

Yúnzhějù Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá is supposed to keep a close watch on what happens on the Crescent Island Fire Temple.

She manages to reunite a security group for their headquarters composed of the finest swordsmen she had notice of, because even as a well-trained color-firebender, alone against the Fire Army no one could resist. And she knew already that color-firebending style's sun was setting.

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Due to the family political strategies, its influence is set upon many locations around the Fire Nation Archipelago.

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Main Family

  • Yínzhūsuì Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá (旦羇昉 晨霞 銀朱燧)
  • Yúnzhějù Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá (旦羇昉 晨霞 鋆赭炬)
  • Gǔlánjiǒng Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá (旦羇昉 晨霞 鈷藍煚)
  • Lǜbǎoyàn Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá (旦羇昉 晨霞 綠寶爓)
  • Báihuǒ Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá (旦羇昉 晨霞 白火)
  • Hēihuǒ Dànjīfǎng Chenxiá (旦羇昉 晨霞 黑火)


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  • Every family member first name last character means something related to fire.

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