Dangerous Liaisons
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Dangerous Liaisons

Sokka's lips were relentless against hers, and unknowingly, he wedged his thigh between her legs, pressing deep into her. Toph tore away from the kiss with a broken cry as she threw her head back, the pleasure almost too much. Her own hips began to move, desperate for the friction, however it was the feeling in her chest that was most precious to her. She had told him and he didn't hate her or judge her for it. He was accepting it.

She wasn't aware, though, that by breaking the contact between their lips, she gave Sokka a few crucial moments to finally regard what she had said. Pulling away, he took in the sight of her beneath him, eyes shut tight as she squirmed slightly against his leg. Panting heavily, she opened her eyes, wondering why he had stopped the assault on her senses.

I've been sleeping with Jet...

Sokka's mind echoed with her words, and suddenly he was too close, too near her. Wrenching himself away, the thought of Toph with Jet, lying beneath him just as she was Sokka, made him feel sick to his stomach. Moving away from her, he was able to think clearly for the first time, and he felt almost as disgusted towards himself. The darkness squirmed around him, thick and unyielding, suffocating.

"What the fuck are we doing?" he asked, more to himself. "What are you doing, Toph?" The lust that had clouded his mind, forming a thick haze, lifted, and he found that he couldn't look at her.

If he did turn to look at her, Sokka would have seen the way she trembled, wide-eyed and pale. Bringing her hands up, she clasped them tight against her breast in a pathetic attempt to hold herself together. The thrill, her inner peace, it had been lost as soon as Sokka moved away. For that one, blissful second, she had allowed herself to believe that she could be happy. And now? And now that single moment in time was coming back to bite her.

Toph's brain hadn't quite caught up with everything, which was possibly the only reason why she wasn't crying yet. A heat, different to the one from mere minutes earlier, emanated from Sokka, and she felt her heart constrict painfully in her chest.

"You... you slept with him?" Sokka repeated, voice low. He was clenching and unclenching his hands, jaw set in a tight line. "The guy who tried to solicit my sister for sex, you just, I don't know, gave yourself to him?!"

He refused to look at her, letting his angry breaths fill the silence that seemed more and more tangible as each second passed. Furious, Sokka ignored the distance that stretched between them.

It wasn't just her. He was furious at himself, of letting himself get so close. He had a girlfriend, and here he was seducing a girl, not only several years younger than himself, but not even legal yet. No. Toph seduced him. She led him to the bedroom, made this something it wasn't.

He heard a shuddering gasp as Toph reached for him. He couldn't let her get away with it, though. Did she have any idea how this made him feel? Like he was the jerk! She nearly made him sleep with her, knowing full well he had a girlfriend. "Sokka..." Her hand brushed against his, the contact shocking Sokka into jerking away.

"What, you're gonna tell me it wasn't like that?" he sneered. "That Jet loved you, and you loved him?"

"Please don't, Sokka," Toph pleaded quietly. "Please. I'm not- we weren't... It's over..."

"Oh, so you didn't have feelings for him? You just used him for sex, and now you're using me? Fuck, Toph. I thought you were better than that. I should have known better. You're not even legal yet—what the fuck were you thinking?!" He was shouting by the end of it, seconds away from tearing at his own hair.

"You kissed me first!" she argued, albeit weakly. Sokka rounded on her.

"Yeah, but I didn't lead you to a bedroom. God, and here I thought that you of all people wouldn't be into whoring around. Guess I was wrong. For fuck's sake, Toph. You're a kid! A child. What the hell?!"

He turned away from her, shrugging his trousers on. He picked up the pile of clothes, pulling his shirt from the midst of it before throwing Toph's at her.

"I thought you said you loved movie night with me..." she choked out, tears forming in her eyes. Sokka turned away from her; in the dark room, he could pretend not to notice.

"I've changed my mind. I don't think you should come next week," he said finally, voice harsh. "Or any week." Giving her one last look, he found the tears in her eyes gave him the push he needed to spit out the final few words. She wasn't the victim here!

"I'd appreciate it if Suki didn't find out about this..."

Without another word, he stormed from the room, allowing the door to slam behind him. A few seconds later, she heard the front door do the same before the familiar sound of his car disappeared down the street. Toph could barely breath, but it wasn't the same as earlier. She couldn't think as the first sob wracked her small frame, followed by so many more. She had thought Sokka would understand—would listen. She thought he wouldn't care about her past, not when the future looked so much brighter. Apparently, she was wrong.

Sliding off the bed, ignoring the clothes that had so ruthlessly been thrown at her, Toph tore through her bedside table, looking for the one thing that could offer a reprieve from the absolute pain she was in. Gripping the small instrument tightly, she stumbled heavily down the hallway, one thought on her mind. Her cheeks became stained with tear tracks as they fell mercilessly from her eyes. Slipping into the bathroom, she quietly closed the door behind her, locking it. The silence, once upon a time, had been her friend. The silence meant there was nothing out there to hurt her, in the dark world she was trapped in. It was only after meeting Sokka that she realised there was no one to love her, either. It was only after meeting Sokka that she realised there had never been anyone to love her. The hole in her heart that had been there since the day she was born disappeared when she was around the boy, but now that he had gone, she found it bigger and more excruciating than ever.

Sinking low onto the floor, Toph brought the edge of the scissors up to her body, the pain nothing next to Sokka's words, his anger. Again and again, she put the metal to her skin; arms, legs, stomach, all falling under her ruthless attacks.

Finally slowing down her frenzy, Toph took a deep breath, putting the blade to her wrist.

She wouldn't stop until that pain drowned out the one in her heart. She couldn't.

Sokka was absolutely fuming on the drive home. Luckily, the police seemed to have gone to bed, because he tore through the streets well above the limit. He didn't want to think of what had just transpired or what it could mean, but his mind kept jumping back to it.

Pulling over to the side of the road, he cut the engine and put his head in his hands. God, he could still smell her, the aroma burying itself in his clothes, his pores. Taking a shaky breath, Sokka couldn't ignore the little voice in his head, telling him things he already knew; telling him how right it felt with her, how easy.

He couldn't ignore the little voice that told him he truly was the scum of the earth for wanting it when he already had someone.

What if Toph hadn't told him? What if she'd stayed silent. Sokka knew what he would have done. He would have taken her, been with her, and she would have given herself to him. He wouldn't be thinking of Suki until afterwards, the guilt settling in. How else would it have changed them? Everything would have been awkward and difficult. Surely him leaving was better for everyone?

He refused to think over why Toph had said anything in the first place.

No matter how hard he tried, Sokka couldn't forget the harsh words he had screamed at her, though. He wanted to turn the car around and drive back to her; he wanted to hold her and beg for her forgiveness. Truly, he wanted to kiss her senseless again, and the thought caused an exasperated groan to spill from his lips. There was no way he could face her again, not while he was still so wound up from her touch—her smile.

He shivered at the memory. He didn't know a single girl could have so many sides. Yue had been his first, all soft and tentative, but sensuous too. It took him months to get over her death, but then he met Suki. She was the complete opposite, forceful and hungry, making it easy for him to be with her. They both had prior experience, established likes and dislikes when it came to pleasure that were easy to share with the other person. Honestly, he liked the power in Suki's kisses, the way she gave no quarter. But Toph? He had no idea. He could still taste her in his mouth, the sweetness of her lips at odds with the way she peppered him with kisses, dragged her fingers along his skin. The way she responded to his touch, squirming and grinding, always asking more, more, more, was so unlike any one else he had ever been with.

Groaning again, Sokka turned the engine on as he realised that he needed to forget the night ever happened. He was tired and wound up. He needed to deal with it—with Suki. That was the reason, and he refused to allow the little voice to convince him otherwise. He needed Suki's body, not Toph's. He needed her kisses. Toph was just the only girl that was around at the time. If he could see Suki, everything would be okay.

In a much calmer frame of mind, Sokka drove through the streets to the dojo. It was only early, and Suki was likely still at her class. He made his way—at the speed limit—to the community center (actually the assembly hall of the local high school), parking in the small car park. He still hesitated before getting out, mentally slapping himself when he finally made a move.

Walking up to the doors, he was pleased to hear the class was still going on. A brief glance at the clock as he walked in told him that there were only a few minutes left anyway, and he relaxed slightly at that knowledge. Purposely avoiding Kyoshi's gaze, he strode across the room and sat himself in a corner, watching the girls finish their cool-down exercises. Finally, something he was supposed to do—ogle his girlfriend as she sent a surprised smile his way. It took him a while to find her because even after several years of dating, it was almost impossible for him to pick her put of the class line-up. It probably had something to do with the make-up. Finally locating her, he winked, forgetting to keep his eyes away from Kyoshi as he grinned from the side of his mouth. It fell when his gaze caught Kyoshi's; swallowing, Sokka didn't even try to hold it as the guilt that had begun to swirl in his stomach fizzled slightly.

What would Kyoshi do to him if he knew what had transpired between him and Toph? If she knew what he had said. Kill him, probably. As soon as she announced the end of the class, he was up and at Suki's side, holding her wrist as he all but dragged her from the dojo, only stopping to pick up her bag.

"Sokka? What's wrong?" Suki asked, eyebrows furrowed in concern. She hadn't been expecting him to come to the dojo to see her; he had never come to see her class before, always waiting at her house or just outside if she was going back to his. She bit back a smile when she remembered that Sokka should have been watching a movie with Toph; instead, he was here with her. She almost repeated her question when they got to his car and Sokka threw her bag in the backseat.

"Sokka, what-" She was cut off roughly as Sokka's lips met hers. She could taste mint as he encouraged her to kiss him back, the vibrations travelling through their interlocked lips as she moaned slightly.

"Nothing's wrong," he murmured as they broke apart. "I just wanted to see you..."

"You know... I've got the house to myself tonight..." she whispered, sliding closer. Pushing herself up against her boyfriend, Suki felt his hands land on her hips just as she pushed herself against him. "You should... come over..."

The not-so-innocent suggestion was met with another needy kiss; Sokka couldn't help but note that 'needy' was all it was. Desperate to keep his mind off the other girl, he pulled away and murmured, "We should probably go there soon, otherwise we'll get no privacy at all." With a wolfish grin, Suki backed away and opened the passenger-side door.

"Hurry up, then," she said, a faint blush evident beneath the make-up. His stomach twisted, but he didn't allow it to sway him as he jumped in the drivers seat.

Suki wasn't completely oblivious; she could sense the tension as it dripped from Sokka, permeating the air and making her feel just generally awkward. Unsure of how to help, she just sat next to him in silence. She didn't even say a word as she unlocked the front door and he moved past her, flicking lights on whenever he walked passed them.

"Just let me take my make-up off, kay?" she said. When she brushed past Sokka, he grabbed her hips, staying her.

"No. Leave- leave it on," he whispered throatily, kissing her full on the lips again. Her response wasn't as excited as he had hoped; she didn't see the way he frowned as the thought crossed his mind.

Breaking apart, Sokka all but ripped his clothes off, leaving himself bare as he kissed Suki's neck and peeled the outfit from her, finally pushing her down on the bed still in her underwear. He was right about earlier; she was nothing like Toph. The blind girl, through her touch alone, had convinced him to give more—to give everything. Suki barely seemed to respond at all; she was silent and still as he kissed her, a demure smile on her face as his fingers roamed up her back.

Sokka didn't have time for this. All but ripping the last of her clothes off, he began to move, trying to release the awful pressure that Toph had started.

Kyoshi had noticed Sokka as soon as he walked through the door; she wasn't sure if he was seeking out Suki, or trying to avoid looking at her. Even if she had wanted to keep Suki back after the class, or tried talking to Sokka, the boy gave her no such opportunity as he shepherded Suki from the dojo, barely stopping to pick up her bag. He was behaving strangely, and Kyoshi couldn't ignore the small twinge of apprehension and doubt that crept into the back of her mind.

Going to her bag, she pulled her mobile out and speed-dialed the home line. When there was no answer, she frowned, instead trying to call Aang. There were several moments pause as the line linked up, and suddenly he answered with a fairly breathless, "Hello?".

"Aang? Hi, it's Kyoshi," she began. "Listen, is Toph with you?"

She heard a light giggle over the phone (probably his girlfriend, whatwasit-? Katara) before Aang responded.

"Sorry, Kyoshi, what was that?" he asked, giggling again. Swallowing her agitation, Kyoshi repeated her question.

"Toph isn't answering the phone, and I wanted to know whether she was with you," she said, putting her fans away in their case.

"Uhh, no," Aang told her. "Katara and I went out, so Sokka said he'd go to yours and watch that movie with Toph. They probably went back to his house or something."

"No, they didn't. Sokka just came to pick Suki up, and now Toph isn't picking up. Sorry to ruin your date," she said, actually sounding legitimately upset at the intrusion. That was new. "But I need you to go and check up on her and see why she's not answering."

Aang let out an annoyed sigh, wondering what the issue was. "I'm sure she's fine. Toph can look after herself. She's probably still sick or something, and that's why Sokka left early."

Suddenly, there was a new voice over the line. From Aang's indignant cry, Kyoshi could only assume that the phone had been wrenched from him.

"Kyoshi? What did Aang mean when he said Sokka left early?" Katara asked.

"I don't know about early, but he came to pick Suki up a little before nine. They left in a hurry, too," she explained.

"Do you know why he was there?"

"No. Suki drove here, so she didn't need a lift. He looked... he looked like he didn't want to be near me, but really needed Suki for something." Katara was silent for a few moments, piecing together the information.

"Okay. Well, Aang and I were just... never mind; we've finished now, and we can stop by and check up on her if you want?"

Kyoshi nodded. "Thank you, Katara. I shouldn't be too long. I'll meet you at the house."

Hanging up, Kyoshi paused for a moment and let out a deep sigh. She recalled Aang's confident words;

I'm sure she's fine. Toph can look after herself."

Stomach twisting slightly, she could only hope that was true. Kyoshi didn't want to think about why Sokka had left early.

There were no lights on as Aang and Katara approached the front door. The air was heavy and still, their knocks echoing like gunshots down the empty street.

"She must be asleep or something," Aang mused. Katara gave a small 'hmmm', and Aang shot her a glance. "What?"

"Aang, haven't you seen her recently? She looks absolutely exhausted; she looks like she's barely been sleeping at all," Katara explained. She cast her thoughts back to the last time she had seen Toph. The girl was good, but Katara was better; she could tell Toph hadn't been feeling well, although now she knew the reason why the blind girl came along anyway. "At the very least, we should go in and check for Kyoshi."

Aang made a funny look, but conceded. Toph would do the same for him; actually, she would have kicked down the front door by now and then blamed it on him for taking too long.

Turning the doorknob, the door swung open, surprising the teenagers. Aang shrugged, explaining that, "Toph never remembers to lock doors unless she's going out. Or lights, obviously."

Flicking the light on, they looked around the house. "Well, Sokka definitely came here," he noted, pointing to the television. Katara walked around to turn it off, noticing the barely touched food and drinks. Looking up towards Aang, her gaze landed on Toph's cane, still sitting on the kitchen table.

"Maybe she is asleep...." Katara murmured quietly, indicating the cane.

"Come on, her room's this way..."

Taking Katara by the hand, he led her down the hallway, flicking lights on as he went. The brightness threw the brunette a little, but as she got used to it she realised how very sparse the house was. There were a few photos on the wall, of Kyoshi and an unknown girl, but nothing that could obviously be attributed to Toph. Actually, there was nothing that her own home had; no little figurines or paintings on the wall. There were no creature comforts. Katara's slightly sad musing was cut short as Aang stopped outside a bedroom. Reaching into the room, he felt around the wall for a few moments, trying to locate the light switch.

"Me walking in there is more likely to wake her up," he explained in an almost-inaudible undertone, although it was completely unnecessary as the light revealed that she wasn't actually in her room at all.

"Huh," Aang said. "Where is she, then? She wouldn't go anywhere without her cane..."

Katara had a sinking feeling in her gut that only worsened as she caught sight of the crumpled clothes sitting on the bed. Maybe she went back to Jet or something—but, hadn't she admitted that she only went to him because she had no one else? That couldn't be it—she wouldn't go to him—because Sokka had been there tonight...

"Maybe she's in the bath or something?" Katara couldn't keep the lilt out of her voice, and Aang looked at her curiously.

"... Maybe..." He wasn't willing to get into Katara's suddenly stricken look at that moment. Not when his own heart was thumping loudly in his chest.

Leading her further down the hallway, they found the bathroom door to be shut. There was no light on, but Katara supposed it didn't matter to Toph. Pushing her way past Aang, she rapped on the door a few times.

"Toph? Are you in there?" They waited a few moments with bated breath; when there was no reply, Katara tried again. "Toph?" Reaching forward to open the door, she wasn't expecting to find it locked. Wiggling the handle a few times, an unknown panic bubbled up inside her. Banging on the door, she paused only long enough to look at Aang; her eyes meeting his, she found her own emotions mirrored on his own face.


He nodded, already knowing what she was going to say. "Kyoshi has a key," he said in a tight voice, before darting back the way they came. They were both trying to focus on the door, and not what they would find on the other side. As soon as he left her side, Katara began banging on the door again, hoping for the best and yet fearing the worst; tears had already begun forming as she imagined what she would find on the other side. He came back only a few seconds later, silently grateful for Kyoshi's extremely organised nature as he handed Katara the key. Her hands had begun shaking as she put it in the lock, knocking one more time.

"T-Toph! We're coming in!" she called, stuttering slightly. Twisting the key, she pushed the door open.

"Oh, God..."


And what I mean by that is that I've set up the characters interactions when it comes to sex to actually mean something. I won't tell you what it means yet, but keep in mind that it is important. Seriously, I haven't added anything that didn't have some symbolic value.

Also, Sokka/Suki sex is important, but more the ramifications of it rather than the fact they slept together. They are dating, after all. It's what people in relationships do. But, bear in mind that the story is going to focus more on Sokka's thoughts and feelings. He's the most confused.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I was listening to a lot of Placebo while writing this chapter. Especially Sokka's thoughts, and Toph in the beginning.

Note 2:Okay, so I have an oral presentation due on love and sex in Chinese film culture/culture, and this film was one that I watched. If you get a chance, I cannot recommend it enough. I mean, there's sex and thoughts of suicide and stuff, but it's an absolutely gorgeous film. China in the 1930's seems so much more extravagant...

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