Sokka kisses Yue's spirit
Dancing With the Moon
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I write a lot of stories based on music, and reading them without listening to the song they are inspired by just doesn't have the same effect. The trick to this story is to play the song at just the right time. When you reach "Play Song" click play and continue reading.

Clair De Lune by Debussy



Dancing With the Moon Edit

You had never seen a wedding quite like it. The nobles and royalty of all four nations gathered in one place to honor the man that saved the world: The Avatar. By his side, stands the woman that helped him do it, the woman that brought life to both of you when all seemed lost and everyone wanted to give up. She was water in a burning land. His wife, your sister. Oh how beautiful she looks, how grown up. Dressed in white, she has all the beauty of a winter land underneath a star filled sky. The way he looks at her, you know he loves her. You're not worried, you know he will always take care of her, in this life and the next.

When they dance, it is like snow being pushed and pulled by a gentle breeze. They are graceful, they are wonderful. They are in love. You smile, you love your sister, and you love him too. You are happy for them both, you are excited for the future, yet you can't help but feel sad. Why? What is it? You are surrounded by smiling faces, familiar friends and family. But you still feel sad.

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As the music begins to play for the last song, you leave the party behind. You walk outside into the cold air of night. You find a rock perched on the edge of a lake. You sit on it and listen to the native creatures of the Earth Kingdom as they sing to the tune of the slow melody playing for the dancing lovers.

Above you the moon shines bright and full, casting her streams of white silk onto the glassy water. They dance and flicker with the shadows on top of the liquid dance floor. The wind touches you and nips at your exposed neck. You shiver and look again at the moon. Is this why you are sad? A love lost?

You stare into sky. Tonight holds the last few hours of the winter solstice: the time when the Spirit World and the physical world are closest. You continue staring at the stars, at the moon. But she doesn't feel close does she? No, tonight she feels farther than ever. You're surrounded by love, you should be happy, but it's so hard, because tonight only reminds you of her, it only reminds you of the day you lost her, the day you were forced to helplessly watch her drift into the unknown. A shooting star darts through the sky, and you whisper a silent wish.

Behind you, inside, people are slow-dancing, away from the cold night, but you don't want to be in there. You can't dance because your dance partner is hung in the sky, dancing alone. Her light catches your cheek like a gentle hand stroking your face. You close your eyes and smile and lean into it. It dances across your skin and onto your lips like a kiss from a wayward angel. You stare at her, she is so beautiful. A tear escapes your eye and you look away, you feel that shaking in your throat, that feeling of sadness trying to incarnate itself into a sob. You want to give in, you want to break down and cry right there beside the lake. You almost do too, but when you look up, you see a long lost sight standing in the center of the lake. A woman in white, with eyes like the starlit ocean and hair like the snow blown north.

She just stands there, looking at you, and you stare back. The lake is slowly freezing and she mouths your name. With trembling limbs you stand and take a step onto the ice. She grows closer as you walk. Her smile becomes clearer and then, you touch her. You feel her dark skin with your hands.

You run your palm across her dimpled cheeks. She smiles and they deepen like craters on the moon. The wind touches your back and eases you into her. Without a word you wrap your arms around her waist and she puts hers around your neck. You dance on the ice, and glide as if you were waterbending.

You feel her body beneath her dress, at your fingertips you can sense every curve of her perfectly formed figure. With every movement and every step you can feel her skin loosen and tighten. Her hand caresses your neck and she leans her head against your chest while you dance.

The music seeps out of the distant building and floats across the ice, it seems to be playing no longer for the newlyweds, but instead for you and the moon.

She fondles your wolftail with her delicate fingers and smiles as you press your cheek against hers. She is so warm, and you are so cold. Her heat penetrates your suit and seeps into your skin. You can feel it grab your heart and melt the layer of ice that had formed over it.

You stop dancing and look into her eyes, in them you can see the skies and the vastness of the unknown depths of space.

You feel weightless in them...

You feel free.

Her lips touch yours and you become the first man on the moon. You want to stay, you want to lose all your oxygen and die there on the surface of that kiss.

But she won't let you.

You hear a voice from behind, and look up. The girl in white is gone, and the sound of your sister's voice floats through the air. You sit alone on the rock as if you never left. Your sister puts her hand on your shoulder. You stand up and hug her and as you walk back inside, you look behind you at the frozen lake and see the footprints left over from a wish come true.

Inspiration and a few other words Edit

The other day I was watching 7 Years in Tibet, and I came across this tune during the film. After the movie was over I went back and listened to it on YouTube, I liked it so much, that I listened to the 58 minute version, the entire thing. There was just something about it, something magical, and something sad. Clair De Lune means "moonlight" and the beauty of this song imparted a cold and distant feeling of awe in me, the feeling one gets when staring at the moon, that great orb that is so much a part of our lives, yet is something we cannot touch. Immediately my geeky nerd brain thought of Sokka and Yue and this story just poured out of my fingers while I put this tune on repeat. Of course I might see it as more than you see it, but I would encourage you to go and look at Selene every once and a while and think about her, and what she means to you. Even the lifeless things have life.

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