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Dancing Shadows





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December 26, 2011

A Christmas special for Dancing Shadows. Outside of the continuity of the series.


Christmastime in the City

Wei hummed happily as she strolled through the streets of Ba Sing Se. A harsh snow had fallen upon the city the night before, and had slowed to a light white mist. The assassin had a wrapped gift clutched in each hand, one for Feng and one for Nekku. She passed a tall man and said happily

"Merry Christmas!"

The man smiled, and replied the same.

She hurried home, eager to get back and give them their presents. She couldn't believe that she had waited until Christmas Eve to buy presents.

As she walked into the square her and her friends' home was in, she took a moment to look up at the large Christmas tree in its center, now covered in snow.

She head into her home. It was warm inside. There was a fire blazing in the living room, off of the kitchen. She walked into the living room, where Nekku and Feng were sipping out of mugs of hot cocoa. Feng looked up as she entered.

"Hey, Wei! You can put the present with the rest. There's some hot cocoa for you on the table in the kitchen."

"Thanks," she replied. She put her two gifts next to four others below their small Christmas tree. Upon entering the kitchen, she saw her large mug of hot cocoa. She walked over to a cupboard, pulled out a small flask of whiskey, and unscrewed the cap. She then poured a small amount into her cocoa, and put the flask back.

Wei walked back into the living room, and sat down with her friends, sipping her drink.

"Wei..." Nekku began. "What did you put in there...?"

Wei chuckled.

"Merry Christmas, buddy."

Down the Chimney

That night, the three of them went to bed excitedly, awaiting Christmas the next day. Wei, however, could not sleep. She tossed and turned in her bed, too excited to sleep. Finally, she pulled herself out of bed, and went towards the living room, deciding to make a fire and relax for a bit.

As she entered the kitchen, however, she saw a shadow moving in the living room. She pulled a knife out of her boot.

"Alright, who are you and what are you doing in my house," she said to the shadow. It picked itself up, and stepped into the light. It was Feng.

"Feng? What the hell are you doing sneaking around?"

"Shhhhh. Just, get down. I'm gonna assassinate Santa Claus."

"Assassinate Santa?! Are you out of your mind?"

"No, just think about it. For years that asshole has been giving better presents to richer people! Now, we kill him, and people in the Lower Ring get better presents!"

"But... Isn't Santa protected by Christmas Magic or something like that?"

"Never met any Christmas Magic couldn't be beaten by a sharp sword."

Wei chuckled.

"Alright." She pulled out her two short swords. "But I'm helping." Feng nodded.

They waited a while, neither of them tired any more. They were going to kill Santa Claus.

Finally, at around one o' clock in the morning, they heard jingling on the roof.

"Ho ho ho!" a deep voice bellowed. "Dasher! Dancer! Prancer! Vixen! Comet! Cupid! Donner! Blitzen! Rudolf! Go!"

"Here he is," Feng muttered. "Santa's coming down the chimney."

There were footsteps on the roof. They heard more jingling, and a shuffling sound inside their chimney.

Finally, a large man wearing a read suit and sporting a white beard came down the chimney.

"Now!" Feng yelled. He and Wei sped forward and plunged their blades into him.

He looked at them with a shocked expression.

"You children... Have been very... Naughty..." he said, as he died in their fireplace.

Feng high-fived Wei.

"Let's get up there," he said, pointing at the roof.

The two of them went outside, shivering in the cold night, and climbed up their house. As they got onto the roof, they saw Santa's sleigh, weighted down with his large sack of presents. There were reindeer attached to it. Wei threw a knife at the harness that attached them to it, and they all flew off at once.

They went forward, and examined the sack. It was laden down with presents of all shapes and sizes.

"Man," Wei said. "They are going to love this."

Merry Christmas!

Feng, Wei, and Nekku took the sack down to the enormous Christmas Tree in the largest square in the Lower Ring that night. They waited until morning, and, as soon as morning broke out, rang a bell to get people to crowd around. They sent out messengers to all parts of the Lower Ring, and, by the afternoon, everyone was crowding around the square.

Nekku was distributing presents to people based on what they asked for. Wei was leading a group of Christmas Carolers in a song. Feng sat down on a bench, and looked up at the Christmas tree happily.

"Merry Christmas, Avatar Wiki," he said happily. Then he stopped. What was an 'Avatar Wiki'? He shrugged. He supposed it must be something Christmas-y.



  • Merry Christmas, everybody! Or you know, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate.
  • Yes, I know, I am a day late. Sorry.
  • Due to some complications, Starry Skies cannot be released until the end of this week. sorry, moon :3

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