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A list of all introduced characters in the fanon Dancing Shadows.



A young assassin living in the Earth Kingdom. He was born 83 years after the start of the Great War in the great city of Ba Sing Se. His mother died in childbirth. Six years later, his father was murdered. He would grow up in an orphanage, where he met Wei, before they ran away together. They then became thieves, and, by the age of 15, Feng would become an assassin. As a thief, Feng was cunning and patient. He would often gather information personally on targets for assassination. He was skilled in many types of weaponry, and often preferred conventional weapons for assassinations. He was, however, also a skilled earthbender, and would often use a combination of the two fighting styles in combat. As an earthbender, he used a highly unconventional style of bending, preferring to be light, nimble, and quick, as opposed to most earthbenders, who stood firm in their bending. Feng would, eventually, become a military leader in the War. He is 5' 8'' tall, and has dark brown hair, which he keeps swept to the right.


Feng's friend and partner. She met Feng in an orphanage where they grew up together, until they ran away. They would then become thieves. She was always the dexterous one, skilled at pick pocketing and distraction. She was headstrong and tough, and preferred to charge into problems. She would stay by Feng's side for most of his life. She had no bending, though was, eventually, a master of weaponry. She preferred small weapons while fighting, especially daggers and throwing weapons. She would also become a factor in the War, alongside Feng. She is 5' 6'' tall, and has long red hair, down to her neck.


A young caravaneer who comes from the Northern Water Tribe. He came to the Earth Kingdom with his father and a number of benders and warriors. The group set up a caravan in the Earth Kingdom, which became rather successful. However, during one run, the caravan was ambushed. Everyone died except for Nekku and a warrior, named Oran, who helped Nekku find who had set up the ambush. Nekku traveled to Ba Sing Se to get his revenge, where he met Feng and Wei, and, having nowhere to go and simply wanting to help the pair, joined them. He stands at 5' 7'' and has long blond hair down to his neck.


The Shroud

A mysterious group of assassins sent after Feng, Wei, and Nekku. Nothing is known about their motives, or why they refer to Feng as 'The Shadowborn'.


A middle-aged Air Nomad assassin. The current leader of The Shroud, it is not known who he truly is, or how an Air Nomad managed to survive their Genocide. He is 5' 11'', and has long, slightly graying hair. As with all Airbending masters, he has a blue, tattooed arrow running down his forehead.


21 year old assassin sent after Feng, Wei, and Nekku. It is not known why he was sent after Feng, only that he will not stop until Feng is dead. He has medium-length black hair, stands at 5' 9'', and wears a black robe with a picture of three crossed swords.

Minor Characters

Jin Lo

A 24 year old Dai Li agent. Born and raised in Ba Sing Se, he grew up with a fascination of the Dai Li, and believed in their cause. When he became 18 years old, he enlisted with the Dai Li. He quickly rose to become one of the Dai Li's top agents. He now lives with his wife and child in Ba Sing Se, and is one of Long Feng's right hand men.

Banam Saesing

A minor noble living in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. His family has been through much, and has fallen to the "lower class" of nobles. Because of all the enemies the Saesings have made, he often must contract Feng and his friends to kill those who would act against him.

Old Joe

A beggar living in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. As with most beggars, he often goes unnoticed, giving him a chance to observe people quietly. As a result, he often notices things that others may miss. Feng knew him since his days in the orphanage, and Old Joe often helped Feng with his thievery. He now supplies Feng with information on his targets, and connects Feng to whomever in the underground crime circles of Ba Sing Se he may need to.

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