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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Dancing Shadows.

A list of all Dancing Shadows chapters. Beware of spoilers.


Chapter One Background A short background on the world of Avatar, and the War with the Fire Nation, up to this point, and a short telling of Feng's past.

Part 1: Beginnings

Chapter One First Blood Feng and his friend and partner Wei are assigned their first job as assassins: the killing of a thug in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. A detailing of Feng and Wei's first kill.
Chapter Two Bar Fights are Fun! Feng and Wei are assigned by a nobleman named Banam Saesing to assassinate thug named Lu Zeng. They go to the bar where he spends most of his time, and initiate a bar fight in order to kill him.
Chapter Three Civil Unrest Jin Lo, an agent of the Dai Li, contacts Feng. He tells him that the Dai Li know of Feng and Wei's "jobs," and if they don't cooperate, they will be sent to prison. Thus, the pair are assigned their job: to assassinate a man who has been spreading civil unrest throughout the city.
Chapter Four What Goes Around Feng and Wei are again contacted by Banam, this time to assassinate a nobleman who has been running a slaving ring, and committed numerous crimes against the Saesings. Being a nobleman, the man lives in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se, which is forbidden to commoners. Feng and Wei sneak in, using a Merchant's Guild caravan as cover, and find and infiltrate the nobleman's compound. They are discovered while there, but rescued by a young waterbender named Nekku.
Chapter Five Comes Around Nekku explains that he was with a caravan, which was sacked on the orders of the nobleman Feng and Wei have been contracted to kill. His father and friends died in the attack, and he has come to Ba Sing Se to get his revenge. Feng and Wei allow him to join them on their mission. They find and kill the nobleman, and fight their way out of his compound. Nekku, having nowhere to go and wishing to help the pair, requests that he may stay with Feng and Wei, and they let him, adding a new assassin to their ranks.
Chapter Six The Shroud Feng, Wei, and the newly recruited Nekku are hired to assassinate another target, a local crime lord, who will be attending an illustrious party at the Palace of Ba Sing Se. They sneak into the party, and attempt to kill their target, but are stopped when they are attacked by a mysterious Earthbending assassin.
Chapter Seven Battle on the Wall Feng and his friends are hired by an Earth Kingdom Army officers to assassinate another, corrupt, officer of the Army, who has been having secret dealings with the Fire Nation, exchanging key Earth Kingdom information in return for money, who is currently operating on the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. They are caught doing it, and a large battle ensues between them, with the support of the Army, and the corrupt officer's men.
Chapter Eight Starry Skies Following another assassination attempt by The Shroud, Feng and his friends set out to find out exactly what The Shroud is and why they want Feng, Wei and Nekku dead. To find this information, they journey across the city, eventually visiting a place very familiar to Feng and Wei...
Chapter Nine Sister Dearest Wei struggles with herself, her friends, and her life when she finds out that her sister, Lily, is terminally ill with a rare disease.
Chapter Ten One Last Sale Feng, Wei, and Nekku are hired by the Merchant's Guild to assassinate a rival salesman, and along the way discover key information concerning both the Dai Li and The Shroud.
Chapter Eleven Horizon Part 1: Stormy Sky Everything has suddenly gone wrong for Feng and his friends. They find themselves hunted by the Dai Li, who have suddenly attacked them, and by the three Shroud assassins they've already fought, and the leader of the small group: A Firebender named Rayu, who carries a deadly new technique. Along the way, Feng finally finds out why The Shroud is hunting him.
Chapter Twelve Horizon Part 2: Farewell Feng and his friends find themselves fleeing the great city of Ba Sing Se. With both the Dai Li and The Shroud hunting them, it's not safe for them anymore. They manage to evade the Dai Li, however, they come under attack from Rayu. A final duel is fought, with the assassins attempting to flee the only home they've ever known.

Part 2: Journeys

Chapter One That Long Road The chapter picks up three weeks after Feng and his friends' flight from Ba Sing Se. They have made their way south of the great city, and are now making their way west, to the Hu Xin Provinces, outside of the Dai Li's reach. The chapter details the start of Feng's journeys, as well as showing where the four Shroud assassins are now, and introducing a host of new characters.
Chapter Two Morning Never Comes Feng and his friends are tracked by Rayu as they attempt to cross the channel into the Hu Xin Provinces. Meanwhile, Airan hunts a Fire Nation admiral, and a Shroud Elite named Vizeera plans her next moves.
Chapter Three A New Contract With Feng in a state of comatose, Wei and Nekku take on an assassination contract in exchange for supplies. Things begin to go wrong, however, as Wei makes the wrong decisions.
Chapter Four No Rest for the Wicked After finally getting the supplies they need, Wei is ready to lay low and wait for Feng to recover, before moving deeper into the Hu Xin Provinces. However, when Vizeera, sent by the Shroud, comes hunting for the Shadowborn, Wei and Nekku must protect both Feng and the village.
Chapter Five Shin Jun Finally moving on, Feng, Wei and Nekku stumble upon the small, unassuming village of Shin Jun as it is attacked by the Earth Kingdom Army, and aid them in freeing the town from Fire Nation control.
Chapter Six The Arena After Wei accidentally gambles away what small amount of money they have, Feng is forced to compete in an Earthbending tournament. Airan makes it back to Kolau Fortress, and the mysterious Malice targets an Earth Kingdom military base, where he meets an old enemy.
Chapter Seven The Firebender Feng, Wei and Nekku comes across a battle between the Fire Nation and a small group of refugees fleeing the Provinces, and meet a young firebender vigilante named Mao, who aids them in fending off Jin Lo and a group of Dai Li, who have finally tracked Feng down.
Chapter Eight Enemies Feng and his group join a small group of Earth Kingdom rebels in harassing the nearby Fire Nation military, and Nekku meets somebody from his past.
Chapter Nine Nuovi Amici The Earth Kingdom Army begins a full-out campaign targeting the Hu Xin Provinces, and Feng and his friends meet with an old friend before joining with the army. Ruian begins a counter-attack on the Earth Kingdom, and Tyrus meets with an ally to discuss their course of action.
Chapter Ten Sao Pang Bridge Feng and his friends, tagging along with the Earth Kingdom military, come upon the strategically important Sao Pang Bridge. Unfortunately, Tyrus has realized its importance, and placed a large amount of troops there. The Earth Kingdom attempts to seize the bridge using guerrilla tactics.
Chapter Eleven Scattered Moving past the bridge, the Army comes to Akachi, previously one of the strongest Earth Kingdom cities, and the last bastion of the Provinces to fall in the early days of the War. Underestimating the Fire Nation's strength there, they are routed. Nekku and Feng and separated from Wei and Mao in the confusion, and work to find each other again. Feng comes face-to-face with a Master of the Shroud.
Chapter Twelve Moonlight Reunited, Feng and Wei spend a night under the moon. Meanwhile, Vizeera begins her gambit, heading towards the Kolau Fortress. At the same time, Ruian and her subordinate, Huo, attempt to sway General Jiro, Tyrus's second in command, to call off a full-scale bombing of a nearby village.
Chapter Thirteen And the Light Shineth in the Darkness Jin Lo, back in Ba Sing Se, begins to doubt Long Feng's judgement, and defects. Vizeera begins a full-scale coup of the Shroud, attempting to wrest power from Abhiraja.
Chapter Fourteen And the Darkness Comprehendeth it Not Jin Lo attempts to flee the city, and tries to convince Feng to let him join him. Vizeera's coup begins to go awry, and Abhiraja displays his terrifying power.
Chapter Fifteen Red Moon, Dead Moon Abhiraja, unfazed by the recent failed coup, sends a group of Shadowalkers after Feng. Fighting them off, he decides to deal with the Shroud. He and his friends infiltrate a Shroud base, sabotaging it from inside. While inside, they are shocked when the moon first turns red, and then completely dies, which is, unbeknownst to them, a result of Admiral Zhao's actions at the ongoing Siege of the North.
Chapter Sixteen Dancing Mad Mao leads Feng and the rest of the group on a hunt for her old enemy, Malice. Jiro leads his protege, a young firebender named Long, in a skirmish against a group of Shroud assassins, who have been hired to kill the general.
Chapter Seventeen Fumbling in the Dark Nekku learns that no matter much you run, you can never escape your past, when a bounty hunter and assassin comes hunting him. Feng and his friends learn a horrible secret about the young waterbender.
Chapter Eighteen Scorched Earth In a chapter focused on the Fire Nation, things come to a head between Ruian and Jiro, with their opposing views on how to deal with the Earth Kingdom civilians causing them to finally duel each other in an agni kai. Meanwhile, Tyrus sends Long and a young amnesiac named Ui to deal with Malice, and the Fire Lord Ozai orders a new push of troops to the Provinces, sending in the war hero General Eiko.
Chapter Nineteen A New Plan Feng and his group yet again meet with the Earth Kingdom Army. There, Tu Sang, now promoted to General, lays out a new plan of attack towards the Provinces. He tasks Feng with leading half his army, reasoning that, should the Fire Nation get wind of an unproven commander in battle, they're underestimate his ability. Abhiraja meets with an envoy to discuss a new alliance, and Tyrus plans a massive counter-attack that will crush the Earth Kingdom military.
Chapter Twenty Sins of the Father As the pieces of a major battle begin to fall into place, Feng learns more about his father's past when two Shroud Masters come to kill him, seeking revenge for things Kunas did to them. Ui reveals to Long that her amnesia was faked, and that she knows of the crimes Jiro committed, and that she plans to kill him, leaving Long torn between his friend and his commander.
Chapter Twenty-One War Part 1: Cloudy Sky Feng and Jin Lo go to assassinate a Fire Nation commander in a nearby village, hoping to cut off some of their reinforcements and leadership. There, they learn that Tyrus is in place for a full-scale attack, and quickly rush back to counter-attack. Wei and Nekku, scouting, learn of an alliance between the Shroud and the Fire Nation. They are too late to warn Feng, however, and The Battle of the Dead Fields begins.
Chapter Twenty-Two War Part 2: The Dead Fields Feng begins the attack on Tyrus's troops, who are camped in the Dead Fields, a massive graveyard created after the War of Ash. Tu Sang begins to flank the Fire Nation with the Earth Kingdom's last, secret fleet; however, Ruian catches him and his forces as they are landing. The Shroud begins to fall upon the Earth Kingdom troops for the first time, and Jiro unveils a terrifying new weapon of war.

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