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'Dance with the Devil' is the seventh chapter of Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic.

Chapter 7 - Dance with the Devil

In the Three Emperor's throne room, a room with clear white walls and at the centre of it, laid a portal to whereabouts unknown. Xercxes stared down at the portal beneath him, a loud roar erupted from it that would bring fear to anyone's heart but not to Xercxes'. He stood silent looking down with pity, as if feeling sorry for something. He tightened his fist and smashed it against the balcony shattering a small part of it. He turned and walked out with a look of determination on his face.

"Soon..." he muttered to himself.

Xercxes continued to walk down the now quiet halls of the Infinity Order's base. He was about to leave out of a door when a voice spoke to him.

"Going somewhere Xercxes?" it asked.

Xercxes turned around to see Malefic leaning against a wall, the shadows made him hard to see which was why Xercxes had missed him.

"What if I am?" he replied.

"Do you honestly think that Zuko survived?" asked Malefic.

"I have to be sure..." replied Xercxes in a quieter voice.

"Oh that not why you're going is it?" said Malefic. "Ah, that's why you're going..."

Xercxes spun round and, in an instant he pushed Malefic against a wall ready to break his neck. Malefic smiled as Xercxes released his grip slightly.

"Your attitude will get you nowhere..." replied Xercxes.

"Neither will you charging into the Fire Nation alone..." replied Malefic.

Xercxes released his grip and locked eyes with Malefic.

"You will distract them, while I get the necessary equipment"

"As you wish, my lord," replied Malefic...

Fire Nation, Two Days Later...

Malefic and Xercxes walked through the lower areas of the Capital as they shifted towards the main city. The area was still cleaning up from the invasion and the ground was scarred with the battles most deadly moments.

Xercxes was wearing a long black cloak concealing his demonic face while Malefic wore his normal outfit. They moved onto a lift to the main city when they heard to two guards speaking on the other side of it.

"Did you hear Fire Lord Zuko's disappeared!" one Guard declared.

"Keep your voice down! We don't need the entire nation knowing!" the other answered in a stern voice.

Malefic looked at Xercxes and spoke "We will have to confirm this"

"Either Mai has done her job or something else has happened," replied Xercxes.

"You know that Josik was lying then, and the brainwashing is permanent?" said Malefic.

"I do, what I wonder is who tampered with it," replied Xercxes.

"No matter," said Malefic noticing the lift coming to stop. "We will deal with that later."

Xercxes and Malefic exited the life and shuffled through the city until they came to palace. It was quieter than usual with only two guards posted, as Malefic and Xercxes approached a guard stopped them.

"Who are you!" he demanded angrily.

Malefic was silent as his eyepiece flashed, the guard relented and ran to open the doors for Malefic and Xercxes. Then both men walked through into a long corridor.

"That however, is temporary," said Malefic.

"How long?" asked Xercxes.

"Twenty at the most," replied Malefic.

Xercxes growled as he walked ahead, Malefic followed with an aggravated look on his face.

The Two walked the many corridors of the palace until they found the room they sought, the throne room. Malefic and Xercxes entered, but as he walked a few steps inside Malefic froze. In his mind he remembered a Fire Lord, a blade, a woman. The vision soon faded as he was brought back into the world by Xercxes.

"Just where I left it..." he muttered in a slightly giddy voice.

Xercxes ripped apart one of the poles holding up a small piece of leather that would sit above the Fire Lord. He stuck his hand inside and came out with a sword, a sword adored with runes. It had a shiny white blade with a golden hilt, a red crystal adored the centre of the hilt a symbol of a dragon visible within it.

"This, this is most powerful weapon you will see in your life Malefic," he said.

"The second piece?" replied Malefic quietly, thinking over the vision he had.

Xercxes paused and cursed as he blasted a wave of fire at a wall, torching it.

"So he isn't as stupid as he seems!" shouted Xercxes in anger. "The old fool hid it!"

A sound of guards running could be heard as Malefic drew his sword. "Well done," he said sarcastically.

"Might as well test this out," replied Xercxes ordering Malefic to stand down.

As the guards burst into the throne room Xercxes cast away his black robe and the sword began to glow, he rushed towards the guards, stamping on two of them and sending the rest into a wall. Xercxes smiled as the sword glew again, he then swung the sword at the guards and, when it connected, it disintegrated their entire bodies. Malefic watched hardly impressed, he knew of the sword's real purpose and using it for things like this was a waste.

Xercxes continued to cut through the massive amounts of guards that tried to fight him after a while however the guards came to their senses, at ran for their lives.

Xercxes laughed as he spoke "Run cowards! You are yet to see my full power!" he declared.

"Quiet we must leave, we don't want them knowing!" replied an unusually stern Malefic.

"Oh and we all know why you hate this place don't we Malefic?" laughed Xercxes.

Malefic growled and began to walk out of the room. "Zuko is still alive Xercxes, you haven't won yet," he said.

Xercxes laughed as he followed, Malefic turned taking one last look at the throne room.

He then said in a voice of pure anger, "Azulon."

Southern Water Tribe, The Same Time

Aang and Sokka walked slowly into the small tribe with a look of sadness and regret, their latest search for Pakku had ended fruitless and the chance of him being alive with that, monster were getting slimmer by the minute.

Sokka and Aang approached the nearest tent and walked in, they sat and spoke.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing," said Sokka sadly.

"It's Pakku Sokka, he'll survive!" said Aang as he cracked a weak smile.

"He won't, not with that thing," replied Sokka.

"Remember he's in the Order of the White Lotus! He might have some special training to deal with it!" said Aang.

Sokka stayed silent, despite Aang's constant hope of Pakku's survival Sokka knew he was most likely dead. Aang looked at his friend sadly, he knew it was his fault that Sokka had lost Pakku. If he hadn't lost to Luccaino none of this would have happened.

Aang's face then grew grim, it dawned on him. The attack on the Fire Nation, Roku's warning, Luccaino, Kor all connected! Someone was trying to take them out but why? It wasn't for world domination, if they wanted that it wouldn't be hard with hardly anyone defending each nation. Aang then froze, there was two people who hadn't been targeted, Toph and Katara, but why? No news of any attacks, no warnings from Roku, why hadn't they been targeted?

Aang's head hurt with the amount of information it was processing, some of his friends attacked others left alone. All so suddenly and without reason.

Aang knew there was one place he could start looking for answers, The Fire Nation. It was where it all started, Roku's warning. All the previous Avatar had said is something is coming back to this world...but what and why?!

Just then a messenger burst into the tent. "Avatar Aang!" he said panting. "Fire Lord Zuko has vanished!"

Aang tightened his fist and spoke. "To the Fire Nation then Sokka"

Unknown Location

"Is the boy aware of what he must do?" asked a man.

"Not yet, but the sword is coming," replied a woman.

"The egg is here then, when he takes the sword it shall be complete," replied the man.

"And the demon?" said the woman concerned.

"Will be his test," replied the man calmly.

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