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24 July 2013

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Dance is the third chapter of Seven Days in the Clouds, and the third theme of Kataang Week 2013.


Katara and Aang love to dance with each other, but Aang did not like Katara dancing around him.


With 10 years of a relationship under the belt, and the pressures of working with the new United Republic and raising a child increasing, Aang had been planning to move the family closer to the republic so he could be around his duties more.

But for Katara, a proposed move wasn't so easy for her to warm up to. The South Pole had been her home for almost all of her 25 years, and she certainly didn't want to just have to shuffle baby Kya off all the sudden. She just didn't want Aang's duties to take priority over the family.

For the past several weeks, Katara was dancing around the issue every time Aang brought it up. She'd usually start talking about Kya or the beauty of the air temples. While Aang enjoyed these talks, he had been catching on to it - she would not confront the issue of leaving their longtime home and moving toward the republic. At first, it had been a harmless "we'll discuss this later" about a month after their baby entered the family, but now it had just been piling on and on and on. The days got more and more, and the pressure kept increasing on Aang - he just had to be away for another month to continue establishing the country.

Aang had figured - why not just move there as a family? Why keep his wife and daughter away from their husband and father, respectfully?

Still, he'd know Katara could not give it up.

But now, Aang was frustrated at the dance around, something that didn't happen often.

Thus, one night, after putting their young child to sleep for the night, the couple gathered in the kitchen.

"Katara, could we sit at the table, please?" Aang asked. A serious look covered his face, and when that came out, Katara knew it had to be something significant - he didn't get that too often outside of meetings.

"Sure," the waterbender said, the two making their way over, and taking a seat directly across from one another at the three-chaired table made of snow and ice. The only seat empty was the baby chair that belonged to Kya.

"Katara..." Aang began, a bit nervously, knowing the circumstances of this thought. "We really need to begin considering our future lives." He took a deep breath. "The United Republic is advancing with every day, and everyone's expecting me to be there more."

Katara knew where this was headed. She started her husband directly in the eyes and said, "I know, Aang...I just...I don't know if I'm ready for this...I know we've been around the world and whatnot...but I've mostly known the South Pole as home."

Aang sighed. "Katara, it's not going to be easy going back and forth between the tribe like this. It's getting constant now, and I'm really getting tired of it." He grew a bit more aggravated. "In my opinion, we're going to need to move if this keeps up."

"Maybe we can take a little vacation first..." Katara said quietly and nervously. "You know, we can --"

Aang was incredulous that his wife was once again avoiding the issue. "No Katara, don't do this again," he said, his voice rising. "We've ducked this long enough."

Katara simply sighed. "Aang, I'm not going around it. I'm just saying, let's take a vacation, and then we can think about it. It's a big decision, and something we should make with a clear head."

The Avatar had none of it. "No, Katara! I've been back for a week now, and my head is quite clear, thank you. You keep ducking the issue! To think, I was once criticized for look at you!"

The waterbender was disgusted with the accusation. "I'm just trying to think the best for us, Aang! You just want to move us away without any second thought! Just tomorrow, pack up our stuff here, our home, and leave for that new nation without a breath! I'm not ducking anything!"

At least the airbender could be glad that his wife was addressing the issue somewhat. Still, he wasn't happy with the suggestion. "Katara, no vacations, no nights out, no nothing! No more stalling! We have got to get this dealt with."

Katara sighed once again. "Aang, can't we just forget about it? This isn't something -"

"Don't give me that," Aang shouted back. "No more stalling. I've had enough of you dancing around this issue!"

Katara couldn't believe it. He was getting mad at her for dancing around like that? "Aang, what about you always running away from your problems!? You ran away from so many things during the War, such as leaving us to fend for ourselves in the desert! You dodged the Yu Dao Battle, you -"

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me, Katara," Aang responded. "So that now makes it all right for you to not confront our future?"

The waterbender attempted to protest, but to no avail, and she had to face it - Aang was not someone who tried to run from the issues anymore. Sure, he could still be a little sensitive, but he wasn't 13 anymore, that was for sure. With one more heavy sigh, she finally relented. "I'm sorry, Aang...I just...I don't know if I'm ready for this. I've lived here for almost all my life..."

Aang relaxed as Katara faded into a quiet voice. He then reached his hands out across the table, taking hers in his grasp. "I'm sorry, Katara, for flying off the handle like're right, I certainly have done my fair share of dodging."

"I can only imagine how hard this all had to be on you, Aang..." she whispered.

Aang wished he could open up again about all the turmoil he went through, but he needed to get back to the issue at hand. "Sweetie...another big reason I wish to move...really, it's also because I'm sick of leaving you and Kya alone for weeks on end..."

Katara's eyes widened and grew far more sympathetic. "I didn't even know...oh, I should be the one apologizing...I can't imagine how hard it must be to not be around us..."

"This way...I can have my meetings," Aang said, "but still be able to return to you two every day." He kissed her hands softly. "To see my favorite women in the world..."

"I would be glad for that, that's for sure..." Katara mused. "But Aang...I still need a day or two to think about it. I promise - it will not be any longer than two days. Then we can make a final decision. I'm sorry I ducked this for so long..."

"It's okay," Aang said with a soft smile. "Take your time."

"Thanks for understanding," Katara replied, grinning herself.

Though a decision was not made at that point, at least the dance was over. The two had regained their common footing, and now, they would soon be able to make the most important decision of their lives...together.


  • This was written prior to the information reveal that Bumi was the oldest child of Aang and Katara; at the time, it was believed that Kya was firstborn.

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