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Damayi Wandes
Biographical information

The Cursed One (the meaning of his name)


Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Ba Sing Se





Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Waterbending, energybending

Bending style(s)

Northern style




Spirit Hunters


Aang, Team Avatar, Spirits

Chronological and political information

Main Spirit Hunter


Water Tribes, Spirit Hunters

Damayi Wandes is a master waterbender and energybender, who has one big wish: to kill every spirit in the world to live in peace. He made a group of skilled benders, who ave the same wish. Damayi even wants to kill the Avatar Spirit. Damayi appears in Book 1 and Book 2 in Master of Avatar State. In Book 1, he is main villain, but in the second one, he is spirit, who helps Team Avatar fight with Zuko.

Damayi has died 2 times in the series, first time in the Book 1 finale, second time in Book 2 finale, both times by a firebender (First was Roku, second was Zuko).

Damayi is very furious and if he has a purpose, he will complete it. It appears that he is a spirit, because after his first death, he moves to the Spirit World, but no one else, who died, couldn't. It is unknown, why can he bloodbend without full moon or why he can energybend.

Damayi appears in the Book 1 always in a sandbender costume, that might be the reason, why Toph can't see him very well.


Before the series

Damayi was born in Northern Water Tribe, to a rich waterbender family. He started learning waterbending when he was only 2 years old. He learned fast and when he was 7, he beat his parents and masters. After mastering waterbending, he told his parents about a guru and that it might be his only chance to learn spirituality. His parents allowed him to go. After packing his things he went to the guru's hut. He met the guru named Vena, who taught him about spirituality. Damayi then wanted to learn taking away bending. Vena told him, it can be done with two ways. He could bloodbend the powers away or take them with energybending.

As a bender himself, Damayi thought it's too risky. He wanted guru to teach him energybending, but Vena said, it can be only done by Avatar. Damayi left and came back 4 years later with a power of energybending. Vena didn't believe he could energybend. Damayi showed him energybending, but he accidentally killed him.

Damayi realized. He invented a new special technique: taking away lifepower. He practiced it with many people and finally he mastered it.



Damayi is a master waterbender. He learned it from his parents in the beginning, but after he defeated them, he got a real master, who even could use the southern waterbending style. But it wasn't enough. He defeated his master, being only 7 years old. That made him the strongest Northern Water Tribe waterbender, but he didn't want to become the bender army leaders, so he fleed.


Damayi might be the first bloodbender, who doesn't need full moon to bloodbend. But this is not the most surprising part, because in the Legend of Korra, Yakone and his sons didn't need full moon either. Damayi can even bloodbend more smoothly, because in the original series, bloodbending was some kind of not so smooth, the body parts moved very rectangularly. Damayi can even make the blood of people move faster and make it hotter, to torture a victim.


After mastering the waterbending, Damayi moved to the guru's hut to learn things about chi. He learned, that bloodbending could turn someone's bending off, but being a bender himself, he thought that it would be bad for him. Guru told him that there is a way to turn someone's bending completely off, taking away with energybending.

Guru said that it can be only done by an Avatar. Damayi didn't believe it and he learned energybending 4 years. Then he showed his skills to guru, taking away the man's lifepower.

Damayi realized that he has invented a special energybending skill, taking away lifepower. He practiced it on a lot of people. After completely mastering it, the earthbending army brought Aang to take away his powers. But Aang couldn't get Damayi's powers. He made Damayi even stronger.

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