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Earth Kingdom



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Earth, Katana

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Earthbending, Katana


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Earth Kingdom

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Battle Of Whale Tail Island Pt.1

Daisuke was a lieutenant in the Earth Kingdom military who received his promotion personally from Earth King Xanshi and became a captain. Noted for his adept strategic skills and great sword fighting abilities, Daisuke also has proven himself to be a competent earthbender. Despite being of noble birth, Daisuke seems quite vain and a womanizer.



Born in Ba Sing Se to a militaristic family, Daisuke spent most of his life being trained by his father and learning the art of combat and sword fighting, however he himself enjoyed the more frantic life of a nobleman, spending most of his days partying and wasting his fathers money, he was forced to join the Earth Kingdom military, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant questionably fast and even more so when he was promoted to captain at the age of 26. He has been noted to have had many women with whom he is in a "relationship" throughout the Earth Kingdom and is well known skirt chaser among his men.

Book 1

Daisuke led the Earth Kingdom forces on Whale Tail Island and had a meeting with Prince Zhu to parley; he refused the princes offers which resulted in a number of intense battles between the two nations. Daisuke led his men as best he could; he managed to survive against such a cunning and smart strategist as Zhu. After several losses, Daisuke and his men camped in the southern part of the island, while there he received a letter from the king promoting him to captain and instructing him to capture the Avatar. After his camp was destroyed in the Battle Of Whale Tail Island he managed to escape and regrouped with a few of his men, commandeering a ship he ordered to follow Takeo and Jin as they sailed off towards the Southern Air Temple


Daisuke is an adequate Earth Bender, capable of creating powerful blasts of earth, summong thick stone walls and using his earthbending to create dust clouds, however his abilities are mainly focused on his sword fighting.
Soldier demolishing earth coin

Daisuke earthbending

Daisuke wields a katana, with a green hilt and a golden pommel with the Earth Kingdom insignia inscribed on it, Takeo described the blade as being very sharp and beautifully made. The captain was skilled enough in his sword fighting that he overpowered the Avatar and took the upper hand in his duel with Jin who has considered himself an incredibly skilled fighter. Daisuke also displays a fair amount of cunning, being able to estimate his abilities enough and know when to retreat.

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