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By AdamantiumBladez Part of the Avatar: Beyond the Void continuity.
"It's what was suppose to happen. It was always meant to happen. You taught me that, we both saw there was no escape from destiny. The world is written before it's even performed, and we are just characters in this enormous play. This year, this day, you were always going to lose your precious star."
— Daika to Ithar, telling his reason for his betrayl.[1]
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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Beyond the Void.

Biographical information

The Marked One (by his followers[2])
The Overlord (by his allies[3])
The Wind Walker (by Cun Duchi village[4])


Southern Air Temple


Air Nomad

Birth place

Southern Air Temple, Southern Air Archipelago, Air Nomadic Territories


114 (biologically 16)


12 BG

Physical description
Hair color

Black (shaved)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, Spiritual Projection

Fighting style(s)



Ithar (formally), Tulia (formally), Shi (formally), Aang (formally), Long Feng, Hahn (formally), Tongzhi, Shen, Combustion Man, Hama, Black Phoenix, Air Nomads


Afiko, Sozin, Azulon, Ozai, Ithar, Tulia, Zuko, Aang, Kuei, Arnook, Team Avatar, Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Air Acolytes

Chronological and political information

Airbending master
Head of the Dark Phoenix


Air Nomads (formally)
The Dark Phoenix Cult
Timeless Zone (formally)
Wind Walker


Gyatso (airbending)

First appearance

"The Void"
(Avatar: Beyond the Void)

Daika is the penultimate Air Nomad and (from 99 AG until 119 AG) the penultimate Airbender after Avatar Aang. Having been saved by Ithar following a swiftly intervention in the Air Nomad Genocide via voidbending, Daika became a friend and ally of Ithar, until his sequential betrayal later in their lifetimes. Like Aang, he is chronologically 114 years old, but due to the effects of remaining in the Timeless Zone for so long and being expelled from using it, he is biologically 16 years old.


Early Life (12 BG - 0AG)

Daika was born in 12 BG to two unnamed Air Nomads at the Southern Air Temple. He was in the same classes as Aang, even considered one of his best friends alongside Palden, Lobsang and Norbu.[5]

Life with Ithar (0 - 98 AG)

While Aang was frozen in an iceberg, Daika was left at the mercy of the Fire Nation when they attacked. However he was saved by an voidbender named Ithar.[6] Ithar offered Daika to live with him in the Timeless Zone, to which Daika accepted.

They remained together for several years, however at some point they drifted apart from one another. Ultimately ending on a bad note. Ithar described the end of their friendship as being "stabbed in the back".[7]

Half a year late to him, he was travelling in Ba Sing Se, where he unexpectedly ran into Ithar again, only now he was travelling with Tulia. Daika was easily offended by the fact that Ithar had seemingly replaced him, but also because of the tension between them that he walked away. Ithar attempted to catch him, but Daika pushed past him. Ithar continued to apologise, but Daika wouldn't listen, but out of the blue asked Ithar is he loved Tulia, which Ithar ended up answering yes, but still unsure about it. Daika then seemingly changed his tune and forgave Ithar, even attempting to help out Ithar with her by trying to make her impressed by Ithar. Tulia asked if Daika would be joining them, which he said yes to.[8]

Betrayal and Exile (98 - 102 AG)

In between the time he spent away from Ithar to his eventually reemergence, he became a spiritual entity known to the Cun Duchi village as "The Wind Walker". However, Ithar intercepted him, dressed as a spirit known as "The Flute Warrior" and defeated him.[4]

Not much is known about what happened, except that he eventually rounded up allies; He recruited Hahn after saving him from falling off Admiral Zhao's flagship during the Siege of the North.[3] He later also recruited Long Feng to his ranks by unknown means.

Re-emerging and Assaults (Early Autumn 102 AG)

As soon as Ithar made his appearance known in the Fire Nation, Daika went to Toph's school to set his plans in motion; He attacked her and taunted her before defeating her by using her blindness against her by keeping himself away from the ground to avoid detection from her seismic sense. Grabbing her by the neck he tells her to tell Aang he is no longer alone before throwing her back to the ground.[9]

In between his travels, he let himself loose on a small village close to Toph's school in order to create ordeal for when Aang would eventually arrive as the world only knew the existence of one airbender.[10] He then makes a hasty travel to the Fire Nation, where he releases Hama from prison with the order to kill Fire Lord Zuko.[11]

Creating Chaos (Mid Autumn - Late Autumn 102 AG)

He later hired the thought dead mercenary, known as the Combustion Man, to blow up the dam and several important buildings in the village while the residents were reoccupied with confronting Aang for the airbender attacks.[10] With the job done and the village eventually saved by Team Avatar, Daika ordered Combustion Man to intercept Ithar and co. at the Southern Air Temple, using his specialized technique to avoid the long travel.[12]

He returns to his allies, Hahn and Long Feng, with news of their men moving into position in both places to assault the two sets of the Avatar's main allies; Waterbenders to Kyoshi Island, and Earthbenders to the Eastern Air Temple. He berated them about their previous failiures to keep them in place, the initiated the plans. [13]

He waited in disappointing anticipation as his forces were beaten in both frontiers [14], and left to come home in defeat, which made him furious. [7] . [2]

He worried that his generals were going to become further disloyal him after discovering that one of Hahn's men let slip of his identity (though not his real name), but still enough that would give them enough to work off of. He proceeded to use breathbending on one of Hahn's men in front of him. He explained the function of his technique, but withheld himself from killing him with the technique due to his nomadic heritage withholding him from doing so. But then kicked him over the side, justifying it as he himself for not killing him, but the fall itself that killed him.[15]

He later retuned to his spiritual form, "The Wind Walker"[16], when he knew that Ithat would be returning to the village. He attacked a night before to wreak havoc enough to get Ithar to come back out. However like the previous times, Ithar always out maneuvered Daika as "The Flute warrior" and managed to harm his astral projection, forcing him to retreat.[4]

Having discovered his mercenary had previously survived his last encounter, Daika made haste where he witnessed Combustion Man being energybent his bending ability away by Aang. Not wanting to lose out on his plans being foiled too early, he used his more human astral form to recapture Combustion Man before the Avatar and his allies could react.[17]

Gaining and Removing Allies (Early Winter 102 AG)

Daika's plans are cut off when Hahn leaves abruptly to attempt to take part in the succession election for the right of heir to the Water Tribes. With Daika's plans no threatened, as he attempts to build ties with an underground rebellion group in the Fire Nation, the New Ozai Society, and with its leader, Tongzhi, Daika decided that it would be best to cut his ties with Hahn and find a replacement; He prepares a plan involving Long Feng to spill the beans on Hahn's attempt in an inevitable failed attack on the Avatar, which turns out for the best when it succeeds, allowing Daika to know concentrate further on his new stage of planning.[5]

Long Feng returns with the bad news, but Daika is pleased that it worked out perfectly, even mocking Hahn for betraying his plans and abandoning the cause, stating that he was too late to be there on time anyways.[18]

Daika, having watched Shen's fall, but admiration for him chooses him as his new general to replace Hahn. He formulates a new plan, suing Long Feng's skills from his years of service in conspiring in Ba Sing Se to take Zuko's letter and rewrite a new portion into it that would be a perfect replica of his calligraphy. With the letter ready, Daika orders it sent out while he concludes his business with Tongzhi.[6]

At the height of a retaking of the city by the now rebel forces and Team Avatar, Daika walks into the city weeks later and confronts his former ally. Hahn, though now conquering Chief, shows fear in the sight of Daika, as he effortlessly beats down his guards. Confronting his former general, Daika proceeds his elimination by giving Hahn a heart attack through a freighting shock in his dark spiritual form, to keep his conscience clean. He exits the palace and prepares to leave, but a familiar tune leads him to a now awakened Ithar. Ithar and he engage in battle, with Ithar winning till Daika uses his unique airbending skill to escape from Ithar's clutch. He visits Shen in prison, telling him how his brother Hahn was killed by Aang, to entice him to join his ranks. He later regroups with the remainder of his forces, declaring the circle complete.[3]

Capturing the Fire Nation (Late Winter 103 AG)







The Next Steps (Early Spring 103 AG)


Daika believes himself perfectly suited to any form of control that makes a difference in the world, greatly impacts people and society and a most importantly, he has to be in a power position. He demands one person in supreme control giving orders and leading a unit of people/practices. In business, Daika tend to easily gather resources, they make very wise tactical decisions and they are very conservative about spending their resources in futile attempts. Daika is known for making allies and hiding it, he will not announce it due to fear that builds in others that will take the same route and becoming a possible competitor, or worse try to use the them to their advantage.


Daika's name is written by Ithar as 带哀察.[4] His name means "observe with sorrow" referring to him witnessing the sadness of other as well as his own over the century. But he has also written his name as 带卡, which means "with choking" which refers to his method of torture and loyalty in his use of breathbending.



Daika, like Aang, is an airbending master, however because he never received his master tattoos so he cannot be considered a fully fledged master. He has mastered the skill to the point that he uses skills inspired by other bending techniques to further advance his own abilities:

Having watched Ithar's voidbending skills, Daika is able to become wind and use it to travel anywhere in the world with extreme speed.[12] Inspired by Ithar using the void as a means of travel, he uses the air as an escape route or a fast travel system at any convenience.[3]


Using the skills harbored by Hama, Daika can bend the air already inside a person and use it to choke them without physically touching them. He allows a small flow of air in that allows his victims to still breath, but only enough to keep them alive.[15]

Spiritual Projection

He is a master of spiritual projection, to the point that he can change the appearance of his spirit to resemble a lean, almost reptilian Sky Bison like creature.[4]

Other skills

Daika is a master at deception; he is able to convince anyone to do as he says by altering the way he speaks and how it is interpreted by people. Either to intimidate[12] or to persuade people.[3]

Daika is also a master strategist, having worked out for what he wants in advance and what he allows to happen in advance. Even when the plans are corrupted or gone eerie, he makes the most with what he now has instead.[6]



Opening unknown airbending

An Air Nomad airbending.

  • Daika's model is based on the unnamed, shadowed airbender in the opening sequence of the original animated series.
  • Daika's name comes from the Japanese word ダイカ (Daika) meaning "a price", but the meaning for this is currently unknown.
  • Daika's spiritual projection appearance as a sky bison is fitting as they were the original airbenders.
    • However the monstrous appearance is a tribute to Hei Bai's alternative form.


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