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Dai Li Raids
Dai Li agents


Battle of Xian Village (during early raids)


Ambush of the Southern Water Tribe (during early raids)


Battle of Omashu


Guardian's War


101 AG


Vairious Earth Kingdom Towns


Terrorization of Earth Kingdom citizens


Earth Kingdom Military, Earth Kindom civilians

Dai Li


Council of Five
Team Avatar (Last raid)

Long Feng

Forces involved

Earth Kingdom Military, Earth Kingdom citizens, Team Avatar (Last raid)

Dai Li





The Dai Li Raids were an occurrence while Team Avatar was fighting against The Firefighters in the Fire Nation.

Conception of the Idea

After the Dai Li failed to assassinate Zuko, Long Feng decided to abandon attacking Team Avatar and focus on finding Earth King Kuei. He decided to send agents across the kingdom to find any information on his whereabouts. Long Feng also goes out himself to personally interrogate citizens.

When the Dai Li swarmed most villages, the residents would attack the invaders, resentful of the Dai Li for failing to give them aid during the war and looking to cash in on the reward set by the Council of Five. The Dai Li would defeat and capture many of them, allowing for Long Feng to leisurely walk into the village and interrogate prominent villagers. He also was smart enough to ask about a wise and poor young man traveling with a bear.

End of the Raids

After Council of Five received word of the Dai Li's actions, they dispersed troops to try and stop them. After the troops failed to be of a large effect, the Council sent a letter to Team Avatar to ask for their assistance in stopping the Dai Li's raids. The Team agreed and arrived in the Earth Kingdom, checking Torung Village first. The Dai Li began the raid just as Team Avatar arrived, forcing them to fight to get the information they wanted. After Sokka's challenge was stopped, Toph began dueling against Long Feng.


Long Feng was furious when he was forced to retreat. Although the village was made safe due to the Team's timely intervention, the village's mayor was noticed missing after the end of the battle.

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