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Earth Kingdom emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Dai Li agents
Dai Li
General information

Long Feng

Notable members

Avatar Kyoshi


Formerly Lake Laogai

  • Serve Long Feng
  • Take control of the Earth Kingdom

The Dai Li in Avatar: Guardian serve as a personal army under the command of Long Feng. They are outlawed by the Council of Five but still continue operations in secret, searching for information about the Earth King so they can use him to force control of the Earth Kingdom.

Pre-Guardian Operations

Before the reunion of Team Avatar, the Dai Li attempted to assassinate Zuko by collapsing the crater surrounding the Fire Nation Capital.

During The Guardian's War

They then attacked Team Avatar as they gathered in the Fire Nation capital, but were forced back. After they failed, Long Feng berates many of them before deciding to leave the Fire Nation to go on to finding the Earth King. They then come up with a plan to raid many of the towns in the Earth Kingdom to gather information.

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