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Dai Li agents
Dai Li
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The special earth-bending Dai Li serve under order of the king. They are like Ba Sing Se's police force and are responsible for law and order, cover up, and conspiracies.

The Dai Li actually got started thanks to a use-to-be Fire Nation dog Genba. The great Dane had arrived in Ba Sing Se after leaving his brother back at the Fire Nation, hoping to start a new life. However he was confronted by a group of rebel earth-benders. After some look over and talking to the king, Genba was chosen to led a new group called the Dai Li, serving under the king as right hand.

They remained apart of Ba Sing Se until an invasion by Hougen himself caused them to be kicked out because not only did Hougen succeed, but the king was killed in the process, leaving them without a purpose... at least that was the case until they were come across again by Team Avatar when talking to Zuko about his ship.


  • The Dai Li is the only human organization being led by another species of animal. In this case the dog Genba.

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