By Dr.Doom23 Part of the The Secrets of the Beast continuity.
"'Disrupt the Timeline no further.'"
— Said by the creature when chasing after individuals that have disrupted time

The Dahaka is an immortal creature that has been sent to destroy those that have been created through an alternate timeline or caused a change in time that created an alternate timeline

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Guardian of the Timeline


A timeless entity that has discovered many changes to the planned time line and will now chase those that caused a change to the timeline evaporating them and causing the changes that happened to revert to the way it originally is supposed to be.


He shows frustration when his intended target gets away from it somehow, he is very adamant on catching his prey pursuing him/her, no matter what. He is not open to reason, whenever he is obliged to restore the Timeline, he will not give anybody the chance to stop him. He is even willing to eliminate everything and everyone if necessary.


As the physical manifestation of the inevitability of fate the Dahaka appears as a massive and powerfully built humanoid, clad in black. It has long ram-like horns that twist in the form of a lemniscate, the symbol of infinity, and its eyes burn with a fierce inner light, though the area around it is always covered in shadows. It also appears to be made of sand when seen up close.


It will reduce its target to sand and absorb him, thus eliminating him and his actions from the Timeline if caught by the Dahaka. The Dahaka appears blurry and can sometimes teleport a few yards at a time. It also has the ability to shoot multiple tentacles from its abdomen, and it is impossible to fight the Dahaka, as it is seemingly invincible to almost any attack.

It only has one weakness the Dahaka has an intense aversion to water. Contact with water harms the creature, and it cannot pass through the curtains of water that cover certain palace doors and corridors. It will cause it to flee temporarily but it cannot be killed in this fashion only one artifact can, the Water Sword.

The Dahaka speaks in reverse. When the Dahaka speaks, if time is turned back, its sentence can be understood.


This is for anyone's use as it will exist simultaneously in every fanon to hunt down characters that caused certain events to stray from the main series (if you want to have in your story go ahead just let me know) So it doesn't matter who wants to use this character he in theory already is in your fanon hunting down your main characters(-Insert evil laugh here-)

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