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The elements, negativity

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Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Negativebending


Leonard, Airlia, Than, Eris, Ashling, Braeden

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Dark Avatar

Daemon, who is also known as the Dark Avatar, is one of the Main Post-Series Anti-Heroes, doing bad because similar to Aang he was born into his role.


Daemon was born from the Spirit World as the Negative Counterpart to the Avatars, a "Evil Brother" and a "Good Brother", Ying and Yang. He was born to replace the Avatar should the world tip towards destruction and from a collection of Negative Energy, due to the destruction caused by Ozai such negative energy reached its limit and gave Daemon the chance to finally act out against the World at large, due to the fact that the Avatar continued to keep harmony it is revealed that Daemon sees himself as nothing more than trash which was thrown away by the Spirits and his brother. Since time began he has been gathering allies from the different benders until he had four benders whom had power over their elements beyond anyone's imagination. Unlike Aang, Daemon sees himself as unneeded, empty, and expendable.

Daemon is also very sadistic, as one can expect considering his experiences. Daemon feels no debt to Leonard and admits at the Northern Water Tribe that he doesn't care who it is trying to destroy the present world, as long as the flawed world would no longer exist. Leonard may have potentially saved his life more than twice, but because Daemon doesn't see his life worth saving, he never feels indebted to Leonard specifically. However, as time goes on his cold exterior melts when around the Firebending General and Daemon willingly sacrifices himself to save Leonard on multiple occasions, even though he has shown emotions that lead some to hint Daemon loved Leonard, it is possible that as Leonard is the "incubator" of the "Egg of Destruction" it is for those ends that Daemon risks himself however present events indicate otherwise.

Daemon also sees himself superior to all humanoid life and however after Ozai took him in, Daemon displayed loyalty and willingness to follow whatever Ozai told him to do. Outwardly, he appeared to be an innocent young man - willing to learn and follow through Ozai's footsteps. Though in reality, Daemon had a cunning personality. Daemon chose to work with Ozai after knowing that the latter shared the former's secret desire to take over the world. Using this from the very start, Daemon manipulated Ozai to accomplish his own plans from the shadows. After Ozai failed, Daemon started to manipulate the world, using Ozai's works and Leonard to guide it according to his vision. Daemon believed there is no other fit for the task; he believed it was his destiny alone to rule mankind as he viewed himself as superior to them and as their intended Messiah.

According to the official files, Daemon has always had a trait of acting superior to humans since his appearance, a trait integrated to most Avatar-type Beings that were produced. However, during his time as a Spirit, Daemon's superiority tendencies were usually controlled, thanks to his loyalty to the Spirits themselves. The Avatar, another Avatar-type Being, was noted for this trait during his time as a Human during the First Reincarnations. However, unlike Daemon, the Avatar began to humble himself as he interacted with his human companions, especially with his Friends. Daemon never had the chance to experience a deep relationship with any human throughout his lifetime. During his time with Ozai, he was already bound to his vision of ruling humanity, thus preventing him to take his relationship with Ozai seriously.


First Reincarnation


Daemon first appeared in Public View roughly 82 BG, though it is heavily hinted he had remained in that form since the beginning of the Avatar's existence, Daemon began his career as a Prophet for the Apocalypse causing dissent between the Four Nations and allowing for his actions to become legal to the Spirit World. To that end he caused many chaotic things, even burning whole villages to the ground and even fighting Roku to a stand-still causing the common folk to question the strength of their Avatar, two powerful members of the Earth and Wind Tribes soon joined Daemon on his journey, gaining eternal youth in the process and fighting for a birth of a better world through the Death of the Old.

Binding the Spirit of Fire

Daemon's greatest act was an attack on the Fire Nation in 20 BG, he with a group of Anti-Tyrant Rebels attacked the Fire Nation on a route towards Fire Nation Capital and were easily destroying allied Forces in their path including routing Fire Lord Sozin and even his elite Royal Guard with little effort, only with reinforcements led by Roku did the Armies loyal to Daemon subside their attack and eventually retreat however it was revealed to Roku and Sozin's combined horror that Daemon hadn't been among his Forces. Report soon flew in about the Legendary Temple of Fire being attacked, Sozin and Roku headed to the Temple as quickly as they could only to see Daemon leaving the burning Temple on the back of a mighty beast that Roku confirmed to be the Spirit of Fire, the speed of the Spirit of Fire quickly outflew that of the Dragons which it escaped off towards the East.

Showdown with Roku

Not only did Daemon retrieve the Spirit of Fire and corrupted it into a new form for his own personal usage, but he had also killed off a vital warrior in the Fire Nation and stolen the Spirit Sword from her trusted guard which was enough to rend the souls from living beings and leave them at the Mercy of other Spirits, Roku decided then that he had to face off against the unchanging Dark Avatar and so he forced Daemon to appear over the sea near his home. A chaotic battle began with the Spirit of Fire easily beating away any attack thrown at it at the expense of the surrounding, Roku used the sea itself to batter the Spirit of Fire's defenses however the water attacks launched at it were turned to steam before the Spirit of Fire struck out and sent both Roku with his faithful companion into the waves.

Daemon celebrated Roku's "destruction" by burning down villages on the nearby Island and chanting to the survivors that the Avatar was dead, that the end was inevitable for the world and to survive they had to join him, this was contradicted by Roku returning and blindsiding Daemon by launching a fireball born from all the flames in the village at the Dark Avatar, in rage Daemon caused a hurricane and flattened the Islands around him to the point that entire ecosystems had become nothing but craters on the face of the world. Daemon decided that a tactical retreat was best and so fled until he was over Roku's home island before he prepared for combat however Roku had planned a trap causing a small eruption under the Spirit of Fire, Daemon was encased in Magma however using the last of his strength he managed to worsen the Eruption, later leading to Roku's abandonment by Sozin and his death.

Present Incarnation

Finding Leonard

It is unknown when Daemon next reincarnate however it is noted that he hasn't reincarnated again since and that he was around for Leonard's defeat at Azulon's hands Eighty years prior to the Last Airbender Season 1: Water, Daemon for some reason didn't intervene in the Agni Kai even though he had every right to considering his heavy dislike of the current world, possibly hinting at the presence of some kind of honor however shortly after Azulon left it was then that Daemon showed himself and took the battered ex-Prince of the Fire Nation into his arms to be healed. Within Ten years Daemon managed to heal Leonard back to an healthy form of living and revealed that it was his Third General whom was a Waterbender that planted the desire for war into Sozin's mind using her mastery of the human body, leading to a chain of events that Daemon saw useful to destroy and remake the world, Leonard saw to it that Daemon's plans reached fruition.

Book One: Water

Daemon is hardly ever seen in Book One however it is mentioned that a group of "suspicious individuals" talked Jet into starting his little rebellion against the Fire Nation and had been seen advising Fire Lord Ozai behind the scenes as well as other leaders, Daemon also appears in the The Siege of the North accompanied by Eris and Leonard whom he now takes everywhere with him where they observed from a personal ship the defenses of the Northern Water Tribe, summing up the success of the Fire Nation's invasion for when they too made a move against it.

Book Two: Earth

Book Three: Fire


The Rebels

The Two Marshalls


Airlia like Than do little than obey Daemon's every words, Airlia is sadist and likes to prod at her enemies constantly, she is very formal when it comes to Daemon and even calls him "My Lord".


Than like Airlia do little than obey Daemon's every words, Than is silent and hardly ever speaks except for grunts and groans inside of battle, he is the strong and silent type which Daemon respects in him.

The Four Bending Generals


Daemon found Leonard roughly Eighty years ago after he lost an Agni Kai against his elder brother Fire Lord Azulon, he was left to die after their duel at the base of an erupting volcano similar to how his father left Avatar Roku for dead, Daemon however appeared before the banished Prince's broken form and took it onto himself to nurture this potentially powerful ally for the future destruction of the corrupt world. Leonard quickly grew on Daemon, to the point which the other Benders of Negative Energy state that he would "refuse an end to Leonard's obligations", which usually ends with Death unless Daemon allows them off away from him to travel for themselves however Daemon simply counters that he "has too much need for Leonard's Skills on a daily basis" which is revealed to be an obvious lie later on.


When Daemon found Eris she was but an orphan after an internal rivalry between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes killed her parents, Daemon took pity upon her and allowed her to grow up among his forces learning the trade of being a warrior, once she reached a certain age she passed the requirements to become a General of Daemon's forces after being apprenticed under Marshall Airlia and soon began to work for Daemon to the best of her abilities till the end of time. She is a brutal and cruel sadist, seemingly like her Master whom acted like a mother whom raised her, willing to batter enemies with long range spirit guns compared to her Master's close range swordplay or Daemon's usual fist fighting.


She is one of Daemon's inspirations, a master of wind and how it is always changing, Daemon allows her to use her powers to change the world like the ever changing wind which is now her new duty.


Braeden is the General of Earth, destroying entire enemies by causing a massive Earthquake across the path of his Forces, he has been known to give his loyalty to Daemon to the point where he no longer gives a damn what he or Daemon does to the world.

The Nations


Daemon has shown is intense hatred for Aang's existence and all he commits himself to, to that end is often willing to hurt or kill those Aang has met just to spite him and to limit Aang's own resources in the Spirit War

The Spirit World

Powers and Abilities



"Let's test it. YOU, or the EMPTY ME!. Let's see which side this world wants to survive!"

"I don't care what you think, I'm empty inside anyway"

"It looks like this idiot's finally woken up"

"I wasn't even created with a purpose. I was born a piece of meat"

"Ha ha! Are you trying to tell me that I am who I am!? I've told you, I am nothing! My existence means nothing!"

"In the end, only those of us who are useful are kept alive out of pity..."

Conversations with...


On Purposes
  • Daemon: "What does everyone need to have a purpose, a reason to live?"
  • Leonard: "Easy, something to care for, something you already have..."
  • Daemon: "No I don't"
  • Leonard: "You have me"
  • Daemon: "Sentimental idiot"


On Leonard and the EOD
  • Drake: "Move it!"
  • Daemon: "I don't think so, Leonard's body is fragile as it is still getting used to assimilating the activated Egg of Destruction, I won't let you near him!"
  • Drake: "I said, Move it!!"
  • Daemon: "Not happening, you appeared in existence to counter the Egg of Destruction, now that its power is infusing into Leonard it is at the point when it can be destroyed. I won't let it be destroyed!"
  • Drake: "Say what you want, but your not protecting the Egg but Leonard himself, never thought the Messiah of Destruction and Rebirth would be felled by love! Either way, I'm destroying Leonard before the Egg destroys itself to give him its knowledge and power, that I promise!!"
  • Daemon: "You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, even if you defeat you won't defeat the others nor do they know where Leonard is being kept, only I know and I block your path! Trust me, I'll take the secret to my grave, destroying you in the process, threaten all you want but you can't kill me being weaker than me yourself, Dragon!!"

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