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Fire Nation

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Fist to fist contact fighting, chi blocking

Dae is 15 and Rhon Ji's closest friend. She is a member of the same village as her and they have known each other since they were 2.


Dae lived with her father, Bo. Her mother, Fawn, was a Kyoshi Warrior, and didn't want to abandon her position (she was leader) so she left Dae with her father. Every year, Fawn comes back to teach her more of the moves, but day wasn't interested in fans, so much as the chi blocking. She found someone to teach her fist to fist contact fighting and soon she was better than everyone in her village (although her village is very small). She had little respect for benders, especially those who thought you had to be able to bend to be someone. This is why Rhon Ji and her weren't exactly the perfect match for each other. They often fought and bickered, but usually came to terms quickly afterwards, and they shared a love of adventure, which brought them closer. They tend to think of each other as a sister.

Personality and Skills

Although she is not a bender, she has a tactful mind and quick reactions. She is skilled at chi blocking, a skill she learned from her mother, who is a Kyoshi Warrior. She also learned other methods of fist to fist fighting, but almost never uses weapons, as she likes complete control over whatever she's doing, and weapons can cause unnecessary harm or in some cases, not enough. She is very impulsive, however, which gets her in a little bit of trouble.

Known Linage

  • Ty Lee [maternal (then paternal) great grandmother]
  • On Ji [paternal (then maternal) great grandmother]
  • Fawn [mother]
  • Bo [father]

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