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March 7th, 2011

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The Wasted Warrior, Part 2: Regrets

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The Charade, Part 1: The Shadow

Sora was now a three year old toddler and was a veritable ball of energy. On snowy, windy days such as the ones the blizzard had brought forth, she would nearly drive Mom and Dad crazy, as she seemed to bounce off of their small dwelling's walls.

Housekeeping was a nightmare for Katara, as she tried to keep up with the whirlwind that was her daughter. Toys, clothes, blocks, Aang's relics, even her boots, were caught up in the tiny, voracious funnel and tossed about haphazardly in its wake. Having Aang slouching away in the living room was no great help either...

Conflict was now a habitual part of the War, so Aang's energy was usually taxed to the limit while he was away. Consequently, he would employ these times of forced reclusion to meditate deeply or just rest. More often than not, he would be lying on the couch with his eyes closed while one or more of Sora's plush toys would land on his face.

"Play!" would ring the monosyllabic order, shattering and crushing the quietness to pieces.

Aang would laugh and grab a hold of whichever one of the toys was provided by Sora, except for Appa, a plush replica of the giant bison, hand-made by Grandpa. That one was her favorite, so she kept it to herself. They would play hide and seek, sing silly songs, romp on the living room rug and wreak general havoc around the household, until it was either time for a bath, lunch or dinner.

Katara would sometimes frown at their frolics, but she could not manage to stay angry long enough. She could swear that tiny, sonorous giggle could crumble mountains. And it was precisely this magical sound which made penguin sledding such a delightful pastime for Aang.

On clear days, they would buy small guppies from the fishermen at the marketplace and carry them over to the fields where the penguins flocked. Aang then would bait a large enough bird for both of them to ride and sled full speed down the sloping hillside. Then Sora would laugh and magic ensue...

Every night that Aang was home, Sora would ask that he tuck her in and tell her a story of one of his many adventures of "when he met Mommy". She was usually content with whatever story he could remember at the moment, but she would often request the story of the Giant Lion Turtle. She loved it when Daddy tried to imitate the Lion Turtle's big, booming voice.

Katara would stand at the door and smile, contemplating the marvel that is the love of a little girl for her Daddy. She would not mention it much, so Aang would not worry, but baby was not as jovial when Daddy was not around. She would become fretful, irritable and whiny. She would have more tantrums and cry more. Having Daddy around soothed and comforted her in ways she alone could not. Anyhow, Mommy could not blame the child, since she felt the same way...

At the end of the story, Aang would kiss his baby girl and tuck her in.

"Sleep tight, my angel..."

"I love you, Daddy..."

"Love you too baby. Have sweet dreams."

Production Notes

  • My shortest chapter...ever!
  • A girl can tell when Daddy is not around. If you can manage to be around, do so. Conquering the World is overrated. Take it from me...
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